"We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can only fly embracing each other."- Luciano De Crescenzo



Ah yes, Love. That many splendored thing that makes the world go around. By far the longest chapter in this book and for good reason. Love is, for the most part, the largest part of our lives and surely the most important. Love is what makes it all worthwhile. Without love everything else in life sort of loses its glow. Many books have been written, songs sung, stories told and lives created or destroyed by love. And still, no one really understands what it is or why it is so important to life itself. But love is something that we don't need to understand to experience or enjoy. Like food or water, it is a necessity of life, without love we can never really reach our full potential or even become a complete person.

Love has many different faces. There are as many kinds of love as there are kinds of people. No two people would describe it in quite the same way. The fact is, love is a reality and without it we can never truly be happy or satisfied with our lives.

Many of these poems may be hard to relate to simply because love is different things to different people. But I'm sure a few will hold some meaning for you as they all do to me. I certainly hope so anyway. They are all very personal and come straight from the heart but I share them with you because love is one of the few things in life that you can share without actually giving it up.



Our dreams go by and so does time,
Just echoes passing through our mind,
Never knowing what we'll find
Our future's not so plain to see,
A very well kept mystery,
But soon to be our history,
Or sorrow?

Remembering you at seventeen,
And all your wild but happy dreams,
Funny how it doesn't seem
So long.
The times we had to sacrifice,
God knows we paid a lonely price,
Not knowing if our own advice
Was wrong.

Was it only yesterday?
The little girl has gone away,
A lady now has come to stay
In you...
Through all our dark and empty nights,
I tried so hard to get it right,
And every word I tried to write
Is true ...

Somewhere behind those smiling eyes
Your soft and gentle beauty lies,
An angel in a queen's disguise
You are.
And shining out from deep inside,
The glowing warmth of youthful pride,
Reflects a light that somehow hides
The stars.

The simple love you've given me,
Has shaped my final destiny,
I know that we were meant to be
As one.
And loving you has made me feel,
That only love could be this real,
And I'll keep you in my dreams until
It's done.


The long road stretches onward,
As it carries us apart.
The cold wind whispers softly,
To a lonely, aching heart.
Your memories gather 'round me,
Like shadows in the mist.
They trigger deep emotions,
I think of our last kiss.
We held each other softly,
Beneath the starry skies,
And I kissed away your tears,
While they sparkled in your eyes.
The sun came up this morning,
To find me all alone.
The sad farewells were over,
Time for traveling on.
I hear you say you love me,
Just echoes in my mind.
The miles grow ever longer
As I pass the highway signs.

At last my tears are flowing,
While I think about your smiles,
And how our love keeps growing,
Despite the lonely miles.
They said our love just wouldn't last,
And time would prove us wrong.
But the years have made me love you more,
Our love is just as strong.
Your touch still warms me deep inside,
My soul is in your hands.
Your love keeps pouring over me,
Like waves upon the sand.
Dreams were the only joy I had,
Until I met with you.
You made the difference in my life,
Now all my dreams come true.
We've been through hell together,
And cried some lonely tears.
But shared a lot of love
Through all these crazy years.

We'll share our lives forever,
Forget about the pain.
Our love will just keep shining,
To chase away the rain.
Soon I'll be so far away,
But I've been away before.
One more time won't change things,
I'll even love you more.
And even though you're not here now,
I'll hold you in my sleep.
Dreaming of the perfect love,
A love we'll always keep.
So I'll say good-bye for now my love,
It's time to cut the lights.
But I'll hear you say you love me,
As I drift away tonight.


You feel our love is over now,
Our dreams come true no more.
Give me a chance to change your mind
Before closing the final door.

Think of our love as a flower babe,
And think of our tears as rain.
Without the rain the flower dies,
Well love is much the same.

How can we know if we're happy, dear,
Unless we know how it feels to be sad?
How can we know our love was good,
If it never turned out bad?

Maybe we climbed our mountain,
And maybe we reached the top.
But other mountains are waiting,
There's no need for us to stop.

Your kiss still cures my heartaches,
Your touch still turns me on.
The thought of watching you leave me,
Makes me think I couldn't go on.

I know we have our problems,
But I promise we'll work them out.
Reaching heaven from the fires of hell
Is what love is all about.

