Rogers Junior Bowlers
Board Meeting

Next Meeting Date August ? will decide at the Association meeting.

Attendance for meeting Present- Kay Matthew, Sharon Goodson, Lacey Matthew, Tricia Cracraft, Ross Bosteder, Cheryl Bosteder, Kenneth Bosteder, Nick Bosteder, Kay Shook, Geoffrey Shook, Rhonda Brewer, Jim Brewer, April Brewer.

Absent John Bosteder, Teddy and Michelle Bingham, Ben Shook, Alicia Lazar and Jerrad Knox.

Meeting was called to order 2:00pm.

Lacey went over league rules from their Friday meeting. With a few changes the board accepted the rules.

City Tournament will be October 29th 30 th .

Audit is due at this time.

Youth Committee for USBC is the following; Sharon Goodson, Rocky Clifty , Lacey Matthew, Cheryl Bosteder, April Brewer, Donna Johnson, Nick Bosteder, Morgan Dean, Theresa Breshers .

The two winners from state will receive $50.00 L.E.A.P. awards for classes at RYC.

Signup is August 20 th First week of bowling is August 27 th

Cheryl is going to resign as secretary due to health reasons.

There was talk about asking Kelly Anderson to step in for secretary and to seek other options also.

Meeting was adjourned.

A special executive officers meeting was called after the youth meeting was over.

Present were Kay Matthew- VP, Cheryl Bosteder- Secretary, Sharon Goodson- Director of Operations,

Lacey Matthew- Peewee VP, Kenneth Bosteder -Jr. President, Nick Bosteder Jr. Sergeant at Arms

Board members present were. Tricia Cracraft, Ross Bosteder, April Brewer, Jim Brewer.

Rhonda Brewer stepped up and offered to take over for Cheryl.

A vote was then taken and it was unanimous, Rhonda is the new secretary.

Copies of minutes will be available at bowling center if requested. Otherwise minutes will be e-mail to everyone, and will be available on the website.

Remember to check online calendar for meeting times and events.