The Cabin Chapbook


If You Could See Me Now 

Remember how I used to be,
When I was young and you were free?
Love was a toy I tossed around,
I had no chains to hold me down.
If you could see me now.

Remember how I laughed at fear,
And never cried a lonely tear?
I dreamed of love throughout the night,
Embraced with joy the morning light.
If you could see me now.

Now time has gone and passed me by,
I sit alone each night and cry.
Your memories haunt me as I think,
And thoughts grow dim with every drink.
If you could see me now.

Often I wonder where you are today,
And I suppose you wonder why I went away.
It never was because of you,
Just something that I had to do.
If you could see me now.

Today the sun shines bright outside,
But my soul is dark with no place to hide.
Your face I see in another drink,
And I cry and wonder what you'd think,
If you could see me now.


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