Learning and Educational Advancement Program

For Rogers Youth Bowlers



12/04/04 Minutes

   Sharon Goodson 


Next Meeting: January 15, 2005 9 a.m.


In Attendance: Sharon, Cheryl, Doug


Efforts will be made to award at least some local awards Spring 2005. We could use current standing grades later in the semester for GPA.


Award outline submitted was adopted as a framework to be refined as deemed necessary.


Doug proposed and committee agreed that before F/PR contacts camps regarding slots, Research needs to collect general information from each organization, establish their inclusion to our program, then pass appropriate contact information on to F/PR.

·          Sharon and Cheryl were charged with contacting camps. (Any help would be appreciated, as there are approximately 30 at this time.)


It was agreed that we are generally ready to proceed with funding efforts. The end of January 2005 is the target date for having promotion materials ready.

·          Sharon will begin work on a flyer or pamphlet design. 

·          Funding/PR will meet independently and organize an action plan before next meeting.


It was agreed that program contributors will receive a formal letter of thanks; award winners will receive a patch or similar token and award qualifiers will receive a certificate.


It was agreed we should have a parent's meeting soon, but that such meeting should not be held until plans are more solid, likely about the time promotions start. 


Sharon will begin work on a website promoting our program. The website will include ‘approved' camps and ‘select' camps (those donating or reserving slots) and will acknowledge contributing businesses (at various levels?). Both sections will provide (approved) links to organizations website. The website will serve as a source of information for those interested in the program as well as a source of publicity for its contributors.


It was agreed and reiterated that nothing is in stone and that all ideas, methods and concerns should be considered. As better methods surface, we will not hesitate to adopt them.


Camp information look-ups pending:

·          Sharon  – NWACC, information expected late December

·          Harlan – Ozark Science Center

·          Samantha – Jones Center, YMCA, Rogers Activity Center


Additional programs needing looks ups are: Tulsa, SMS, MSSU, Harding, Branson




Next Meeting scheduled for January 15, 2005 9 a.m.