The day is slowly dawning girl,
I want you here with me.
We'll spend more time together,
And our love will grow, you'll see.

Let's find another mountain now,
And join our hearts as one.
Our souls will come together,
As we touch the morning sun.


The world is full of lonely people,
All living different lives.
Searching for the simple answers,
To help them all survive.

Different dreams and different dreamers,
Much like the stars above.
One thing they have in common,
Everybody needs love.

The flowers need some rain to live,
But light makes colors glow.
Sometimes you shed some tears to learn,
That love makes people grow.

Life is far from being easy,
Sometimes you lose your touch.
Too many tears, you'll lose you mind,
But you'll never love too much.

When life is filled with loneliness,
It's you I'm thinking of,
To give my heart a reason to smile,
Everybody needs love.


Is it me you see
When you close your eyes,
Or another lover,
From another time?
Does your heart beat faster
When you hear my name,
Am I your only partner
In this lover's game?
When your dreams turn dark
And there's reason to fear,
Is it my voice alone
You're longing to hear?
When you speak of the loved one
You're hoping to see,
The one that you dream of,
Are you speaking of me?

In this life full of questions
The answers are few.
Many times we're confused
Not knowing what to do.
Those are the reasons
For these questions tonight.
The answers I need
To set my heart right.
Love is so lonely
When you're so far away.
Is it me that you cry for
On the loneliest days?
When life's burdens are upon you
And you fall to your knees,
Who'll be there to pick you up?
Let it be me.


I can't help thinking
That I'm
Lost in a world of illusion.
And I,
Keep on wondering
My life is so full of confusion.

And you,
Look like you're wondering
Life is so often deceiving.
It's true,
Baby I'm trapped here
With you,
Praying for dreams to believe in.

And yet,
I'm almost willing
To bet,
We'll find our way out of this nightmare.
Don't sweat,
Our hearts have barely
Just met.
Togetherness waits for us somewhere.

You see,
How much your smile means
To me.
You've given my life a new meaning.
The key,
To setting my lonely heart
Is holding you close while I'm dreaming.

You know,
Baby I can't let
You go.
I'm building my future around you.
And so,
I'm hoping my feelings
Will show,
Just how my love will surround you.

At last,
I found my way out of
The past.
I learned all my lessons however.
So fast,
How quickly the loneliness
And baby I'll love you forever.


Babe, I woke up this morning,
And I tried to write a song.
Loneliness came without warning,
And it helped the words along.

We've been four years together,
Loving from far apart.
And I know we'll last forever,
I can feel it in my heart.

Oh baby, don't you fade away.
I'm trying to find the words to say
What it means to have your love today,
Please don't take your heart away.

You are my one and only,
I've known it since way back when.
Why else would I be so lonely,
'Till I'm in your arms again.

Though we've had our share of problems,
Somehow they all worked out.
We found a way to solve them,
Or we learned to do without.

Now do you know just how feel?
Never meant to keep my heart concealed.
Had some time to let the old scars heal,
Now I know this love is real.

So tell me, can you remember,
All the times that we made love?
Those cold days in December,
Still we kept quite warm enough.

And those summer nights we held on,
Talking of future days.
We knew it all could go wrong,
But we chanced it anyway.

I guess I've said it all before,
These feelings that I can't ignore.
You're the one I've waited for,
And babe, I'll love you more and more.


Sitting here so much alone,
Just waiting for the sun.
Soon I'll feel your special love,
You are the special one.

I guess I've had a thousand dreams,
But most would not come true.
But the ones I really depend upon
Are the ones I had with you.

I've spent some long years crying,
And standing in the rain,
To keep the world from knowing
My life was lived in pain.

Now you've given me a shelter,
And a place to dry my eyes.
The love you're saving for me
Put the sun back in my skies.

My love for you keeps growing,
Every time we touch.
Don't be angry with me angel,
If sometimes I touch too much.

It's my only way of showing,
How much I really care.
And watching you makes me warm inside
So forgive me when I stare.

Maybe you're not the first I've loved,
But I swear you'll be the last.
When I think about our future
It's easy to forget my past.

I'm sorry for my jealousy,
There's nothing I can do.
I've lost too many dreams before,
I'd die from losing you.

Sometimes you say I'm crazy,
I guess that could be true.
Just remember when you say it,
I'm crazy over you.


