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At this time we fund our scholarships two ways: 1) A small portion of bowlers' weekly fees is allocated to the LEAP fund, and 2) We are asking local businesses for help.

Our minimum funding target is approximately $3600. We arrive at this figure


based on the following formula using the high average cost for Level I awards and using the maximum cost for Level II and Level III awards:

# Presented
Level I
Level II
Level III
Admin Exp

It is our hope that we can soon eliminate this weekly fee and allow the program to operate on fundraising alone. Until we can build up our funds, bowlers will contribute 25 cents per week toward the program. If all 138 bowlers contribute, this amounts to $34.50 per week.  Our seasons last 28 weeks, making bowler contributions about $966.00. When we are able to eliminate the weekly fee, bowler fees will be reduced by this amount, or the funds will be reallocated to the regular league account.

We are also contacting camps and programs asking if they can 'donate' scholarship slots, or reduce tuition fees.  Depending on the agreement with the sponsoring program, a donated slot may not necessarily guarantee the slot will be used, just that it is available if a scholarship winner selected that program.















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