Rogers Junior Bowlers

Board Meeting

03/06/2005 Minutes


Next Meeting Date   April 19th @ 6:30 pm  It will be held @ Tricia Cracraft’s house. She lives on the corner of Olive and 12th place. First house on the right, house number is 1212.


Attendance for meeting

Sharon Goodson, John Bosteder,  Rhonda Brewer, Jim Brewer, April Brewer- representing the youth, Kay Shook, Melissa Thomas, Lacey Matthews, Tricia Cracraft, Ross Bosteder, Cheryl Bosteder.



State Tournament

We go on April 30-May 1st. Saturday time is 4:45pm Sunday we bowl at 8:00am.

Melissa has blocked rooms at the Baymont Hotel. Reservations are made and parents need to call and confirm their reservations.


Fund-raising - FYI Just wanted to let you know that as of today 3/4/05 my total that we have raised is                   $3241.7  We still need around $ $2,062.30

Lock -in – was tabled - until info is reported back to the board April is checking on Razorback roller rink and Lacie is checking on Great Day roller rink. The bowling center option was denied due to lack of interest and cost.

Scratch Cards – We really need to try and get more involvement with selling these. We can only return those not scratched and only 10% can be returned in 30 days.

            Candy bars- were tabled until next season. It wouldn’t be reasonable to due this late in the season.

Year end Bowl Out with the Rogers PD and Fire Dept.

Meeting was a hit! They loved the kids. Still waiting to here from RPD.




There was a motion made to remove NON-PARTICIPATING board members. The vote was unanimous.  The following people will be removed; Sabrina Guidry, Sheryl Anthony, Cindy Anthony, Amanda Reynolds. We are in agreement to continue board meetings throughout the summer. We are going to try having the meetings in different locations other than the bowling center. We must have a majority in attendance to conduct a board meeting.  We are required to have at least 2 youth over the age of14 immediately added to the board.  This would be a wonderful opportunity for those youth interested in learning more about league operations and being involved in league decisions. This will give them the chance to start with us in the restructuring in compliance with the USBC.


BCBA USBC Meeting – The conference is on April, 2nd  or 3rd. Sharon Goodson and Cheryl Bosteder will be attending the conference representing the youth.  Sharon passed out some handouts at the meeting if you need a copy please get with Sharon. Please go to look at the transitioning section. We need everyone’s input. PLEASE send all questions to Sharon or Cheryl. We need as much info and any questions you have. We will try to get them all answered at the conference.  We can’t get them answered if you don’t ask. The more views we have the better. We have to have the Letter of Intent to the USBC by May 31st, 2005. 




Coaching –   John established new position called the Director of Coaching. Kay Matthews was nominated for this. The vote was unanimous. By proxy, she accepted.  This will bring prestige and credibility to our league. It could prove to be an asset to the new association, as it would provide immediate and positive evidence of our reorganization efforts. It has the potential to serve more than just our league.  


John appointed new directors positions, and a new committee. Sharon was unanimously voted in as the new Director of Operations and will head the new committee. Kay Shook, and Barbara Burr, have volunteered to serve on the committee.  The position and the committee are being modeled after the new USBC structure. With the transition to USBC taking place over the next year, the committee will conform the basis of a more structured and organized league.  There will be some required changes but also, some innovative ideas of our own. There will be a number of improvements and proposals made that we encourage everyone to be involved in. We will have an open parent meeting soon with more details.


After the LEAP meeting Bill Knox, and Doug Sperry have also volunteered for the Operations Committee.