Love on the rise,
Can you feel it growing?
See it in your eyes,
That's my way of knowing.

Years on the run,
You and I together.
Reaching for the sun,
Holding on forever.

Yesterday's a memory,
Tomorrow but a dream.
The things your eyes are telling me,
Show what tonight can be.

Lying next to you,
Skin so soft and warm.
All I want to do
Is hold you in my arms.

Show your love to me,
As evening closes in.
Set your passions free,
And then the love begins.

Time has brought us here,
These moments ours to share.
What have we to fear?
We've proved we really care.

Love on the rise,
These feelings growing stronger.
Drowning in your eyes,
Can't hold back much longer.

Touch me, hold me tight,
Inflamed by every kiss.
Oh, babe it feels so right,
Tonight was meant for this.

Exploding in your arms,
Take my breath away.
Imprisoned by your charms,
Please throw the key away.

Now the love is done,
And dawn has touched the skies.
Await the morning sun,
While love is on the rise.



Broken promises and long lost dreams
Roam freely through my mind,
Reflections of love that couldn't be,
And the life I left behind.

Could it be that those lonely days
Were meant to make me strong?
Or did I cry a bit too much
When I felt I couldn't go on?

The walls I built around my heart
To keep the pain away,
Just closed the door to reality,
And soon I lost my way.

The voice I heard within myself
That no one else could hear,
Kept telling me to realize
I had only myself to fear.

Then I knew the time had come
To make a final choice.
To close my mind and run from pain
Or listen to the voice.

I found the way and made my break,
Escaped my private hell.
I could have run forever more,
And not escaped myself.

The years I spent within the dark
Made living seem insane.
I've changed it all since way back when,
And I'll never be the same.

Now I'm holding on to another dream,
And this one must come true.
I've kept my love inside so long,
Now I'm offering it all to you.

I found you waiting patiently
In the shadows of my heart.
A life I thought could never be
Was given a brand new start.

The days I spent so all alone,
Are fading now with time.
And the love I feel within me now
Is one I can't deny.

We've passed the point of no return,
Our feelings are much too strong.
The memories shared are ours to keep,
They'll last our whole life long.

I've searched the world for tenderness,
To make up for the tears.
To change my mind and save my life,
To give me some happy years.

I found the dream I thought I'd lost,
But now it's not a dream.
'Cause when I share my love with you
It becomes reality.

The time I spent behind my walls
Is Just a memory.
The pain's still there, but not as strong
As the love you've given me.

So if some day you see my tears
Or feel me drift away,
Or watch me in my restless dreams,
There's something you can say.

Just reach for me and touch my soul
And hold me close to you.
Say "I love you" quietly,
And watch my smile shine through.


Hey babe, it's too late
For you to lose your mind.
I want to chase that sad look
Out of your eyes.

The love that is flowing
Much deeper than the rivers,
Is pouring from my heart,
And that's what I'll give you.

Some things will never change,
And I'll keep my point of view.
Now I've got something to offer,
And it all belongs to you.

You don't have to say a thing,
I can see the way you feel.
Let me kiss the pain away,
And show you dreams are real.

Keep the soft lights glowing,
Our love has nothing to fear.
Your warmth will soon surround me,
And all our dreams will appear.


Dreams can come and dreams can go,
And some just fade away.
But all the dreams I need the most,
Have found a way to stay.

I see them in your eyes at night
When lying next to you.
And still you're here by morning light,
My greatest dream come true.

I hold you and I feel your love
In every gentle kiss.
Sure as the moon shines bright above,
Tonight was meant for this.

So hold me now and don't let go,
We'll write a lover's theme.
In every word our love will show,
And love will fill our dreams.


How can I begin
To tell you all the things
Your love has done for me?
The warmth, the happiness,
And all the memories.

Something like a dream,
We found each other here,
And love began to grow.
Such a peaceful feeling,
I thought I'd never know.

Now our time is here,
A time for new beginnings,
As our lives are joined as one.
A chance to live a dream,
Our moment in the sun.

Nothing can compare.
If love was measured
By the smiles you've given me,
I'd have enough to last
For all eternity.


Well I don't believe in fairy tales,
Growing old,
Or wishing wells,
But I love you.

I do believe
In holding on,
Making love,
And being strong,
And needing you.

