How Awards Are Earned

Benefits of Non-Bowling Criteria
Application Process

Not only do we want to have the funds to provide every child a scholarship, but we want every child to have an equal opportunity to earn a scholarship based on his or her own individual strengths. The kids in the Rogers Junior Bowlers have a wide range of bowling skills. And even though the youth league is a handicap league, awards based strictly on bowling skill still tend to go to a smaller group of

better-skilled bowlers. This was one of the considerations in organizing this program, that scholarships should be awarded to a wider range of children. These scholarship awards are awarded based on non-bowling skill criteria.

There are actually several benefits to eliminating the bowling skill from the equation:

The Application Process

Each season bowlers complete an application designed to allow scoring in a variety of areas. Areas for the bowler to complete include: club memberships and offices held; civic and community involvement; Youth league positions and contributions to league; league recruitments and attendance; non-bowling accomplishments, awards, recognitions and recent academic grades.

This application also notes if the bowler does not wish to compete for Level II or Level III awards.

Completion of this application completes the first of the two-part process.

Committee members then score each section individually. This provides a more level scoring field for all children. for example: It allows a child with weak academic grades, but strong civic involvement to compete with a child possessing stronger grades but weaker civic involvement.

Top sub-scores are then selected for each of the three divisions. Bowlers are notified they qualified and that they must now complete the second part. These finalists are then required to submit an essay to the committee. The content and format will be determined in advance by the Awards Subcommittee.

Essay scores are then combined with the bowlers' application sub scores. The highest score from each division is awarded a Level III Award; second highest, a Level II, and third highest a Level I (with the exception of the Pee Wee bowlers, who will receive Level I awards).


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