Bowling Coaching

Bowling Etiquette

·                      Be ready  to bowl when the pins are set.  Do not bowl until the pinsetting machine has completed its cycle and the sweepbar is raised, otherwise you may damage the ball or   machine.


·                      Do no t use another player’s ball without their permission.


·                      Do not take too long to aim or get set up when you are on the approach.


·                      Stay on your approach while delivering the ball.  Return to the settee area after making  each delivery and while waiting for your ball to be returned.


·                      Observe one lane courtesy.  The bowler on the  right should bowl if both reach t he approach at the same time.  Staying off  the approach while you wait.


·                      Good bowling requires concentration.  Bowlers should always keep in mind when others  are preparing to bowl, excessive movement or noise could be distracting.  When a player is ready to bowl, give them  the courtesy of making  their shot without interference, as you will want  the same courtesy when it is your  turn.


·                      Excessive ‘lofting’ hurts your game and damages the lane.


·                      Refrain from using abusive language or obscene gestures.


·                      Play  the game to win, but be a gracious loser.


·                      Remember, good sportsmanship is always the key to a successful game.