Learning and Educational Advancement Program
For Rogers Youth Bowlers


02/12/05 Minutes
Next Meeting: March 9, 2005 5:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY  

In Attendance: Sharon, Cheryl, Doug, Bill

Funding/PR has not formally meet, but has considered some ideas including; youth and adult tournaments, possibly monthly. They propose if nothing else, a one-time 'kick-off' tournament. They will be discussing options with Herb soon.

•  They have also begun talking informally with businesses.

•  Flyers are accepted as they are. Sharon will get copies to Funding/PR ASAP.

Carwash Fundraiser - Cheryl has contacted Wal-Mart. They need specifics, dates for our event. Kay and Cheryl will meet independently and report back to us. We need to organize this soon. It would be best to have details by the March parent meeting (see below).

Kids on Committee - It was agreed that up to five Junior/Major/Senior bowlers should be on the committee as Junior Committee Members. Doug proposed the kids run the carwash - committee agreed. We will use this opportunity to observe the kids in action then likely select potential Junior Committee Members from those working the carwash.

Parent meeting moved to sometime in March. Along with introducing parents and kids to the LEAP program, we need to provide information about the kick-off carwash (to pay for coaching classes), recruit a crew for the carwash and let kids know we will be scouting for Junior Members.

United Way - Kay will contact concerning our qualifications for assistance.

Not for profit Status - Sharon will look into

After camp survey - It was agreed we should have an after-camp survey. This will be a valuable tool in helping us gauge and rate camps and programs.

Assigned camp look-ups:
We still need to request information from the camps not crossed out. If you did not receive your list or the contact information (sent as email LEAP Camp lists/assignments on 1/24/05 ), please let me know and I'll get another out to you. If you can not request this information, please let me know so we can assign them to someone else.

Bear River Ranch/ Cub Creek Science Camp
YMCA of the Ozarks
Camp Wakahni
Camp Ozark
Cyber Camp , Washington University

America 's Baseball Camps
Houston Nutt razorback Football Camps
Harding University Camp Tahkodah
Arkansas 4-H Camps
Wentworth Military Academy Pathfinder
Adventure Camp

Sherwood Forest Camp
Wyldewood Camp
Camp Yorktown Bay
Brookhill Ranch
Camp Winnamocka

Camp Kiowa
Mountain Hoop Central Basketball
Bethel College Youth Music Camp
Bethel College Science Institute
Bethel College Broadway Theatrical Camp

Ozark Science Center


  Next Meeting scheduled for March 9, 2005 5:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY