Chapter Seven






If there is a message in anything I've ever written you'll find it in this chapter. This is my attempt at philosophizing and my message to mankind.

Each of these poems contain a warning of some kind or another. I seriously doubt if I'll ever go down in history being recognized as a prophet but I had to at least try. And this chapter is the result of that attempt.

There are so many things in this life that can hurt you it's a wonder that we live as long as we do. And there is much more to be afraid of than just physical pain. Some of the most dangerous pitfalls we can fall into have nothing to do with physical injury at all.

With the world advancing at such a rapid pace it's hard to keep up with it all sometimes and in the attempt to keep up sometimes we leave some of the more important things in life far behind. Many of these poems concern that problem. I fear at times that we forget the important things, like love and caring for one another and just being a friend to those around us. After all, we're all in this together and in the end we'll all either prosper together or burn together.

So this chapter mainly deals with those emotions we often neglect and in the process it warns us of the result of that neglect.

A. W. G.


Planes fly on forever,
The world is on the run.
People going nowhere,
Just trying to beat the sun.

Taking care of business,
Trying to set the pace.
It's okay to lose your mind,
Just don't lose the race.

Reach out for the money,
Try to get you some.
Screw your friends and family,
Looking out for number one.

Climbing up the ladder,
Trying to touch the sky.
Breaking all the rules,
But no one questions why.

We're destroying all the beauty,
Throwing caution to the winds.
Progress is the word we use
To cover all our sins.

We're poisoning our water,
And polluting all our air.
We keep on pushing forward,
And no one seems to care.

We throw away our innocence,
As we try to stay on top.
Who will pay the piper,
When this insanity finally stops?

We've shattered the illusions,
That make our lives worthwhile.
Is it any wonder we're unhappy,
It's getting hard to find a smile.

Making love and laughter,
Are going out of style.
Some would kill their lovers,
Just to gain another mile.

We're moving all the mountains,
We've landed on the moon.
Mistakes we should have learned from,
Are forgotten all too soon.

The rich keep getting richer,
The poor grow old and die.
We're trading peace for fortune,
As our lonely children cry.

Time is leaping forward,
As it carries us along.
Our time won't last forever though,
That's the moral to this song.

It's time we stopped to ponder,
Where these lives of ours will lead.
Instead of picking all the flowers,
We should be planting seeds.

If you're listening to this story,
And you believe the words I say
Don't put off until tomorrow,
The changes you can make today.

We can look into the future,
As we're learning from the past.
The day is here to make the change,
The time's not ours to waste.

The light is finally dawning,
On new hope for all mankind.
God is coming softly,
Let's make him proud of what he'll find.


Are you on your way to somewhere,
Still searching for the truth?
Time has slipped away from you
You're burning up your youth.

While reaching out for answers
At times you slipped and fell.
Out of sight and out of mind
Into your private Hell.

You're standing in the ashes
Of bridges you have burned,
Reminded of the lessons
Your heart and spirit learned.

The flame of dreams forgotten
Consumes you final breath.
A glowing bed of embers
Await your fiery death.

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
You burned the dreams
You couldn't trust.

But like the blazing Phoenix,
Ascending from the heat,
Rising up to live again
And not to claim defeat,

Your path is now much clearer,
Appearing from the haze
Of fading memories
And long forgotten days.

You see the light of freedom
Is pouring through like rain,
To wash away the ashes
And quench the dying flame.

When at last the smoke has cleared,
Dispersed by gentle winds,
Remember when the bridge is burned,
Don't try to cross again.


Running away from the feeling,
Trying to hide from the cause.
You're afraid of dancing,
Or a little romancing,
You're so afraid of the cost.

The wind is chasing your shadow,
As the sky turns dark gray above.
Thunder and lightning,
Still seem so frightening.
Running from the storm you call love.

Will you stop and think about it?
Is the pain just too much to bear?
If I could show you
That I wouldn't control you,
Would you even believe I care?

You can't keep running forever,
Your strength is because of your youth.
The bad years will come
The faster you run.
Someday you'll run into the truth.

And when the worst of it hits you,
Try not to stagger and fall.
The wolves are behind you
And quick to remind you
You should have let love build a wall.

A wall can always protect you,
Much safer than an open road.
A place you can hide
And try to survive,
While others chase rainbows for gold.