The lonely past,
Left far behind,
An empty song,
That wouldn't rhyme.
I wanted you.

I do believe
In you and me,
A special kind
Of ecstasy,
And I love you.


What have you done to me?
I'm just not like I used to be.
The times keep changing,
My life rearranging,
Because of a love I thought would never be.

Now I'm having visions,
Not like those in a dream.
Love has changed the scenery,
It's become reality.

Can you stand the pain?
Loneliness like falling rain.
It drowns my soul,
The cold winds blow,
And nothing stays the same.

I've had to make adjustments,
And change my point of view.
I've pushed the broken dreams aside,
To make some room for you.


You come first in all my dreams,
And that's where you belong.
You're the meaning in my life,
The words to every song.

The sparkle in the stars at night,
The light of each new day.
Rainbow smiles and twinkling eyes,
You chase the rain away.

How could I, a lonely soul,
Have found these things in you?
You showed them to me, one by one.
What else was I to do?

And all the love you've promised me,
And all the love you gave,
Is equal to the love I feel,
An empty spirit saved.

Though dreams may come and dreams may go,
I know where you will stay.
In all my dreams, within my heart,
As evening fades away.


Here's the story of a man,
He may not catch your eyes,
But all the things he's done for me
I've come to realize.

He lives a quiet and simple life,
In his solitary way.
But all the gifts he's given me
I never can repay.

A man of simple visions,
He had no time to dream.
But he shared his many hopes with me,
And he gave my life a theme.

My brother's lives were different,
They heard another call.
Still he gave us each a piece of him,
And I know he loves us all.

His spirit built from sweat and blood,
He made us each a man.
And his wisdom was the tool he used
To make us understand.

Never did he let us down,
And he never turned away.
And he found a way of showing us,
The things he couldn't say.

So thank you, father, for the time,
And the love you tried to show.
And thank you for the freedom,
When it came my time to go.

I know at times it's hard to say,
The things we know are true.
But I think I finally found the way,
To say that I love you.


There's a time I still remember,
When youth and love were running free.
And one dark enchanted evening,
Your youth and love caught up with me.

Ain't it funny how it happens,
The darkness quickly fades away.
How the past becomes a memory,
And the future waits with each new day.

Now so many nights have faded,
And many days have passed us by.
All the memories gather 'round me,
Just moments shared in passing time.

The world keeps turning slowly,
Before you know it, years are gone.
The seasons keep on changing,
From summer's laugh to winter's moan.

But we just kept believing,
And time just couldn't change our hearts.
We held on to the feelings,
Through all the time we spent apart.

Now here we are together,
Where once were two, there now are three.
Our love produced another,
So now there's Brandi, you and me.

She came one Sunday morning,
A happy, bright eyed little girl.
Embracing life with wonder.
And changing all within our world.

A flower of the springtime,
Born of love's sweet siren song.
The miracle we dreamed of,
A gift for holding on so long.

The beat of life is changing,
The music's faster than before.
The melody is sweeter,
Since Brandi opened up the door.

The love we share between us,
Will take us on a natural high,
Beyond the worldly pleasures,
Where only clouds and eagles fly.

A castle in a kingdom,
On a mountain high for all to see.
And there we'll reign forever,
Just little Brandi, you and me.


Keep holding on to me babe,
Your dreams can still come true.
Keep reaching out to touch me,
I'll keep on loving you.

Please understand the feelings,
I've held inside so long.
Just let me in your heart babe,
And hold me in your arms.

The sky is growing darker
As sunset colors fade.
We'll build a fire between us,
No need to be afraid.

Just open up your soul,
And let the feelings through.
Keep me deep inside,
I'll keep on loving you.

We'll never stop believing
And never let it go.
Never lose the feeling,
Give it time to grow.

Lay down here beside me,
Hold me once again.
Tell when you feel it
Growing deep within.

No one ever touched me,
Or loved me like you do.
Your warmth is all around me,
I'll keep on loving you.

Though time has passed between,
We kept the love alive.
While reaching for the stars,
And trying to survive.

We made a lot of memories,
And left a few behind.
Climbed the lonely mountains,
Crossed the seas of time.

Our future stands before us,
A door we must pass through.
Just keep on loving me,
I'll keep on loving you.


If you need your fantasies
To make you feel alive,
Hold me up against you,
And dream on through the night.

