Learning and Educational Advancement Program

For Rogers Youth Bowlers

11/20/04 Minutes  - Supplemental/Replacement

   Sharon Goodson

Next Meeting: December 4, 2004 9:00 a.m.


In Attendance: Sharon, Cheryl, Harlan, Rhonda, Doug, Samantha


Teddy Bingham joined the Committee

Selection of Awards Subcommittee to refine award criteria/outline (will meet outside of regular committee meetings):

·          Sharon Goodson

·          Doug Sperry

·          Cheryl Bosteder

·          Samantha Lazar


It was agreed that in sharing written information, were applicable, electronic documents are preferred to hard copies.


It was agreed that B/P and J/M/S should have three award levels:

·          Level I local/day camp

·          Level II residential camp up to $500

·          Level III residential camp over $500 (generally capping around $1000)


PeeWee will have one award level

·          Level I local/day camp


This structure would require roughly $3000.


Increase in bowlers' fees will begin September 2005.


Silent auction to take place in January 2005.


The following camp information look-ups were assigned to:

·          Sharon  NWACC, information expected late December

·          Harlan Ozark Science Center

·          Samantha Jones Center, YMCA, Rogers Activity Center


Additional programs needing looks ups are: Tulsa, SMS, MSSU, HARDING, Branson


Target date to have promotional materials ready is January 2005.



Next Meeting scheduled for December 4, 2004 at 9:00 a.m.