So why don't you stop your running,
You can see it's not the solution.
You must stop to feel
The things that are real.
Love was never an illusion.

No one can have all the answers,
Why love can sometimes cause pain.
Just try to forget
The pain you have felt.
The rainbow comes after the rain.


Throw away the faces,
Say you understand.
Show your secret places,
Play your winning hand.

Stop playing with your freedom,
There's caution in the wind.
Next move may be your last one,
It's too late to start again.

No chances
For new romance.
All the others died.
I've made the changes,
Done some rearranging,
No more time for crying.

I've seen a lot of rainbows,
But never found the gold.
The free wind
Is my best friend.
It keeps me on the road.

It keeps me always searching
For a lover's paradise.
I know I've found the real thing,
When I look into your eyes.

But I've sold my soul to strangers,
And I've had some crazy dreams.
All I have is yours forever,
If you'll take a chance on me.

Play the game.
Take another name.
I'll place my bet on you.
I've done my part,
Offered my heart.
My future is up to you.

Think about tomorrow,
Forget the empty past.
Your next move
Is your last move.
Save the best for last.


Can't you see the things your saying
Are the things I've heard before?
I'm asking for some answers,
But my questions you ignore.

The reasons that you give me
For the way that things must be,
Makes me wonder if you heard me,
Your logic I can't see.

You say that we must fight and die,
For the world to live in peace.
But then you sit and tell me
That our wars will never cease.

I'd rather be a dreamer,
Than a soldier with a gun.
Tell me, can't you see,
I'm not the only one.


So you think you've found the answers
To the things you need to know.
You think your fears are over,
But listen before you go.
I know just where you're coming from
And I know where you have been.
You're not the first I've known
To make this mistake my friend.

Drugs are not the tissues,
To wipe away your tears,
And a needle cannot comfort you
In the coming lonely years.
Fantasies are fine to have
To mingle with your dreams,
But living in a fantasy
Is not quite what it seems.

Chemicals take the pain away,
As I'm sure you must have found,
But problems that you're escaping from
Will remain when you come down.
The head rush that you feel,
May change your cries to smiles,
But the relief you get from shooting drugs
Can only last a while.

Wouldn't it be much better now
To stand on your own two feet,
Than too let your sins and needles
Bring you down in quick defeat.
I hope I've been able to reach you
With the lessons I have learned.
Just remember when you play with fire
It's your life that will get burned.


You never listen to the
Voices inside,
You waste your time,
And you're trying
To hide
Your heart.
You had some hopes,
And you had your dreams,
But you traded them for
Some meaningless things,
So what?

Do you feel like
You're losing control,
Are you slipping,
Did you lose
Your hold
No one knows
Who you really are.
No one cares and you're
Trying hard
To fight.

When I see you I start
Do you fear what is
To you?
And if I try would
You let me help,
Or would you cry out
For someone else,
But who?

You're running scared from
The memories.
Your eyes are open,
But you cannot see
At all.
It's growing darker,
Better watch your step,
You're getting older and you
Just might trip
And fall.

It's a long way down
From where you are.
You're so high now,
Never climbed
This far
Till now.
But you better know
Who you can trust.
And don't forget,
What goes up
Must come down.


Well the winter wind has colored
All the autumn leaves so brown,
As I sit in silence watching them
Chase snow flakes to the ground.

And I think of my tomorrows
While I cry for yesterday.
How I could have changed so many things,
But I let them slip away.

Like the falling leaves of autumn,
I'm adrift upon the wind.
Though I'm not sure where I'm headed,
I know where I have been.

Those summer days of laughter,
Chasing rainbows for the gold.
Never thinking of the future,
Not a thought of growing old.

Now here I am remembering,
Afraid to look ahead.
With the evening fast approaching,
And the sun a dying red.

The winter comes so quickly,
And it steals the warmth within,
Before we ever have the chance
To pay for all our sins.

It creeps within our very souls,
And chills our every bone.
But we never feel it's frigid touch
Until we're all alone.

While locked inside it's frozen grip
We're searching for a key,
To let the warmth of love inside
And set our spirit free.

Still we pray the time will come,
Again the birds will sing.
The power of undying love
Will bring eternal spring.

Fear not the autumn leaves my friend,
For that is Nature's way,
To make us put our faith in love,
And plan for future days.


Do you know what you're doing
To the people you love?
And what will you do when
You've hurt them enough?

