April 2005

Rogers Junior Bowlers’ News!


Upcoming Activities:

·        Kick Off Carwash

Scheduled for April 16, 2005.  The Scholarship LEAP Committee’s first event will be a carwash to raise funds to pay for coaching classes for J/M/S bowlers who help with the carwash and/or its preparations.  All bowlers helping have a chance to win one of these first scholarship awards.  The more funds we raise, the more coaching classes this carwash will pay for.  At this event, we will also be scouting for bowler leaders to serve on the committee and/or to become more involved in league operations. 


·        April 23, 2005 10:00 a.m. – RJB bowl-out with the Police and Fire Departments and Awards day.  The doors to the Rogers Bowling Center will open at 09:30 a.m.  Bowling will cost $ 4.30 for juniors this day.


·        Arkansas State YABA Tournament:  The tournament will be held in Jonesboro. We are confirmed to bowl the weekend of April 30/May 1.  Our squad times are 04:45 p.m. on Saturday and 08:00 a.m. on Sunday.  You will need to be at the bowling center 1 hour prior to your squad time.  Rooms are at the Baymont Inn, 2910 Kazi Drive, Jonesboro.  The address of the Bowing Center is, 3102 Shelby Drive, Jonesboro. 



Bantam/Prep Summer Birthdays


Keegan Stanton

Cordale Moore

Ashley Ellison

Chandler Thrush

Kegan Jones

Justin Fleshman


Nicolas Eichler

Kaitlin Stevenson

Mariah Hailey

Jamie Brewer

Haley Williams

Amber Ruppert

Reece O’Brien


Hailee Calhoun

Jennifer Anthony

Brandon Beasley


Reece Medlock

Shannon Bullock

Seth Russell

Ashley Bingham

Junior/Major/Seniors Summer Birthdays


Lori Jones

Tyler Bowen

Jared Knox

Ben Shook

Sammie Sasser

Chris Thompson


Matt Wedgewood

Alex Withington

Kristy Ingram

Josh Brewer

Sean McDonald

T. J. Poplawski


Nicolas VonSpreecken

Jordan Metcalf

Geoffrey Shook

Justin Miller

Shelby Good


Jesse Jouett

Steven Sperry

John Turner

Cole Ingram

Heather Hill

Jessie Couch

Kelsey Gillespie



Notes to the Parents and Bowlers:

·        Parents with Bowlers going to the Arkansas State YABA Tournament please do not forget to call the hotel and confirm your reservations.


·        Due to the Arkansas State Women’s Championship tournament being held in Rogers and Springdale next year the Junior League will sign-up and start in August.   Saturday, August 20 will be the sign-up.  Bowling will start the following Saturday, August 27.  There will be two Saturday’s off, December 24 and December 31.  Barring any snow days the last day of bowling will be March 18, 2006 with the awards day being March 25.


Getting to know……

Rogers Junior Bowlers Secretary Cheryl Bosteder.   Cheryl was born in Browerville, MN on August 11, 1967.   She is the third oldest of nine children and has three sisters and five brothers.  When she was a child they lived in White Bear Lake, MN.  Cheryl loved to play outdoors and ride horses.   Cheryl says she was a tomboy all the way and loved to play football and softball.   Her favorite pastime was swimming and fishing.   Every summer she would spend a month with her grandparents.  One of her fondest memories, as a child, is celebrating her birthday with her grandmother.  Cheryl’s grandmothers birthday was August 10, so every year her grandmother would make them an angel food cake with fresh strawberries on the side.   As a young adult Cheryl worked as a bartender and manager of a night club.   She also worked part time singing in a band.  She moved to Arkansas in July of 1988.   Cheryl married her soul mate Ross.   They have two beautiful girls, Brittney and Francine (Franci), and two great boys, Nick and Nate.   Cheryl loves spending time with her family, especially outdoors.   They love to go to the lake to swim, fish, or camp.   Cheryl got involved with bowling to help her children, who have been bowling for the past seven years.   She enjoys being a coach and helping other children.   Something not many people know about Cheryl is after Nate was born she went back to high school.   She finished her high school diploma and went on to college to graduate in 1998 with honors Magna Cum Laude.  Cheryl has a degree in accounting and business management.




Have a great summer, see you next season.