The Cabin Chapbook


A Time For Healing  

A collaborative poem by:

Michelle Bartley and


I held you in my arms last night,
Wings wrapped tightly around you,
As The Light caressed our souls.
Sleep did not come,
Nor will it ever come again.
Sleep is for those who do not know truth.
Your warm tears washed over me,
Seeping deeply into my heart,
Lost within the waters of my own,
While I held tighter,
Clinging to your constant love,
Awake and conscious of it all.
Did you think your bleeding wounds,
Would scare me away,
Or the intensity of your grasp,
Would part the waters,
Driving them in different directions,
Eternally flowing from you?
I am not afraid to place my lips,
Lovingly upon savage wounds,
Laying open, exposed to me.
Lapping forever softly,
Healing those places that, for eternity,
Have uneasily wrestled within you.
Nor, am I afraid of your desires,
That call out hungrily,
Yet instinctively hide from a cold world.
I have stood within your eyes,
Have felt the depth buried there,
And only craved more.
I have sensed your fears of exposure,
So many have taken from your core,
Leaving nothing in the wake,
Yet, I flow through you continually,
Bathing the inner places,
Where no one else has entered.



And there I will remain,
As I have always been,
As I will always be.
Replacing the lost fragments
Of a soul who has given too much
And received oh so little.

For all your dreams are wishes from the soul,
And commands spoken only to my own.
Unbidden and unformed promises heralded
By the coming of night, of darkness, of despair
Will no longer cast their shadows
Upon your life.

I am for you...of you...because of you,
A twin star of a different world,
Casting ethereal light into your heart,
Illuminating the sacred darkness you hide from the world.
Where your spirit lies quietly
Awaiting its release from earthly realms.

What we have become
May be chained to broken dreams of the past,
But what we will become,
Is bound only by the limits of life itself.
Bonds that will someday be loosened,
Allowing the flow of eternity to carry us onward.

And until that day comes,
Until those mortal ties that bind our hearts
Are severed by the crystal swords of fate,
I will be with dreams...
Or wherever your thoughts may wander
For that is my calling in this life and beyond.

So sleep, my precious love,
And dream your dreams,
Which have become my dreams as well.
Merging softly in the darkness,
But held fast within The Light,
As our souls become as one.


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