I'll be here in the morning,
A fantasy come true.
I'll wake you from your dreaming,
Making love to you.

Feel my warmth around you,
Show the love within.
Let me taste your sweetness,
Dreaming once again.

Skin so soft against me,
Kisses sweet as wine.
Love the way you love me,
Hold me deep inside.

Flowing with the feeling,
Drowning in you eyes.
You are the gentle beauty,
In each new day's sunrise.


Here we are tonight, last night at home.
Tomorrow comes too soon, we'll be alone.
I wish the night could last forever more,
We've seen it end so many times before.

I hold you in my arms and feel your love,
Eternity with you is not enough.
Touching you is still a dream come true,
There's nothing in my life I'd rather do.

So close your eyes and share a dream with me,
For that's the way our lives were meant to be.
My love will flow to you all through the night,
To keep you warm until the morning light.

The time is drawing near, it goes so fast,
So many times before we've seen it pass.
Now let me see your smile before I go,
It tells me all the things I need to know.

I'll hold you in my dreams though we're apart,
We'll keep each others' love within our hearts.
I'll miss you babe, like all the times before,
But every passing day I'll love you more.


If I say just what I feel,
Would you turn your smile away,
Or listen to the words
I tried so hard to say?

If I gave my soul to you,
And you held it in your hands,
Would you try to touch my heart,
And would you understand?

So many times it seems,
The words are hard to find.
The feelings are so strong,
But lost within my mind.

I guess you'll never know,
How much you mean to me.
I'd give my world to you,
If I could make you see.

But I'm just a simple man,
And times are very few,
When I can make you feel,
How much I feel for you.


I see the writing,
There on the wall.
Baby how did we,
Manage to fall
Between the lines?
We wrote the story,
Now don't let it end.
We lost it before,
It can happen again,
That's the bottom line.

Maybe it's time, we got down,
To the bottom line.
Baby I wonder, is your love
Just as strong as mine?

We held on, it's been so long,
Since I met you babe.
Pages turn, another chapter
Has slipped away.

We said some things,
We couldn't have meant.
I start to wonder
Where the miracles went,
We used to find.
Suddenly tears,
Are falling like rain.
Saying we're sorry,
Won't ease all the pain,
That's the bottom line.

Do you care, or can you hear,
What I'm saying now?
Will you try, just once again,
Can we work it out?

Words have been said, here we are,
At the bottom line.
Look inside, deep in your heart,
Is it love you find?


You touch me,
You touch me like you want me so.
You hold me,
Keep holding me, don't let me go.

There's music in the night,
I hear it softly playing.
So gently in my ear,
Those whispered things you're saying.

Such a sensual tune,
No instrument could produce.
Enticing is your smile,
My senses you seduce.

You play me,
You play me like a violin.
You stroke me,
Won't you stroke me once again?

Music's spinning faster,
Stronger now I hear your sighs.
Soon I see my image,
Reflected in your sparkling eyes.

Then the magic's over,
Consumed by passion's fiery breath.
Floating through a vacuum,
As peaceful as a moment's death.

You love me,
Your warmth surrounds me in it's glow.
Now play me,
Hear the music, let it flow.


Always lonely and so far away,
Never with you for long,
God how I wish I was there today,
Just you and me alone.

The seasons come and the seasons go,
But it's winter in my heart,
Deep inside the cold winds blow,
Colder and colder the longer we're apart.

I've been waiting for you so many years,
But I know you've waited too.
Together we've cried an ocean of tears,
There was nothing else we could do.

The love we share keeps getting stronger,
While our friends go separate ways.
Eternity couldn't last much longer,
Than this love that's come to stay.

If we both just keep believing,
Then time won't mean a thing.
Just think of the life we'll be living,
When we wear those wedding rings.

The love we've had to keep inside,
We'll share each passing day.
With you right here by my side,
I'll smile the years away.

To wake up with you in my arms,
Is a dream that must come true.
Old fears can bring me no harm,
While I'm dreaming next to you.

Next to you I'll always be,
When our day is finally here.
Your magic charms have set me free,
Our love is crystal clear.

Although we still must wait awhile,
Before our dreams are real,
I'll think of all your pretty smiles,
And the lonely pains will heal.

