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Bowling Quiz


1.  How long is an USBC approved bowling Lane?

a) 40 feet

b) 60 feet

c) 55 feet

d) 50 feet


2.  Which is the King pin?

a) 10 pin

b) 5 pin

c) 1 pin

d) 7 pin


3.  What is the purpose of oil?

a) To reduce friction between the ball and the lane

b) To give the ball more hook

c) To make the lanes look pretty

d) These is no oil on the lane??


4.  What is the actual term for the gutter?

a) cherry

b) pocket

c) channel

d) fall off


5.  How wide is a bowling lane?

a) between 30-32 inches

b) between 40-42 inches

c) between 44-46 inches

d) between 50-52 inches


6.  The arrows on the lanes are how far from the foul line?

a) 10 feet

b) 15 feet

c) 17 feet

d) 20 feet



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B, B, A, C, B, B