Rogers Junior Bowlers' News!

Bantam/Preps Birthdays:


Hayden Johnson
Nychelle Long
Torin Opstedahl
Ky Humphrey
Tyler Johnson
Disney Humphrey
Nate Bosteder
James Gudger
Timothy Cole
Franci Bosteder


John Savatovic
Dylan Eichler
Jessica Nelson
Jessica Anthony


Colten Shanks
Matthew Sij
Dustin Burr
McKenzi Mac
Kheeli Walls
Alex McDaniel


Brittany Young
Angelica Rigg
Wila Young
Jordan Ingram
Dakota Coenen

Junior/Major/Senior Birthdays:


Andrea Brewer
Matt Sasser
Brandon Burr
Cody Boone
Bryan Gibby
Autumn Rogers


Josh Jones
Nick Bosteder
Jonathan Wedgewood
Scott Donovan
Jonathon McVay
Chrystal Ford


Christina Sitgreaves
Dalene Davis
Cassidy Wanner
April Brewer
Zachary Gaertner
Sam David
Cody Thomas
Tim Tanner


Erika Yoos
Eric Anthony
Cody Patton
Tyler Weber
Scott McDonald
Derek Downing
Jake Russell
Kassy Miller

Upcoming Activities:

Bowling (coaching) Clinic: First Saturday of the month during bowling season unless otherwise announced. Bantam/Preps clinic at 08:45 a.m. , Junior/Major/Seniors clinic at 10:30 a.m. Both groups will meet in the meeting room for the first 15 – 20 minutes. January 8, 2005 we start working on spare shooting.

Upcoming Tournament Events:

Pepsi Tournament: March 12 & 13, age 12 and over bowl at Enterprise Lanes in Benton , AR. March 20, age 11 and under bowl at Arkoma Lanes in Siloam Springs , AR. Entry fee is $ 16.00. Entry forms and fees must be turned in to Barbara Burr by January 8. For more information see Barbara Burr.

City Tournament: Postponed until February due to lack of interest. Parents this will be a good event for your juniors to get to know the format of the YABA State Tournament. Team event as-well-as Doubles and Singles events will be bowled. Three games per event. If you bowl doubles you must bowl singles and vice versa. Team will be bowled one day the doubles and singles the other. Awards for first, second, and third places for Team, Doubles, and Singles. There will also be an award for all events combined scores.

Arkansas State YABA Tournament: It is a lot more fun to go as a group, but it is not required. Please let Cheryl know what your preferences of weekends are (first and second choice). Entry forms and money must be turned in as-soon-as possible. This tournament will be held in Jonesboro this year during the month of April. The sooner we get the entries in the more likely we can get the weekend we want. This is what all the fund raisers have been about. You must pay your initial entry, then if your junior shows up for the tournament we try to refund your entire entry fee from the fund raiser money. We also try to pay part of the hotel room. The more people that help with the fund raisers, the more money we can raise toward the State Tournament. Because this benefits every bowler and family it is only fair that every bowler and family participate in at least one fund raiser. If you enter and decide not to go your entry fee will not be refunded.

Fund Raiser News:

Halloween Tooth Fairy raised $ 78.00

Gift Certificate raised $ 659.00

Bake Sell Raised $ 157.00

50/50 strike tickets have currently raised $ 232.50

Current Total $ 1126.50

Volunteers are needed to work the pie-in-the-face fundraiser with the adult leagues. If the jar is filled to the top Herb Howie, the Rogers Bowling Center General Manager, will even take a pie in the face. Volunteers, please see Teddy Bingham. If you volunteer you are expected to show up to work.

Volunteers are needed for the 50/50 tickets. This is a big item for the adult leagues. You sell a bowler tickets for $ 1.00 each. If that bowlers' number is drawn they must bowl a strike to get half the money collected. If they do not bowl a strike another number is drawn until someone wins. The other half of the money goes to the Junior Bowlers. Volunteers, please see Teddy Bingham. If you volunteer you are expected to show up to work.

Notes to the Parents and Bowlers:

•  John Bosteder our Association and League President has resigned due to his health. There will be an election today for a new President at 10:00 a.m. Please, be here to vote.

•  The winner of the Gift Certificate drawing was Robin Johnson of Lowell , AR.

•  Remember you are part of a team. If you sign-up to go to a tournament you are expected to go. If you change your mind that decision not only affects you but also affects the entire team. Be a team player. You win as a team and you loose as a team.

•  Pre-bowling is allowed for school events, Out-of-town trips, and participation in another sport. Post bowling is allowed for illness or other emergencies. Wanting to sleep late on Saturday is not a reason for pre or post bowling.

•  Remember to show good sportsmanship toward your fellow bowlers. Name calling, making distracting noises, etc. while your opposing team is on the approach is BAD sportsmanship. Always treat the members of your team and your opposing team the way you want to be treated.

•  Remember……..Character Counts!

Getting to know……

Rogers YABA First Vice President Kay Matthew. Kay is a USA Bowling Coaching Bronze Certified Coach. She has a husband, James, to whom she has been married for 23 years, and a daughter, Lacey, who is 21 years old. She is also Sergeant-At-Arms for the Rogers Women's Bowling Association as-well-as one of the Sergeant-At-Arms for the Ladies Progressive League on Wednesday evenings. She is the team captain of two teams, The Cleaning Crew on Wednesday evening and the Pro Wannabes on the Friday Night Keglers mixed league. Kay was born in Webb City , MO in 1955 and grew up in Joplin , MO. She moved to Arkansas when she was 19 years of age. At which time she went to work for Wal-Mart General Office in the Data Processing Department. She currently works for J. B. Hunt Transport as a Senior Data Center Operations Analyst. Something not many people know about her is that she used to be a Judo Instructor.

News Letter:

Please let us know what you think of the news letter and how often you would like to see one. We are open to suggestions and will welcome your input. We are going to try to do a ‘Getting to Know' section in every letter high-lighting one of the officers.



Happy Holidays!


Rogers YABA & Rogers Junior Bowlers

Officers, Board of Directors, and Coaches


Your next day of bowling will be January 8, 2005 .