February 2005


Rogers Junior Bowlers' News!


Bantam/Prep February Birthdays

Blake Stodgill

Caleb Cooper

Junior/Major/Seniors February Birthdays

Tiffany Walker

Kenneth Bosteder

Robert Franklin

Brian Besel

Kendra Jones

Taylor Bingham

Dustin Kirkendoll

Bantam/Prep March Birthdays

Nick Sanders

RC Maxfield-Bradbury

Junior/Major/Senior March Birthdays

Kelli Nichols

Bobby Angleman

Tommy Angleman

McKenzie Keller

Alicia Lazar

Chance Thompson

Amber McNair

Joey Hull


Upcoming Activities:

Bowling (coaching) Clinic:  Second Saturday of March (March 12).  Bantam/Preps clinic at 08:45 a.m., Junior/Major/Seniors clinic at 10:30 a.m.  Both groups will meet in the meeting room for the first 15 – 20 minutes.  We will be working on a four step method to determine the lane conditions. 


Upcoming Tournament Events:

Pepsi Tournament:  March 12 & 13, age 12 and over bowl at Enterprise Lanes in Benton, AR.  March 20, age 11 and under bowl at Arkoma Lanes in Siloam Springs, AR. 


Arkansas State YABA Tournament:  The tournament will be held in Jonesboro. We are confirmed to bowl the weekend of April 30/May 1.  Our squad times are 04:45 p.m. on Saturday and 08:00 a.m. on Sunday.  You will need to be at the bowling center 1 hour prior to your squad time.  If you would like to sign-up for a room, please see Cheryl Bosteder or Melissa Thomas.  Melissa is booking a block of rooms at the Baymont Inn, 2910 Kazi Drive, Jonesboro.  The address of the Bowing Center is, 3102 Shelby Drive, Jonesboro.  A map of Jonesboro is attached.  This is what all of the fund raisers have been about.  If your junior shows up for the tournament we try to refund your entire entry fee from the fund raiser money.  We also try to pay part of the hotel room.  If you enter the tournament and then decide not to go your entry fee will not be refunded.


Fund Raiser News:

Bowl-A-Thon March 5, 2005.  Bowlers are asked to take a Bowl-A-Thon sheet and get donations.  The donations can be a ‘flat rate' or ‘per pin'.  Please collect as much of the ‘flat rate' money that you can before the Bowl-A-Thon.  This money will be going toward the State Tournament.  



Volunteers are needed for the 50/50 tickets.  This is a big item for the adult leagues.  You sell a bowler tickets for $ 1.00 each.  If that bowlers' number is drawn they must bowl a strike to get half the money collected.  If they do not bowl a strike another number is drawn until someone wins.  The other half of the money goes to the Junior Bowlers.  Volunteers, please see Teddy Bingham.  If you volunteer you are expected to show up to work.


Notes to the Parents and Bowlers:

·        Bowlers, please, remember to clean up your drink cups, food container, etc. before leaving your bowling area.  The Rogers Bowling Center Staff, Coaches, and Board Members are not your maids.  If you use a ‘house ball', please put it back in the rack when you are finished bowling and take your ‘house shoes' back to the counter.  If a team does not clean up their mess, I am sure that Herb would be glad to loan a large trash container to us so that team can clean up every-ones mess the following week.


·        Check it out!  We now have web-sites…..Thank you Sharon Goodson!

Rogers Junior Bowlers http://www.jrily.com/LEAP/RJB/RogersYouthBowlers.htm

Rogers Bowling Center http://www.jrily.com/LEAP/RogersBowlingCenter.htm

LEAP Scholarship Program http://www.jrily.com/LEAP/Index.htm

You are encouraged to visit these sites and make use of the many features they offer.  Along with current important information, newsletters, minutes, program information, winners, contacts bowler status links and other useful links, we have an interactive calendar and message boards.  You can request a password allowing you to add and edit calendar events.  You may also request email reminders on calendar events.  There is a general message board for any topic and board just for junior bowlers.  Juniors, keep it clean as the boards are monitored!  We can add more forums as we find the need.  We are also building a photo album, so please contact Sharon Goodson (Sharon@jrily.com) if you have photos you would like to share.  All suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.  We can make these pages anything we like.  If you are interested in contributing material, helping with site or calendar maintenance, maintaining a specific page or monitoring message board(s), please see Sharon.


·        Remember……..Character Counts!


Getting to know……

Level 1 Coach and LEAP Program Chairman/founder Sharon Goodson.  Sharon was born in Houston, TX (and a true Texan), she has five kids ages 14 – 22 (14 as of March 1, 2005 anyway).  Her 14 year old twin sons Tommy and Bobby bowl on the Junior League.  Sharon is married to the love of her life and true soul mate.  She has designed and is hosting our Bowling web pages.  She started college later in life, which contributed a great deal to her love and commitment for education.  She earned a BS degree in Photojournalism from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro in 1998 (Magna Cum Laude).  She is working on finishing her Masters in Communications now (also ASU).  She is a writer/poet and artist, avid gardener, and has one of the few moss gardens in this part of the country.  Sharon and her husband, along with the Bosteders and Brewers put on the first annual Haunted Hospital last Halloween.  Something not many people know about Sharon is she was working toward the life-long dream of practicing law until 1999 when she was in the American Airlines Flight 1420 crash in Little Rock.  The event caused profound changes in her life.  Though she still enjoys law study, because of the demands law school would have on her and her family, and changes in her-self as a result of the crash, she chose to let go of this goal and focus on what she hopes will be further reaching contributions.