RULES FOR ROGERS YABA JUNIOR LEAGUE 2004-2005 (appended 8/6/2005 )

  1. Each team will consist of no more than 4 bowlers each. There will be two divisions, Bantam/Prep and Junior/Major/Senior. Bowlers must not reach the age of 22 before August 1, 2006 . The Junior/Major/Senior league will bowl on Saturdays at 8:30 am and Bantam/Prep and Pee Wee bowlers will bowl at 10:30 a.m. . The league will bowl 28 weeks from August 27, 2005 to March 25, 2006 including Labor Day and Thanksgiving weekends. Christmas and New Years the Junior Bowlers will not bowl. There will be an Association Youth Tournament on October 29 & 30 instead of regular bowling. There will be a split season with 1 st half and 2 nd half winners decided by position round Week 14 and Week 28.

  2. In the event of a tie for first, second, or third place on either half of the season a 3 game roll off will be held with total handicap points determining the winner. Reference rule 113a.

  3. Signup fees of $10.00 will be required, ($8.50 national, $ 1.50 local). Any unpaid fees from the previous year must be paid before registration for the 2005-2006 year.

  4. Bowlers will pay $ 7.50 (lane fees $ 6.85 and $.65 to treasury) per week. Absent bowlers will pay $3.00 due and payable on return to the league. Team captains of the Junior/Major/Senior division and parents of the Bantam/Prep shall verify team envelopes and turn them into a league official by the end of the first game. If any bowler is absent three weeks without notifying the league, he/she will be dropped. To reenter the league, the bowler will owe $3.00 for every week missed prior to notification of dropping. At no time should the bowler owe more than $9.00 unless the bowler has requested his/her position be held until his/her return. No fees will be charged when bowler is injured or has had surgery.

  5. Non-Payment of dues can result in loss of YABA membership. Parents will be contacted after 2 weeks. No bowler will be allowed to bowl if fees are more than 3 weeks overdue. No exceptions!

  6. If a bowler arrives after the 3 rd frame is completed that bowler shall not bowl for that game but owe full fees.

  7. There will be no forfeits as long as one team member is present to bowl. Vacancy scores will be: Pee Wee, 40 average, 99 handicap; Bantam/Prep, 80 average, 90 handicap; MJS, 120 average, 64 handicap. Subs and pre-bowling may be used. There will be NO post-bowling except in the event of an emergency and with Board approval. League secretary will be notified when pre-bowling. Absentee scores will be the absent bowlers average. Pre-bowling fees must be paid in advance, either the week before to the league or by a check attached to the pre-bowl scores.

  8. No food or drink shall be permitted in the bowling pit area. Keep all food and drinks on the counter behind the pits. No powder will be allowed in the pit area. Baby powder is an illegal substance and will be destroyed. Smoking by adults is permitted behind the control counter only.

  9. YABA members may use no tobacco products. No profanity (improper language or gestures) will be tolerated or horseplay or deliberate distraction by yelling, name-calling or other offensive sounds by the YABA bowler. The Dress Code and Conduct Code will be followed at all times.

    •  1 st offense verbal warning with written notation for Board Members

    •  2 nd offense sit out remainder of the day

    •  3 rd offense 1 week suspension and regular fee must be paid

    •  4 th offense Board will determine discipline

  10. Games and game room are off limits during league play. If a bowler is not in the pit area ready to bowl when it is the bowler's turn, the bowler will receive a 0 for that frame, unless authorized by an Officer or Coach . League official or coach will make determination. If bowler needs to leave pit area for any reason, let coach or teammate know. Any bowler deliberately fouling during league play shall receive a 0 for that frame.

  11. Legal average will be established after 12 games of bowling (or from average established in prior year). A bowler's average can be established bowling with two hands, right handed, or left handed, but can not change the way they bowl, i.e. from right hand to left hand, unless approved by the board. Switching release from one hand to two or switching hands you established your average with, without the board approval, will cause you to get a 0 for that frame.

  12. YABA Rule 19 applies for all bowlers. (A league member may not finish the final game of a series before his/her teammates or opponents except in cases of emergency or being prearranged based upon a good cause). A league official will make the determination. Such scores will count in deciding the game and bowler's average and for qualifying for YABA personal achievement awards and league awards. Bowler must bowl 2/3 of each half of the season to qualify for league awards.

  13. Insufficient fund checks will cost an additional $15 and if two are received, payee must pay cash in the future.

  14. Bowlers will earn awards according to YABA guidelines.

  15. If illegal drug use is suspected, the parent will be contacted and suspension may occur.

  16. There will be a Pee Wee Program but this will not be sanctioned unless a Pee Wee bowler is 5 or older then they can be sanctioned if the parent wishes.


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