"And you run and you run to catch up with the sun,
but it's sinking
And racing around to come up behind you again.
The sun is the same in the relative way,
but you're older
And shorter of breath and one day closer to death"

Pink Floyd, from "Time"

Chapter Six



TIME (part 1) TIME (part 2) TIME (part 3)


Time has always held a fascination for me. It's something you cannot touch, or feel, or see but it's always there, always moving, and in a way it's in control of us all. We did not create time, we just invented a way of measuring it.

What I've tried to do in this chapter is to simply write about the effects of time as it relates to my own personal experiences. The first six poems deal solely with that attempt. The ones that follow those six have more to do with the passing of time and the influence it can and does have on every one of us.

Although "Time, Part 6" is subtitled "The End" I seriously doubt that it will be the last in the series. As I go on through life time is always presenting me with new attitudes and feelings and just as time must go on, so must I write about it's affect on me and my feelings on the matter.

And to give credit where credit is due, I would like to thank the members of the rock group PINK FLOYD for the inspiration not only in the title of this chapter and many of the poems contained within but also for introducing a young boy of about sixteen to the concept of time. For it was from a song of theirs by the same name that I received much inspiration in the writing of many of the poems I've included in this book.

I suspect that the poems contained in this chapter were the building blocks of all the poems I've written in my life. Although some were written recently the idea's which they sprang from have been floating around inside my head for many years now. After you read them you may never look at a clock in the same way again.


TIME (part 1)

Time waits for no one,
No, not even you.
It marches onward,
No matter what we do.
Seconds into minutes,
Hours into days,
Friends we knew are gone,
We went our separate ways.

Remember all the fun we had
When we were young and free?
Now time has changed all that,
We've grown up, you and me.
I know we used to laugh
At the ones that seemed so old.
But now that I am older,
I no longer feel so bold.

Summer turns to winter,
As leaves begin to fall.
The days are growing colder,
The ice no longer thaws.
Yes, time is leaping forward,
And it forces us along.
Now the urge is gone
To sing the youngster's songs.

Sometimes I stop and wonder
What life would have been like,
If time had forgotten to take me
On it's long and fearful hike.
But that could never happen,
There's nothing I can do.
So I guess I'll have to settle
For growing old with you.

And yet that's not a bad idea,
I don't want another choice.
For I still feel thrills of happiness
Just listening to your voice.
Your words are like a tissue
To wipe away my tears.
And my love for you keeps growing,
As the months turn into years.

Time can change the seasons,
And make the flowers grow,
And change our hair from brown to gray,
And turn the new to old.
Yes, time can do so many things,
But there's one thing it can't do,
No matter how hard time tries,
It can't change my love for you.

TIME (part 2)

The world just keeps on turning,
And time goes drifting on.
Memories of yesterday
Add meaning to this song.

I'm slowly growing older
With every passing day.
The years seem so much shorter,
As I travel on my way.

My future's still unfolding
On this long and winding road.
I chased so many rainbows,
But I never found the gold.

Answers I was searching for,
While struggling through my youth,
Seem so much less important now,
Than searching for the truth.

Dreams I thought I'd never see,
Will soon be coming true.
A smile, a kiss, a loving touch,
I found them all in you.

The love you've given me,
Time can't take away.
How much you mean to me
My words can never say.

Thank you, babe, for loving me,
And holding on so long,
For giving me a reason,
And the strength to carry on.

You helped me through my darkest days,
And made me see the light.
Time had been against us
But now it's on our side.

You've given me the things I need
To make this life worthwhile.
Even though we've had our fights,
I can think of you and smile.

Never in a million years,
No matter what I do,
Could I ever find another girl
As wonderful as you.

Making love and holding you,
Is something like a dream.
And all the love you freely shared,
Is all I'll ever need.

Try and understand my words,
I want you to believe
The happiest time you'll ever spend,
Will be the time you spend with me.

TIME (part 3)

Remember that first moment,
When I first caught your eye?
How feelings came from nowhere,
And how time seemed to fly.

Before we knew what happened,
Our senses overcome,
Our souls were joined together,
And two hearts beat as one.

Time, with all it's memories,
Time, with all it's pain,
Time, like drifting shadows,
It wasn't spent in vain.

Look where time had brought us,
It seemed it never would.
But here we stand together
On the threshold of our world.

