L.E.A.P. Logo Symbolism


This logo was designed by founder Sharon Goodson and adopted by the committee in 2004. 

The outer red ring is adapted from the Early Native Americans who considered the red ring to stand for the ‘root of existence,' and used it as part of a child's ceremonial passage into adulthood.

The red color used in the text represents the physical energy, action, devotion, strength and power of our children. Red also represents love and the joy of life.

The globe represents the travels our children will make and the worldliness they will acquire as they explore our earth. It also represents the unified community necessary for our children's healthy growth.

The blue color of the globe's land signifies truth, peace and loyalty. Blue also represents technology and the ability to communicate, all tools our children will need to be successful.

The leaping figures represent our children advancing to achieve their dreams, and are symbolic of our program's title. The number of figures – three – represents the three divisions making up our youth league.

The gold color of the figures represents not only the preciousness of our youth, but the golden opportunities we hope to help to provide our children. Gold is also symbolic of intellect, study and wisdom.

The subtle sunburst over the land and the figures represents enlightenment through knowledge and self discovery.

The cut out of the bowling ball and pins further represents our league and our contribution to our children and what is their world. The ball serves as a central point, and the pins serve as parents and communities guiding the ball.

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