Learning and Educational Advancement Program
For Rogers Youth Bowlers

01/22/05 Minutes

Next Meeting: February 12, 2005 9:30 a.m.  

In Attendance: Sharon , Cheryl, Kay, Doug, Bill, Rhonda, Jim, Herb

Samantha has stepped down as secretary due to job conflicts. There were no objections to Sharon serving as secretary.

Funding/PR has not yet meet independently, but plan to do so before our next meeting on 2/12, at which time they will communicate their ideas, needs and goals .

New target date to begin solicitation – mid-February.

Parent Meeting target date – late-February.

Draft of flyer was distributed Committee members, particularly Funding/PR are to contact Sharon as soon as practical with editing comments.

•  Kay suggested that at least one bowling camp be included, committee agreed.

Gathering Camp Information :

•  Each member will be assigned five residential camps to request information from.

•  Sharon was assigned all local inquiries, except Ozark Science Center .

•  Harlan will collect information for the Ozark Science Center .

At this time we are requesting prepared materials and any other written information available to construct a ‘portfolio' of camps. Members will be emailed a complete list of camps/programs for their records.

•  Additional camps that need lookups: Blytheville , AR (Upward Bound), Wichita State Tulsa, SMS, MSSU, Harding, Branson. Volunteers please contact Sharon .

Kay will contact United Way concerning our qualifications for assistance.

Carwash Coaching Event: The idea for a carwash fund raiser to pay for bowlers to attend coaching class was presented and accepted. The event will serve as a pilot for our program. Bowlers will complete the adopted application for scholarships. Only bowlers attending the carwash are eligible. It is our hope enough money will be raised to send all participants to class. In the event that does not occur, we will use the applications to determine winners. We have the option of awarding partial class fee payments to runner-ups.

•  Kay and Cheryl will head up this event

•  Target Date is April or May.

Update on Website – no progress yet

Next Meeting scheduled for February 12, 2005 9:30 a.m.