BowlingZone: Bowling Centers in the US
Bowling Tournaments: The Official Page of Amateur Bowling
Bowling Index: Links to all things bowling
The Bowling Source:  Quality bowling links
MBC Online Search Engine
Go Bowling
World of Bowling in the Internet


Better Living With Hypnosis: Bowl better than ever with this self-hypnosis program
Kegel Training Center: Bowling training
Expert Thumbless Bowling: Champion Larry Warner's unique technique, plus bowler info
The Bowling Doctors: USA Bowling Silver Certified Coaching
Bowling Science: Article by Scott Berk on the application of science to sport of tenpin bowling
Briggs Consulting: Excellent articles on sports medicine, exercise physiology related to bowling
Correlations Between Physiological Parameters and Performance in Elite Ten-Pin Bowlers: Article by Benedict Tan, Abdul Rashid Aziz, Teh Kong Chuan  Sports Medicine & Fitness Division, Singapore Sports Council
The Bowling Grip Strength Test: A New and Reliable Test for Ten-Pin Bowlers: Article by Benedict Tan, Abdul Rashid Aziz, Teh Kong Chuan, Lee Hong Choo Sports Medicine & Fitness Division, Singapore Sports Council
Bowling Professor
Professional Bowling Instruction


Tenpin Bowling:  Tenpin bowling information Bowling, other site links
Bowling Basics:  Basics on how to roll, keep score, message form, tips, directory to add link
The Value of a Shot - staying focused
Pinboys guide to better bowling: A simple guide for the beginner
Bowling-Biz: Professional, comprehensive site

TOURNAMENTS & EVENTS World wide index of tournaments, trade shows and seminars
USSSA Bowling:Tournaments/league nationwide
Arkansas YABA home page



On-Line Java Score Calculator: Enter you game score and play around with different possibilities. What if I had gotten that spare ...
Bowler's Web: An amusing look at bowling
Bowling Gifs and Downloads
Search Amateur:
Online Bowling Games


US Bowling Corporation: One of the largest supplier's of capital equipment in the world The past, present and future of balls
The Bowler's Stop: Bowling gear Buy bowling balls, shoes, bags
The Bowler's Outlet: Price, convenience and satisfaction for all of your bowling needs


Quarter Board Magazine:   Bowling news, views and reviews, no holds barred
Bowling On Film
International Bowling Industry:
The only monthly publication focused on every facet of the bowling business


  Youth Bowlers Tour
Junior Gold YABA
USBA Youth: Formerly YABA
Teen Masters
Boys & Girls Youth Bowling Club
Kid's Space - Activities and Games
Let's Find Out - Online Encyclopedia
The Survivor: Youth Scholarship Tournament


Channel Surfers Bowling: Channel Surfers Bowling is the newest bowling resource site on the net providing you with tips, scenarios, bowling clinic, new ball releases, forums, email service and more as our new site expands
The Bowlers Alley Version 2.0:  A high tech bowling web site with tips, fantasy bowling, message boards, chat rooms, and a community of people who love bowling
10 Pin Bowlevard: History, rules, instruction, advanced tips, videos, more than 20 games, glossary, forum, links, downloads (French site and translated parts)

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