Hear you've gone through some changes,
But no one knows why.
You run to a stranger
When you have to cry.

You're taking a good love
And making it bad.
Well one thing I'm sure of,
You'll miss what you had.

You look like a burnout,
From playing all night.
Well how did it turn out?
There's something not right.

I know where you're going,
And I know where you've been.
Soon you'll be knowing
You're losing a friend.

There's some who would help you
If they had the chance.
And I'm here to tell you,
This is no time to dance.

The music is ending,
The party is done.
You better stop spending
Your love on the run.

Do you hear what I'm saying?
It's time to go home.
There's no fun in playing,
When you're playing alone.


I remember the days,
When I thought I could fly.
I dreamed that I could,
So I gave it a try.
I reached for the sun,
But I flew way too high,
For I burned my wings.

I remember the time,
When I fell to the ground.
How I needed a friend,
But none could be found.
How I cried out for help,
But there came not a sound,
What pain it did bring.

I found it so hard,
To live by the rules,
From thinking that they
Were created by fools.
I thought I could live,
And survive on my own.
But all I could manage,
Was being alone.

Ain't it funny how time,
Really goes by so fast.
We reach for the future,
While chained by our past.
We finally find comfort,
But then it won't last.
We're left with our tears.

Then it seems in the end,
We have nothing to lose.
The mysteries of life,
Just won't offer us clues.
So instead of a smile
We end up with the blues,
And so many fears.

And sometimes it seems,
That no one will care.
You know it's not right,
And you know it's not fair.
But what can you do
When you've done all you can?
There are too many things,
That we don't understand.

We must try to go on,
As we fight to be free.
All the best things in life,
Never come easily.
Just keep giving our best,
Then maybe we'll see
What life really means.

At least when we know,
We have given our best.
We'll know we have tried,
Just as hard as the rest.
All the answers won't come
But we will past the test.
We won't lose our dreams.

See, everyone has
A reason to cry.
The bad days may come,
But they'll surely pass by.
Don't give up on love,
Whatever the cost.
We won't learn to fly,
But our souls won't be lost.


You see him there,
Do you know his name?
If he asked you,
Would you play his game?

Or if he watches you,
Will you turn away,
Make him chase you
If he wants to play?

Tell me now, is that the way you are?
He may just follow, but he won't run far.

His strength's been taken
By the lonely years.
His dreams are dying,
But he hide the tears.

Too many people didn't understand,
Too many times he packed his bags and ran.
But he's gonna make his stand tonight,
The time has come, he's got to stand and fight.

Tonight he'll play the game
By his own rules.
Don't try to cross him,
Don't you be a fool.

He's taken all that he
Can take from life.
Don't be surprised when
He pulls the knife.

He's gonna cut away the emptiness,
Tired of living with the loneliness.

He's seen a lot and
He's had enough.
If you tempt him,
He will call your bluff.

So if you want to take
A chance on him,
Remember not to dive
If you can't swim.


Whatever will be, will be.
Whoever you are, you are.
Don't put all your faith in dreams,
They never can carry you far.

Search for the silver lining,
They say it's behind every cloud.
Remember the lining is cloaked
In a thundering funereal shroud.

The rainbow that you follow,
Through all your misty days,
May never lead to the gold,
Or take all the rain away.

Follow the yellow brick road,
But don't lost your way at the end.
Don't try to make it alone,
At times you can sure use a friend.

Know all the rules to the game,
Before you decide to play.
You may find the price of losing,
Is more than you wanted to pay.

Some play the game and lose,
Some always seem to win.
The winners walk out smiling,
And the loser just plays again.

I won't believe in the dreams,
I may never live to see.
But I'll keep doing my best,
Hoping someone believes in me.


What becomes of laughter,
And will the smiles go on'?
If we lost the music,
Could we still create a song.

At times we often wonder
If love is but a dream,
So hard to find an answer
To what it really means.

But still we search forever
To find that shining star.
Through tears and pain and thunder,
We've traveled oh so far.

We find ourselves in silence,
When words are hard to say,
And never know the reason
As moments pass away.

Those moments spent in anger
Are moments that we lose.
The laughter dies within us,
Between the two we choose.

And when the smiles are over
And laughter disappears,
We're left with tortured memories
Of all the happy years.

But deep within the memory,
A spark of love will burn,
To keep a candle glowing
On love we have to earn.