You've given me a whole new life,
So I think I can stand the wait.
Just say you love me and I'll survive,
Your love is never too late.


Well here we are again my love,
So little left to say.
Good-bye, I love you, please take care,
I wish that I could stay.

A thousand lonely tears to cry,
So many nights alone.
Waking up so far away,
Wanting to go back home.

But this time was the last time,
To see each other cry.
The next time we're together,
There will be no more good-byes.

Another crowded airport,
And another empty glass.
Please fill it up again my friend,
While the hours slowly pass.

The drinks don't take the pain away,
Tears still in my eyes.
Grab another boarding pass,
And fly the lonely skies.

Remember short but happy days,
Our bodies tightly locked.
Making love and memories,
Trying to stop the clock.

The clock just kept on ticking,
Time went flying by.
Bringing us here today,
To say our last good-bye.

I've been away so many times,
But always I've returned.
Thanks for all the waiting, babe,
The flame of love still burns.

We kept it burning brightly,
Like the sun across the sky.
And the glow will lead me back,
To the starlight in your eyes.

All the time spent waiting,
And all the empty days.
Will soon be faded memories,
Our future's on the way.

Our life is just beginning,
We've said our last good-bye.
Next time we're together
We'll find our paradise.


I'm out to get you,
There's a passion deep inside.
There's nowhere you can run to,
Once I've made up my mind.

Close your eyes,
Count to ten,
Make a wish,
And we'll begin.

Take a chance,
Try my style.
Make a wish,
I'll make you smile.

You're in the spotlight,
I've watched your glowing eyes.
They touched me from a distance,
And set my mind on fire.

I have the spirit,
To cast a spell on you.
Take you on a magic ride,
There's nothing I won't do.

Take my hand,
Turn around.
Make a wish,
But don't look now.

Hold on tight,
Open wide,
Make a wish,
I'll be inside.

I'm just beginning,
To show you how it feels.
Touch me a little higher,
I'll make it so unreal.

Kiss me now,
It's all right,
Make a wish,
I'll make you fly.

Spread your wings,
Touch my face.
Taste so sweet,
Our deep embrace.

Make love forever,
Forever every night.
Until our hearts explode as one,
And then we'll end the flight.

Close your eyes,
Once again.
Make a wish,
We'll start again.


Love, they say,
Can never be defined,
And yet it's just a word
Until it's mine.

Then it becomes
A fragile living soul,
A face I've seen before
But never know.

A feather in the wind
Of my desires.
An ember glowing bright
From hidden fires.

A flower in a desert
Of despair.
A gentle rain to cleanse
The morning air.

A fallen star where dreams
Can still come true.
An open door my heart
Is passing through.

A rainbow in the midst
Of stormy skies.
A soothing voice to quiet
My inner cries.

A moment's peace between
The endless wars.
A ray of light reflected
By the stars.

The meaning of Love we all
Should hope to find,
But love, they say,
Can never be defined.


My heart is like an open door,
You found your way inside.
You came and now you're in control,
Nowhere for me to hide.

Wheels of love begin to roll,
To a nightly rendezvous.
I feel a passion in my soul,
And I'm giving it all to you.

All you touch, and all you see,
Is all your life will ever be.
Hold on tighter now to me,
We'll try to solve these mysteries,
Of love.

Time is sometimes hard to find,
To say the things we feel.
Won't you say what's on your mind,
What will your eyes reveal?

The feelings that you hold within,
Will slowly turn to dust,
Then come to haunt you once again,
So find someone to trust.

All we are, and all we'll be,
Is only up to you and me.
Only faith can set us free,
Or turn us into refugees,
Of love.

My final breath I'd give to you,
To see your gentle smile.
You have the key to walk right through,
Release my heart's exile.

So tell me now, what did you find?
You've been inside and out.
You touched the secrets of my mind,
You know what I'm about.

Every touch you've given me,
Has turned into a memory.
Dreams were always meant to be,
Lost within the mysteries,
Of love.

Still we can make the dreams come true,
The chance is ours to take.
They're only there to help us through
Our many sad mistakes.

Just close your eyes and say goodnight,
Tomorrow is our dream.
We'll share it by the morning light,
And see Just what it means.

Only in the end you'll see
How much you really mean to me.
You gave my life an ecstasy,
Created through my fantasies,
Of love.