John Bosteder Retirement
December 18, 2004
By Sharon Goodson

A few years ago I was leaving my house to bring the boys here for bowling practice.  We often met the Bosteder kids up here, and John Bosteder usually tried to at least stop by.  Before we left, one of the boys asked if ‘Uncle John' was going to be there.  Knowing we have no biological family here, my husband raised an eyebrow and asked me if there was something I needed to share with him.  It took a minute for me to realize why he asked this, but when I did, I told him they were talking about John Bosteder. He replied, “Oh,” nodded his head, and went back to reading, eyebrow still just slightly raised.

And yes, while we don't have any biological family in Rogers, we do have family here. This league is a family, even by Webster's own definition. We are a group with a shared goal and attitude, realized by a president who has lead us and brought us where we are today.

When John took office six years ago, we had 14 teams. Today we have 36.  Last year we were the largest youth league in Arkansas. We dropped a slot this year, but the year's not over yet.  John promotes our league and recruits new members into our family on a near daily basis, always with the kids in mind.

John has not only led our family and increased its size, but he's also molded it into a strong, successful league that any member should be proud of.  He's led fundraiser programs to help bowlers cover the cost of state tournament fees and travel expenses, wanting to make sure every child had an opportunity to go. Twice in recent years we won the Carl McConnell Award, which is presented to the league with the highest percentage of bowlers at State. He developed our dress code and rules of conduct. He formalized the board and got parents involved.  We have monthly coaching clinics for bowlers, and every year we send bowlers to Pepsi Scholarship Tournaments.  When John took office we did not have a certified coach program; today we have 22 certified coaches reaching all the way up to the Bronze Level.

When bowlers and parents talk about John, two words are repeatedly found in their comments: commitment and inspiration.  John's commitment to this family has resulted not only in a successful league, but in a cohesive community where children are welcomed, valued and respected.  His commitment is inspirational, where by example he shows that you can always give just a little bit more. It's inspirational to children who see and respond to his belief in them. It's inspirational to a community that witnesses the awesome power of a shared goal.

 While circumstances have changed in the days since we first learned of John's intent to retire from office, our admiration and affection has not.  Regardless of what the future holds, we embrace this moment to express our gratitude to you, John, and to ensure you that you will continue to be in prayers.  We can not dismiss the possibility that the change in circumstances is not actually due to medical error, but is instead due to the answering of numerous, heartfelt prayers.

Thank you again, Uncle John, for making us the family that we are.