Flight 1420 Anniversary Memorial Dedication
June 1, 2004

Closing Prayer
by Barbara Heard


Our Father in Heaven,

As we each go our separate ways and return to our homes, let us remember that we are all temporary passengers on this world. Let us be mindful that you, our Maker, in your infinite wisdom loves each one of us. I pray that your blessings will be on each family represented here. We are thankful for the heroes and the blessings that have been born out of tragedy. I pray that we will always seek the lessons and the strength that comes from adversity. We give thanks for the miracle of life and for the even greater reward that comes after life. We thank you for the healing that has occurred and we pray for those who continue to struggle… we ask that you comfort them. May we all go in peace and be truly grateful to you for the ultimate sacrifice that guides our way.


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