The Cabin Chapbook


Blank Page 

Staring at me…taunting, laughing, jeering in it's stark
Daring me to conquer is whitely leering face,
To tread my ink stained thoughtsteps through its vacant desert.
To disturb the featureless sands of emptiness
with trails of significance and meaning where
none exist.

It is for you I write…
for me…
for everyone and no one.
To fill the empty spaces of life
with something…anything
that may or may not ever matter except
to the blank page,
who sacrifices its sterile environment
without judgment,
without comment,
without fear, joy,
or retribution.

It expresses nothing so that I can express
everything…or nothing if I prefer.
Keeping its silent vigil
Waiting for something,
for me,
to scar its countenance with the ravings
of forever.


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