Rogers Junior Bowlers
Board Meeting
02/11/2005 Minutes


Attendance for meeting
John, Cheryl, Ross, Sharon, Teddy, Rhonda, Susan

State Tournament
We go on April 30-May 1 st . Saturday time is 4:45pm Sunday we bowl at 8:00am .

Melissa Thomas is blocking rooms at the Bay Mount Hotel.

Money Needed -awaiting an update from Kay Shook on moneys earned from 50/50 sales. We are also waiting on data from Melissa on the total of rooms that will be needed. I will e-mail everyone with the totals. She is going to pass around a sign up sheet this week.

City Tourney- at this time we have a total of 13 teams and 20/40 for doubles/singles. This may change in the morning. We have the following that have volunteered for lane monitoring, John, Susan, Sharon, Teddy, Kay M, Rhonda, Ross. I believe Kay Shook will also help, I think that's what she said. (But hey, don't get me lying.) I will be there too but I may be very busy though, I will help where I can. We need to get more lane monitors if we get more entries.

Sharon has so very kindly offered to help me get every thing organized and make sure we have full teams and everyone has a partner that needs one.

Fund-raising - Where are we on all fund-raising.

Lock -in - has been postponed until April 2 nd . We have had several issues on this subject arise. Many people believe this will not go over well. The major concerns are that the price is to high and it is starting to late. I personally feel we need to drop this one. It could be more hassle than it is worth. I think we need to rethink this issue. But that's just my opinion.

Scratch Cards - Teddy is going to order these this week. It only takes 3 days to get so they will be here next weekend.

Tupperware - Melissa Thomas is handling this one. They were passed out on 2/05

Candy bars - Sharon is going to check with her sons Boy Scout troop. The info I got on the candy was too expensive.

Bowl-A-Thon - Kay Shook suggested this. It sounds great! Everyone at the meeting liked the idea so we have set the date for May 5 th . I am going to ask Kay Matthews to make us up a sheet so we can get them passed out to the kids for sponsoring. They will be able to pick either flat rate or per pin. They will have a spot to put there scores fore that day. They will then collect the money and return it the next week. This will be done during regular bowling times.

Coaching Clinic (Kay Matthews) - Update - Kay could not make it as she was at work. We did discuss the following.

Attendance - we need some incentives to get the kids more interested. Any feedback is welcomed.

Certificates - she would like to give certificates for the kids that came to all of the clinics for participation and self improvement.

LEAP - ( Sharon ) The website is up. And may I say it looks AWESOME! The address' are


Rogers Jr. Bowlers -

Rogers Bowling Center -

Sharon will give you the info for updating the calendar and the sign on and password. When you see Sharon Give her a BIG THANKS FOR THE WEBSITES!!!!!!!!!!

BCBA USBC Meeting - no change at this time, still in the beginning stages.

Board Meetings here are a few things that were talked about.

Attendance - will be taken and posted as part of the minutes on the website. This may help with recognition and accountability. - couldn't hurt right. Also, there was a motion made to expel NON-PARTICIPATING board members. This motion will be brought to vote at the next meeting. This would be done only if the member did not attend (X) amount of meetings and is not helping with other projects. They are formally dropped from the board with a letter. Before we nix the idea we need to look at a few things. We can't say "you can't fire a volunteer." Yes, we are volunteers, but we have made a formal commitment to a group. If we are not fulfilling that commitment, then we are hindering the group. We are causing someone else to pick up our slack and taking up valuable space. Say for instance we have 25 board members. Fifteen of them don't do much. The ten left need more help. How likely are we to recruit more members when we already have 25? We have some board members that have not participated all year!

Incentives - Door prize for highest attendance, drawing for ties; or each attendance gets a ticket and that's drawn from. Use stuff that makes kids push parents. Can we afford pizza, coffee for monthly board meeting? How about for the kids of members - they get pizza, sodas, free/reduce bowling (provided their done before leagues) while we meet. Kids would then bug parents to go to meetings. (then we're accountable to them too)

Scheduling - Questionnaire will be handed out, and gone over by the board to see the best times for everyone.

Recruiting - Parent involvement - contribution of some type. WE ARE NOT BABYSITTERS ie.. Sign up sheets, helping with tournaments, helping with Saturdays (keeping kids on the lanes), and fund-raisers.

Sharon had a thought that might just work. ( We could do like my son's scout troop starting doing - each parent is REQUIRED to contribute something each season/half. Could be as simple as collecting or passing documents one day; manning the candy frames/drink tickets one day; making some calls; running one errand; provide snacks/goodies - or, of course, more complex - helping with one fundraiser; joining a committee, etc. Or it could stay VOLUNTEER (yeah, right) with some incentive that benefits the child so the child stays on the parent's.ummm.back. Parents don't want to look like losers to their kids (not that we're losers, but you know what I mean).)

Year end awards

Trophies - Susan said she will handle this for us. THANK YOU!!

Details - Were attentively looking at May 7 th . We need to verify a few things before we can set it in stone. We also need to set the price.

Agenda - Teddy is going to hand pick 5 kids from each group to go and attend the next Police and Fire departments meetings. We want to personally and formally invite them to join us in a BOWL OUT. This might get a bigger response. We would also like a few board members to attend with them. I will check with each dept on the times and get back to you. We need to discuss what food to have so that we can get permission from Herb. (ie.. Pizza or pot luck- like finger foods? )I don't think drinks are necessary; they can get them from the snack bar. Were not talking about a big food blowout just enough to entice their tummies....

Next Meeting Date - date will be set after questionnaires are in. We need to try and meet on Saturday am to go over results.