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Doppler weather radar at Little Rock Airport, June 1, 1999  
World on the Web in its Jan. 22, 2000 ( Volume 15 Number 3) issue lists the following as one of the week's 'Quotables:'
Doppler Radar   "Sort of like a bowling alley approach." --American Airlines dispatcher telling the crew of AA flight 1420 to expedite its landing at the Little Rock, Ark., airport in hopes of beating powerful thunderstorms approaching to the left and to the right of the runway. The MD-80 skidded off a runway with 145 people aboard on June 1, 1999. It hit a bank of runway lights, then crashed into a steel walkway near the Arkansas River. The plane broke apart and burst into flames, killing the pilot and 10 others.

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CNN Online, June 5, 1999 Correspondent Susan Candiottiand The Associated Press
South Coast Today, Massachusetts, June 6, 1999 James Jefferson, Associated Press writer
1420 Timeline of June 1-2, 1999 Begins at 10:18 a.m. June 1, 1999; includes cockpit transcript, discoveries and NTSB hearing testimonies. Prepared by Sharyn Aust Smith of law firm Hill, Gilstrap, Perkins and Warner
The Trial of American Airlines Flight 1420 Hosted by Hill Gilstrap Law Firm , a great spurce of information, news , video, photographs
National Air Disaster Alliance Foundation Committed to raising the standard of safety, security and survivability for aviation passengers and to support survivors and victims' families.
National Transportation Safety Board, Aviation Aviation link to Federal NTSB information and reports
Air Crash Support Network AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services
Airline Crash Research Site Research exchange forum
AirWise News Latest airline news
Airline Safety Net Dedicated to factual and responsible information related to airline safety
Federal Family Assistance Plan for Aviation Disasters .pdf doc, Signed by President Clinton September 6, 1996
Family Assistance Foundation Providing a positive environment where airlines and other organizations can share resources, information, experience, and insight about family assistance and emergency management.
A Meteorological Analysis of Flight 1420 .pdf doc by Erik Proseus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
NTSB Hearing and Investigations Index
Formal Letter from Captain Ralph W. Omholt to Ms. Jane Garvey, Administrator, FAA National Headquarters
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette 1420 Special Section(may need to complete free registration to access) NOTE: At last access (12/01/12) links were not appearing on this page. Searching "Flight 1420" from the newspaper's search box with returning all or most stories relative to the tragedy.

NPR Audio Clip June 2, 1999 Arkansas Plane Crash, with survivor Tad Hardin

NPR Audio Clip June 2, 1999 Arkansas Plane Crash update, June 2, 1999
NPR Audio Clip June 6, 1999 Voices in the News, with survivor David Carlton, NTSB spokesperson, more
NPR Audio Clip Nov. 2, 1999 National Transportation Safety Board, All Things Considered
Seating Cart (Adobe Acrobat 32k)
Overhead View w/ Crash Detail (Adobe Acrobat 344k)
Full Color Crash Detail (Adobe Acrobat 410k)
Weather Radar Images of Airport (Adobe Acrobat 237k)
Flight 1420 in Arkansas History
CNN Photo Gallery
"The Love Letter" by Dr. Bruce Tippit, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Arkansas

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4.66 mb, last updated 6/18/04 - Contains more than 160 general news articles, diagrams and reports organized by date.

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download 1420legal.zip
Coming Soon! - Contains news articles, documents relating to legal issues stemming from the crash. Includes some court items.
download 1420memorials.zip 1420Memorial.zip
1.42 mb, last updated 6/22/04- Contains 39 news articles, items relating to the One-, Two- and Five-Year Memorials organized by date.
Coming Soon! - Contains news articles, documents relating to the investigation of the crash.
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