Goodson, Lockhart and Allied Families

John GOODSON [Parents] 1 was born 1758 in Lincoln Co., NC. He died 1810 in Burke Co., NC. John married Sarah UNKNOWN.

Sarah UNKNOWN was born 1765. She died 1832 in Buncombe Co., NC. Sarah married John GOODSON.

They had the following children:

  M i Larkin , Sr. GOODSON was born 1797 and died 1867.
  F ii
Anna GOODSON 1 was born 13 Jan 1785. She died 18 Nov 1868 in TN.
  F iii Mary GOODSON was born 1787.   F iv Rebekah GOODSON was born 1789 and died Dec 1844.   M v Matthew GOODSON was born 1791.

J. C. STANLEY was born about 1832. He married Nancy GOODSON.

Nancy GOODSON [Parents] was born 1832 in TN. She married J. C. STANLEY.

A. COBB was born before 1795. He married Elizabeth GOODSON.

Elizabeth GOODSON [Parents] was born about 1791 in NC. She died in Moore City, TN. Elizabeth married A. COBB.

Daniel STROUP was born about 1799. He married Jane Polly GOODSON in NC.

Jane Polly GOODSON [Parents] was born about 1799 in NC. She married Daniel STROUP in NC.

William GOODSON [Parents] was born 1823 in White or Warren Co., TN. He died 1900 in Dekalb Co., TN. William married Jane CANTRELL on 1840 in Warren Co., TN.

Jane CANTRELL [Parents] was born Aug 1811 in Spartanburg, NC. She died 1901 in Dekalb Co., TN. Jane married William GOODSON on 1840 in Warren Co., TN.

They had the following children:

  M i
Andrew GOODSON was born 1844.
  M ii Watson Cantrell GOODSON was born 1846 and died before 1920.   F iii
Mary Elizabeth GOODSON was born Apr 1848.
  M iv
Champion GOODSON was born 1851.
  M v
Monroe GOODSON was born 1852.
  F vi
Nancy GOODSON was born 1853.

Isaac GOODSON was born 1822 in GA. He married Charlotte GOODSON.

Charlotte GOODSON [Parents] was born 1829 in TN. She married Isaac GOODSON.

Michael Mitchell GOODSON [Parents] was born 1851 in White Co., TN. He died 1907. Michael married Mary WIGGINS on 1 Dec 1870.

Mary WIGGINS was born about 1850. She married Michael Mitchell GOODSON on 1 Dec 1870.

J. M. GREEN was born 1860 in Warren Co., TN. He died in Warren Co., TN. J. married Mary E. GOODSON on 14 Mar 1878.

Mary E. GOODSON [Parents] was born 1856 in Warren Co., TN. She married J. M. GREEN on 14 Mar 1878.

Arthur GOODSON [Parents] 1 was born 1747 in SC. He died after 1790 in GA. Arthur married Nancy UNKNOWN on 14 Jul 1791 in SC.


Nancy UNKNOWN married Arthur GOODSON on 14 Jul 1791 in SC.

John H. M. BARTON [Parents] was born 1832 in Clarke Co., GA. He died 1893 in Smith Co., TX. John married Eliza Adeline KLUTTS.


Eliza Adeline KLUTTS was born 4 Jun 1832. She died 21 Nov 1927 in Oconee Co., GA. Eliza married John H. M. BARTON.


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