Awards Levels

At LEAP we want to award every child a scholarship. Of course, that is not yet possible, so we are starting with a minimum number to be presented from each of three different levels. As our program grows, the number of awards presented will increase as well. While the number of 'premium' awards may remain at lower levels, we hope to provide a wide range of lower level awards.

Basically, the levels could be viewed as First, Second and Third place awards, but this is not necessarily accurate. A child may opt out of higher level awards because residential programs are not practical for their family, and in the case of our Pee Wee bowlers, only the lower level awards are available to them due to age restrictions. The levels are outlined as follows:

NOTE: Someone earning a Level III award may select an extended Level II program (i.e.: a two-week stay at a Level II instead of a one-week stay at a Level III).

Awards are presented as follows:



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