Bowling Coaching


United States Bowling Congress Coaching Mission Statement:

To provide quality  training Programs, Instructional tools, and service for bowling instructors, coaches, and the bowling community.



Rogers Junior Bowlers Mission Statement:

Keep the ball on the lanes

Knock down pins

Have fun



Some of my favorite quotes:

Great bowlers are not born; they are coached.

Great coaches make great bowlers.



About this Web page:

I hope you enjoy our web page.  

You will find At Home Practice lesson’s to help you get started in the sport of bowling.  You will also find a Ball Speed Conversion Chart so you can find out the average speed that you throw the ball.   Bowling Etiquette that every bowler who  bowls on a league or just for fun needs to know.  You will also find some pictures from our Rogers Junior Bowlers Level 1 Coaching Certification from June 2005.