For we found one another,
And we'll find what it means,
To spend our time forever,
In search of all our dreams.

Time, the faithful healer,
Time, just flowing sand,
Time, it waits for no one,
And now we understand.

Now time has put the meaning
In the happiness here today.
And time shall heal the sadness
As the past will fade away.

So look into our future,
And put your hand in mine,
As we go forth together
Until the end of time.

*The Wedding Song

TIME (part 4)

Can memories of love last forever,
Or moments of truth still come true?
If time could bring us together,
Could it hold something for you?

We smiled through the tears we were crying,
And thought we had nothing to lose.
We'd laugh if we knew we were dying,
For wasn't life meant to amuse?

For every love,
A time exists,
A season without age.
An interval
Of happiness,
A slowly turning page.

See what our love has created,
A miracle brought from afar.
And now all the time we spent waiting
Is lost in the shimmering stars.

There will soon be another heart beating,
Infusing it's rhythm with ours.
Another soul, soon to be breathing,
Expressing it's newborn desires.

For ever soul,
A time exists,
A chance to touch the stars.
If each of us
Believe in this,
The heavens can be ours.

Now where are the two we remember,
And what have we slowly become?
One star studded night in November,
We finally united as one.

Just as the rings are eternal,
So is the love that we share.
And nothing but time can discover,
If Destiny guided us there.


Watching the time go slowly,
Leading us to our fate.
Wishing we knew our future,
But knowing we have to wait.

We've had some time together
To find out who we are.
We may never find all the answers,
Still we wish upon the stars.

We've had our share of dreaming,
And learned a thing or two.
Though dreams are meant for dreamers,
We've had a few come true.

As time goes on,
All the moments shared become our memories.
A love so strong,
All the moments glow with love's reality.

Now here we are,
Cast upon the wind of time's unending flight.
A falling star,
Lights our way as time drifts on into the night.

Memories of time spent waiting,
And times when we had to cry,
Were lost in the dust created
When moments were flying by.

But all of the time spent laughing,
And all of the times we smiled,
Will never fade from our memory,
We'll cherish them all the while.
In search of the silver lining,
Surely some rain we will find,
But we'll share the rainbow's beauty
While crossing the oceans of time.

As time goes on,
All the love we share will shape our destiny,
And we'll hold on,
To all the many dreams of love's reality.

And in the end,
When all the dust is settled on the many years,
Time's silent wind,
Will lift our souls above the rainbow's golden tears.

TIME (THE END, part 6)

Gazing through an open door
At life's reality,
At who we are and why we are,
And what we're meant to be.

I often wonder why we're here
And where our purpose lies,
And who decides our destiny
Beneath these starry skies.

Remembering time that slipped away
In days of tender youth,
How questions filled our growing minds,
A search for distant truths.

The answers seemed just steps away,
Like sparks too dim to see,
So on we ran with spirits high
To solve life's mysteries.

And how the days became the months,
Then months turned into years.
Dreams fading in obscurity,
As hopes turned into fears.

The truths we sought were not as close
As we had hoped they'd be.
Like shadows on the sands of time,
One step ahead they'd be.

We watched the seasons come and go,
Few answers to be found,
Like clouds that float through summer skies
Youth passed without a sound.

Now hear I am with visions of
Tomorrows yet to come,
And faded dreams of yesterdays
Beneath the summer sun.

Enmeshed within the gears of life
That grind our hopes to dust,
Where all that once had seemed so bright
Has now begun to rust.

And only in the end we'll see,
Just what our lives could never be.
And all our childhood fantasies,
Are lost within the mysteries Of Time ...


In the shadow of a passing thought,
A memory lingers on.
Like sunlight filtered through a cloud,
On a rainy winter's dawn.

And deep within that memory,
There lies a childhood dream,
Of summer days and fairy tales,
How real they used to seem.

Now broken toys and coloring books
Have all been packed away.
Reminders of another world,
Where children used to play.

The bathing pool and rusty swing,
Sit lonely in the yard.
And no one ever found the rest
Of daddy's playing cards.

The tattered kites and paper dolls
Are yellowed now with age.
And in the closet stands what's left
Of that old hamster cage.

Now G. I. Joe and model cars
All share the same old box.
Along with pieces that wouldn't fit
When trying to fix mom's clock.

