Rogers Junior Bowlers News
September 24, 2005

Welcome to another season of bowling fun. To our returning bowlers, we are glad to see you again this year. To our new bowlers, welcome aboard, we hope you enjoy your bowling experience with us. Please be sure to read the entire news letter for all of the information of upcoming events and items of interest.

Upcoming Tournaments:


Rogers YABA Association Tournament: October 29 & 30, 2005 at 09:00 a.m. both days

$ 8.50 - Team Event

$ 8.50 - Doubles Event

$ 8.50 - Singles Event

$25.50 for all 3 Events

Note: If you sign up for Doubles, you must bowl Singles and vise versa.


Arkansas State YABA Tournament: Entries for tournament to arrive by December 1, 2005

Entry fee is $27.00 per bowler for all three events (team, double, singles). Tournament dates are April, 8 & 9, 22 & 23, and 29 & 30. Tournament will be in Fort Smith , AR at Bowling World and Midland Lanes.


Pepsi Tournament(Qualify): To be held November 14 and December 9

Location is not known at this time.

NOTE: We need a volunteer for a tournament coordinator. If you are willing, please see John Bosteder .

Fund Raiser News:

We have several fund raisers planned for this year; volunteers are needed for 50/50 tickets sales.

The 2 year pocket calendars are being sold this year. They are ordered and should arrive sometime during the coming week. They will sell for $ 3.00 each, and make great stocking stuffers. Pick up your calendars next Saturday. Money needs to be turned in by November 5.

We will be selling silicon ‘Bowlers Rock' bracelets for $ 2.50 ea. Great for bowlers of any age!

50/50 tickets ……. These are sold to the Adult Bowling Leagues. Bowlers buy 1 ticket for $1.00 or 6 for $ 5.00. After tickets are sold, tickets are drawn out of a hat. The bowler holding the matching ticket must bowl a strike to get half of the money during sales. The other half of the money goes to the Rogers Junior Bowlers. We need volunteers to sell tickets Sunday through Friday night2. Please see Kay Matthew to volunteer.

Junior Bowlers decorate bowling pins for a silent auction . The highest bidder for each pin gets to take it home. Herb has graciously saved us some bowling pins to use.

We are open for suggestions on fund raisers. Please see Kay Matthew if you have a suggestion.

Please remember proceeds from Fund Raisers are used to help send our bowlers to their State Tournament. Everyone benefits from these fund raising events so everyone needs to be involved with the fund raisers.


RJB Youth Leaders: Today, September 24, 2005

After bowling the youth leaders group will be meeting in the meeting room here at the bowling center. We will be discussing the fund raisers, electing delegates for the State Youth Leaders meeting, and have a guest. If you have something you would like to discuss, please bring it up. I would also like to find out what you think of your coaching experiences.

Arkansas State Youth Leaders: November 5 & 6, 2005 at Mountain Home , AR

We need two youth delegates by October 22, 2005 (must be 14 years of age or older)

There will meetings on Saturday and a tournament on Sunday.


Bowling Clinic: The first Saturday of each month starting in October, unless otherwise announced. Bantam/Prep clinics at 09:00 a.m. ; Junior/Major/Senior clinics at 11:00 a.m. The first part of the clinic will be in the meeting room by the locker area. If you do not participate in the ‘class room setting,' you can not participate on the lanes.

Coaching Certification Conferences:

Level 1: Bob Shumate, our Level 1 and Level 2 Master Instructor, will be offering a Level 1 Certification class in the near future. There must be ten people sign up for a class to be held. If anyone is interested in becoming a Level 1 coach, please, see Kay Matthew.

Level 2: Bob Shumate, our Level 1 and Level 2 Master Instructor, will be offering a Level 2 Certification class in the near future. Having a Level 1 Certification is a pre-request for taking the Level 2 class. There must be ten people sign up for a class to be held. If anyone is interested in becoming a Level 2 coach, please, see Kay Matthew.

Coach's Assistant: There is a Coaches' Assistant self study program from USBC Coaching if anyone is interested in becoming a certified coach's assistant rather then a coach. The book is $25.00. You must submit and pass the test to become certified. Please see Kay Matthew if you are interested in becoming a Coach's Assistant.

Note: You must be at least 12 years of age to become a certified coach or assistant.


TEAM CAPTAINS/Bowlers: Please remember to clean up your area after bowling. All teams in both shifts need to make sure their area is clean before leaving. All trash must be thrown away, house balls returned to racks, and house shoes returned to counter. Also check area for personal belongings.

Bowler of the Month:

Justin Fleshman and Crystal Ford are our September Bowlers of the Month . J/M/S bowlers Justin and Crystal are be recognized for the sportsmanship and dedication to game of bowling. They are working very hard at teaching the new bowlers on their team the ends and outs of bowling. They have encouraged and supported their team in a very positive way.

Remember to watch for your ‘Bowler of the Month' nomination form in your money envelope every month.