One-Year American Airlines Flight 1420 Memorial Photos
June 1, 2000

"We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fears.
We must not demean life by standing in awe of death."

~~David Sarnoff

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Click a thumbnail to view a larger image.  Use your browser back button to return to this page. These images are formatted for web display.  If you would like a copy of a better quality image (for example, to print), email and a copy will be emailed to you or your request will be forwarded to the photographer.  Please include the image name (displays in the bottom bar of your browser when your mouse is over it) and the photographer's name. Copies will only be sent to members of the 1420 family.  Click here for instructions on submitting photographs.

At the end of each photo section, you can download that batch of photographs as a zip file (password protected on extraction). The file name will include the photographer's or submitter's name. Before unzipping the file, create a folder to extract the photos to.

See Arkansas Democrat Photos here.

Photos by Unknown photographer (please let me know if these are your photos)

                                                   Download this section! 1.19 mb


Please email your photos to , with the subject line "1-Year Pics." We will create thumbnails to display on this page (for faster loading) and link the larger images to them.  Please make sure you include the photographer's name so that proper credit is given, and also include a subject line (i.e. 1-year or 5-year memorial pics, etc.). If you do not want your memorial picture to be presented as a zip file for download, please indicate that with your submission.

There are several options you may use in getting your photos to us. With the first option, we will be able to forward copies of your images should they be requested.  With the second and third options, copy requests will be sent to you so that you can forward images in the original format.

  • You may send your images in the format they were taken.
  • You may send compressed images or reformatted images.
  • You may send web-ready images (standard 72-dpi) .

For more than a few pictures, it would be best to 'zip' your file for faster transmission.  There are several good programs for this, including Win Zip.

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