The memories are all around,
Of how it used to be.
But now the kids are all grown up,
The apron strings are free.

The innocence of days gone by
Is often left behind.
How quickly life can lose it's glow
Through the ravages of time.


Remember those love songs
We used to sing to?
Remember those moments
We used to cling to?
Remember those long nights,
We were just kids then.
How we would hold on,
Not wanting them to end.

Those were such good times,
We were together.
Sharing our dreams,
And loving each other.

When did they go by?
It hasn't been long dear.
All of those memories,
Still come back so clear.

Remember those phone calls,
Talking for hours.
Seemed that the whole world
Was meant to be ours.

Remember the school days,
Parties and old friends.
Counting the minutes,
Till every weekend.

Now we are older,
Past is behind us.
But hearing the old songs
Quickly reminds us.

We're still together,
Many mountains we've climbed.
And we will always
Remember the good times.


I took a trip this morning,
Down the road of memories past.
Looking for some old friends,
And smiles that didn't last.
I made the journey quickly,
Had little time to spend.
Found only disappointment,
Upon the journey's end.

The highways and the places,
Were still so much the same.
But no one recognized me
And no one called my name.

The memories came so clearly,
Of happy times I had.
But knowing they were over,
Made all the memories sad.

At times the past can comfort,
But time is such a thief.
It steals contented moments,
To make them seem so brief.

So soon my trip was over,
I left the past behind.
A sad but simple lesson,
Was all that I could find.

I learned that time had taken,
So many things away.
The smiles and friends remembered
Were never meant to stay.


The leaves are softly falling,
As Autumn takes her final breath.
Winds are quietly mourning,
Expressing grief of Summer's death.

Looking back at memories,
How strong the feelings used to be.
Reflections of the love we shared
Are slowly coming back to me.

All those stolen kisses,
Not knowing we were wasting time.
Now they've changed to memories,
And frozen deeply in my mind.

It's funny how it happened,
How quickly two hearts fell in love.
Many nights spent dreaming,
And reaching for the stars above.

Nights of painful waiting,
For letters sent or time to call.
Dreams are quick to find you
To remind you of it all.

Now I sit in silence,
Drifting back to summers past.
Staring through the darkness,
Into my memory's looking glass.

There I see reflections,
Images of days gone by,
Reaching out to touch me,
Assuring me they'll never die.

Like remnants of a vision,
At times they fade without a clue.
But in your deepest dreaming,
You'll see them coming back to you.


Well I've reached the end
Of a journey through heaven and hell.
But it's over now,
And maybe it's just as well.

All the painful years,
Are now just sad memories
Of what could have been,
But now can never be.

Many dreams were lost,
While my youth slipped quietly away.
Still so many things
I didn't have the courage to say.

Making love in time
To the music on the radio.
Those were happy times,
The best I'll ever know.

And I had some laughs,
Before I reached the rainbow's end.
I am older now,
And there's no going back again.


What happened to the days gone by?
Just moments lost in passing time.
Memories of the way you were,
Unclearly seem to re-occur.

Distant days all fade away,
Unsure of their reality.
And all the dreams that mattered most,
Not worth the trouble or the cost.

Times you lied
And times you cried,
Are now just history.
Foolish dreams,
Were never meant to be.

Those many times you fantasized,
But never did you realize,
Your life was slipping through your hands,
No one could make you understand.

Your days of youth so quickly passed,
Still somehow you thought they'd last.
Now the days of spring are gone,
Time flies away with each new dawn.

Looking back, what do you see?
Did you decide your destiny?
Or was it someone else's plan,
A random chance phenomenon?

All the tears
Throughout the years,
Oh, were they shed in vain?
If you could choose,
What would you lose
From memories that remain?

All the things you tried to say,
But never meant them anyway,
Are slowly catching up with you,
There's no one here to help you through.

Too many sleepless nights you tossed,
Remembering all the moments lost.
It seems you left them all behind,
Not knowing how or caring why.

Searching back,
You find the cracks,
Between the rights and wrongs.
Who throws the dice,
Must pay the price.
You knew it all along.

Although sometimes your dreams come true,
It's never really up to you.
The game of life is played for keeps,
No second chance, the loser weeps.

Don't let your memories fade away,
Or you'll regret some future day
When summer dies and winter's frost
Remind you of those moments lost.