Our love is like that candle,
And laughter feeds the flame.
So if the fire is dying,
We have only ourselves to blame.

And when we speak in anger
Our tears are like the rain.
They drown the burning candle
And fill our hearts with pain.

To keep the love within us
Is up to you and me,
To keep the candle glowing,
For all eternity.


Wasted time and wasted dreams,
Oh what a price you pay
For chances that you never took
And days that slipped away.

Broken hearts and broken faith
Like dust upon the wind.
Scattered remnants of the past
That time can never mend.

Hopeless lives and hopeless loves,
It seems they're everywhere.
But no one looks and no one sees
And no one seems to care.

Empty minds and empty words
Will someday take their toll.
Promises that aren't kept
Are poisons to the soul.

Nothing lives and nothing grows
If no one plants the seeds.
Wasted time and wasted dreams
Are Nature's human weeds.


What do you say,
When it's all been said,
When her words just spin
Inside your head,
When the night is young,
But the bottle's dead, again?

What do you say,
To your best friend,
When the party's done
And the friendship ends?
You left a wound
Will it ever mend, again?

What do you say,
When it's time to go,
When you let that fool
Inside you show?
You had too much
And you lost control, again.

What do you say?


Well we work so hard,
And we get up in the morning.
Then we're back again until it's time for bed.
Why do we break our backs,
When no one gives us warning?
It seems we spend our lives but never get ahead.

And as we pass through time,
We see there's so much sorrow.
So much fear and anger running through our lives.
Still we keep it up,
Hoping to find tomorrow.
It's no wonder that it's so hard to survive.

Friends, we love so fast,
We don't have time for kissing,
In our endless search to find a better day.
But do we realize,
All the many things we're missing,
Or the happiness we're letting slip away?

Don't let life pass you by,
Those bridges that you're burning,
Instead you should be learning,
How not to say good-bye.

If you slow it down,
You may find there's a reason,
For the joy in life that seems so hard to find.
Won't you try it now,
Have patience with the seasons.
All you need is simple peace of mind.

See there's nothing wrong,
With giving and receiving,
And a day will come for all the things you need.
Now it's time to fight,
For all that we believe in,
But it doesn't mean we have to fight and bleed.

We can take our time,
And hold on to the laughter,
While it's in our heart instead of in our past.
And we may just find,
It lasts forever after,
Instead of running by it so damn fast.

Don't leave them far behind,
Those smiles you should be sharing.
Just take some time for caring,
And save the love you find.


This morning, I woke up,
In search of the dawn.
Looked through the window,
But the sunlight was gone.

I trembled, I wondered,
But I knew what had come.
The evil around us
Had darkened the sun.

What are we doing wrong my friends,
Why have we lost the battle?
Now that we've nearly reached the end,
We see how much it really matters.

The people that we thought we knew,
Have turned their backs upon us.
Now thorns are found where roses grew,
Isn't that enough to warn us?

So wake up and tell me,
Who now pays the price?
Life's summer is over,
Now who'll clear the ice?

We must make some changes,
We must do it now.
There's no room for mercy,
Till we find out how.

Now's the time to do it right,
For children yet to follow.
So they won't have eternal night,
To hide the many horrors.

When we've worked our whole life through,
Maybe we'll see the flowers.
And once again the day will dawn,
Where love is the Eternal Power.


Well I've been three days in the rain
And six days on the road,
Selling all my memories
For a pocket full of gold.

As I've thumbed my way along,
I've seen so many things,
From winos in the gutter,
To some fancy diamond rings.

I've wondered what it's all about
In this crazy world we live.
Why everybody's taking,
But no one wants to give.

Is this the way the world will end,
With no one caring?
Is this the way the world was planned
A long, long time ago?
Have we gone too far to make a change,
Too late for sharing?
Have we gone too far to rearrange
And save our dying souls?

Have you seen the children play?
How their games can seem so real.
They've traded cars and trucks and dolls
For swords and guns designed to kill.

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
Are fading in the past.
Now Gobot cars and Rambo guns
Are taking hold so fast.

You can see it in their eyes,
Innocence that's gone to hell.
Now they play their games of war
Present times have taught so well.

Is this the way the world will end?
Our children dying.
Is this the way the world was planned
A long, long time ago?
I think we brought it on ourselves
From lack of trying.
And only we can save ourselves
Before our future's gone.