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Awwww...ain't she pretty!
LadyBug_002 * Ladybug closeup

LunaMoth * Luna Moth. Beautiful moth with nearly a six inch wingspan.

Panda_Pics 2-2-2005 4-59-34 PM * Panda checking out the Plecostamus.

Panda_Pics 4-18-2004 5-52-01 AM * Closeup of Panda's eye. Note the camera lens pupil.

Panda_Pics 4-24-2004 7-41-30 AM * Panda in black and white.

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Panda_Pics 5-3-2003 6-51-36 AM.JPG - 05-03-2003 06:51:36
Panda_Pics 6-8-2003 6-28-12 AM * Welcoming committee

Panda_Pics 7-12-2002 10-31-27 PM * Nap time

Panda_Pics 7-2-2004 9-30-19 AM * Yes, she's really that big.

Panda_Pics 8-10-2002 8-15-32 AM * Panda and Bones before Panda got too fat for Bones to walk under her belly.

Raccoon_001 * These critters hang out quite often around my house, hoping to snack on left over dogfood and were grateful enough to pose for a photo.

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