Dear Parents:

Welcome to the 2005 - 2006 Rogers Junior Bowling Program. The only team sport where everyone gets the same amount of playing time.

Your Board members are really excited about the upcoming year. We now have thirty-four (34) Certified Coaches to assist the bowlers and instruct them in the game of bowling. They attended an eight-hour instruction course(s) at their own expense to receive this certification. The Level I coaches are; Cheryl Bosteder , Tom Burns, David Cracraft, Patricia Cracraft, Ted Fritz, Sharon Goodson, Les Humphrey, Joe Jouett, Lacey Matthew, Kay Shook , Lonnie Smith, Melissa Thomas, Randy Sparks, Ross Bosteder , Rhonda Brewer, Jim Brewer, Teddy Bingham, and Robert Eichler. Youth Level I coaches are Joshua Adams, Skye Adams, Bobby Angleman , Tommy Angleman, Franci Bosteder, Nick Bosteder , April Brewer, Josh Brewer, Ben Shook, Christine Sitgraves, and Steven Sperry who all got their Level I Coaches training paid for by the LEAP program. Kenneth Bosteder and Geoffrey Shook are also youth Level I Coaches. Susan Shumate and John Bosteder have qualified as Level II coaches. Kay Matthew, Rogers Junior Bowlers Director of Coaching, completed a twenty-hour instruction course and has qualified as a Bronze Level Coach. Robert Shumate is the Certified Level I and Level II Instructor. More classes will be made available as persons request training.

Officers and Board of Director Members for the Rogers Junior Bowling Association are:

John Bosteder, President Kay Matthew, Sr. Vice President

Lacey Matthew, Pee Wee Vice President Teddy Bingham, Sergeant at Arms

Susan Shumate, Association Secretary/Treasurer Ronda Brewer, League Secretary

Michelle Bingham, League Treasurer Sharon Goodson, Director of Operations

Jim Brewer, Board of Directors Kay Shook, Board of Directors

Tricia Cracraft, Board of Directors David Cracraft, Board of Directors

Bill Knox, Board of Directors Cheryl Bosteder, Board of Directors

Doug Sperry, Board of Directors Kenneth Bosteder, Junior President

Jared Knox, Junior Vice President Geoffrey Shook, Junior Secretary

Alicia Lazar, Junior Treasurer Nick Bosteder, Junior Sergeant at Arms

Ben Shook, Junior Posting Person April Brewer, Assistant to the Youth Director

Please remember that our Officers, Board of Directors, and Coaches are volunteers. This means they work hard and do not get paid for it. They are dedicated to the youth. If you would like to volunteer for a project, please see one of the Officers.

Dress Code, Conduct, and League Rules will be enforced. We depend on each parent to assist us in this area.

The Arkansas YABA State Tournament will be in Fort Smith in 2006. A tentative date will be selected at a later time.

Pepsi Cola tournament location, date, and time will be announced at a later date.

We will be holding a Rogers YABA Association tournament this year. The date for the tournament will be October 29 and 30, 2005 at the Rogers Bowling Center . There will be no regular league bowling on October 29. Cost and times will be announced at a later date.

Each youth who signs up today, August 20, 2005 will receive 2 free games to be bowled before noon today. Thank you, Herb Howie and Roger Bowling Center . A free bowling game will be issued for each Perfect Attendance for each month. These have an expiration date and must be used before that date; these free games are good only for the person named on the card. We will also have the ever popular free small drink award for Bantam/Prep bowlers who bowl 10 pins over their average for a game and Junior/Major/Senior bowlers who bowl 20 pins over their average for a game. Only one free drink ticket per bowler per week. The drink tickets will have the current days date on it and must be used that day. They can not be held for another week.

In order to assure that every youth has an opportunity to experience league bowling regardless of financial status, the board has established a separate ledger to track donations received and payments made for those youth who are unable to pay the weekly fees. When the bowler's circumstances improve, hopefully, they will reimburse this fund. In the meantime, donations to this fund will be appreciated.

YABA awards are based on “book average” until 12 games are bowled. Book average is the final average from the previous year (winter league only) and at least 12 games must be bowled to have a “book average”. If the bowler has no “book average”, 12 games must be bowled for an average.

The Rogers YABA Board of Directors and Rogers Bowling Center and Snack Bar thank all you parents for your support. We are here to serve our youth. If you have ideas or concerns, please see one of the board members.

September 10 we will distribute and recognize those youth bowlers who received trophies/recognition for the YABA State Tournament. Don't miss this. Some of the trophies are awesome.

We will have two squads this year. Junior/Major/Senior bowlers will begin bowling at 08:30 a.m., Bantam/Prep and Pee Wee bowlers will bowl at 10:30 a.m. Please be here 30 minutes before your bowling time to get your shoes, find your lane and have a warm-up.

GOOD NEWS! We have been able to lower our Sanction Fee's this year from $ 11.50 to $ 10.00 and our weekly bowling fee is going to stay the same as last year at $ 7.50 per bowler per week. Due to this we encourage each parent to bring a bag of small, individually wrapped candy to go in the candy bucket for the weekly ‘Candy Frame'. We could also use donations for ‘Goody Bags' for the bowlers.