Learning and Educational Advancement Program
For Rogers Youth Bowlers


03/09/05 Minutes


Next Meeting: March 30, 2005 5:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY


In Attendance: Sharon, Cheryl, Doug, Bill


Brief discussion on League Operations Changes (AKA Eureka Project). Bill and Doug expressed an interest and requested to join both the RJB Board and the Operations Committee.


Bill and Doug will begin contacting business and inform committee of any needs that might arise.


Bill will be getting color copies out of town. Doug requested computer file of brochure so that he may also work on color copies. He also suggested that contact information be more prominent. Suggestion notes and brochure edited.


Doug has received some information on his camps. Cheryl has provided all info on her camps. Sharon has some information on local camps, but pursuing information for this period may be suspended, as it is unlikely we will present any local program awards this summer and curriculum changes from season to season.  All other members do not yet have information. 


Kay - update on United Way – no information yet.


Cheryl has contacted Walmart concerning the carwash. They gave us choices of March 19 or March 26 and said all we needed to bring were the hoses.


It was agreed that those dates where too soon considering the tournaments, holidays and other activities this month. Cheryl will contact Walmart again and attempt to secure the date of April 16.


This is the ideal date as it is the last day of League bowling and can serve well to kick off both LEAP and the “Eureka Project.” This also allows us time to introduce both programs to parents and bowlers and give them time to organize their schedules accordingly.


We will be recruiting bowlers for the car wash individually, as well as announcing the car wash event in an open meeting. We will announce to all bowlers that we will be scouting for youth leaders for both programs during this event.


We have a target date of March 26, 2005 to hold our Parent Meeting introducing both programs and details about upcoming activities.


Doug suggested we provide lunch and beverages for bowlers working at the carwarsh.  He will contact Pepsi and some local food vendors about donations.


Forms have been obtained to file for non-profit status, but it was agreed we need to contact the new association before proceeding further. Sharon will contact USBC/YABA concerning this and to provide them promo materials (at which time YABA will provide a letter of compliance/no conflict relating to LEAP).


Doug suggested that bowlers physically hand out car wash (and other event) flyers to parents dropping off and picking up bowlers. It was agreed we would do this and we will prepare flyers when date is set.


It was agreed that occasional it may be beneficial to meet outside of the bowling center in some other neutral location such as a restaurant, etc.


Other ideas were discussed relating to League business, which will be documented and provided to the League Secretary to use as a post-meeting addendum to the recent Board meeting.

Next Meeting scheduled for March 30, 2005 5:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY