Learning and Educational Advancement Program

For Rogers Youth Bowlers

11/06/04 Minutes

Next Meeting: November 20, 2004 9:00 a.m.

Officers were selected as follows:

·          Sharon Goodson – Chairman, Treasurer

·          William KnoxCo-Chairman, second check signature

·          Samantha Lazar Secretary

Subcommittees and Chairs were organized as follows:

·          Funding/PRWilliam Knox, Doug Sperry, Harlan Withington

·          Awards ResearchCheryl Bosteder, with assistance from all members

·          Winners’ CoordinatorKay Shook

·          College Scholarship Promotion – Sharon Goodson

·          Community Benefits/Special OlympicsHarlan Withington

In general, items, potential methods and structures outlined in Committee Officers and Subcommittee proposals were accepted as a basis.  Proposed on file 11/06/04.


The League has agreed to initially cover expenses, should they be incurred, and will reassess coverage once the program is underway.


A separate account fund will be established and maintained by the L.E.A.P Committee Treasurer, who is also responsible for researching account opinions and reporting back to the committee. At least two signatures will be required for checks. The Committee and League Board agreed upon Sharon Goodson and William Knox, Chair and Co-Chair, respectively. 


Funding will be acquired through outside sources and through an increase in bowlers’ weekly fees (upon Board approval) of 50 cents per bowler.  The increase will provide a solid, minimum budget of roughly $1,000.00 per season. It was not determined when this increase would take place.  As the program grows, bowlers’ contribution may be eliminated or reallocated.


The Funding/PR Subcommittee is already brainstorming and has come up with some great ideas including a silent auction (allowed by the center) and recruitment of vendor support by compiling a listing of all parents’ places of employment.  We will also solicit camps and organizations for donated slots.


Funding/PR will also attempt contact of other parents who expressed interest in committee.


Each subcommittee will begin researching their area and bring results back to the next meeting. All members will assist in Awards Research and provide this information to Cheryl Bosteder.


It was agreed that written guidelines should be obtained from YABA in support of this program. The Chairman is responsible for obtaining this.


It was agreed that we will not offer college scholarships at this time.


 It was agreed that we will not provide supplemental financial assistant to award winners for travel expenses, etc. Winners’ Coordinator, however, may counsel winners on options and assist in arrangements at her discretion.


It was agreed that awards should be based on non-bowling skills (with the exception of bowling improvement) to allow equal opportunity to all bowlers (especially considering that fees would be collected from all bowlers). Grades, bowling improvement, attendance and essays were mentioned.  All members will give careful consideration to award criteria and report back with ideas next meeting.


The Committee is hopeful it can begin awarding scholarships next spring for 2005 summer activities.  This is dependant on several things, including outside funding, since bowlers are not contributing at this time.  It also depends on our ability to select awards, select award criteria, define a mission statement and presentation to supply potential donors, and our ability to be organized enough by then to meet registration deadlines (less of a problem for local activities).  It’s likely that some camps will not make the Spring 2005 list because of early registration deadlines. 


The Committee also considered awarding residential camp scholarships in December (2005) to meet early deadlines. Research will provide more direction for this.  Local summer classes/day camps may be best suited for spring awards, as information is often not available until then.


Several other great ideas were considered including a donation by the committee on behalf of our bowlers to the Special Olympics (Bowling). This would likely be a straight forward donation either annually or periodically, but could also be considered as an award for a team, whereas the donation is made on behalf of the team. The idea of sponsoring one or more children for a season of bowling was also considered. Sponsorship would be based on financial need.  These are great ideas and will be considered further once the program is better established.


Chairman has provided minutes for this meeting. Secretary will provide hereafter.


Chairman’s note: Nine individuals attended this first meeting. The Committee expressed great enthusiasm about the program, and all members appeared ready to get to work. This is an intelligent, creative, motivated and committed group with a wide range of talents.  As Chairman, I would like to say that you couldn’t hope for a better group of people.  I believe this group will provide the definition and performance needed to make this a true success for our children.


Next Meeting scheduled for November 20, 2004 at 9:00 a.m.