Goodson, Lockhart and Allied Families




another spelling: Aron

Lincoln Co was later changed to Catawaba Co. North Carolina.

POSTED NOTE:Scott Bumgarner, Subject: Re: William Melger "Mitcher" Bumgarner
Message: According to my research efforts, I have found that Nancy Unknown was the mother of John's first 8 children, and that Nancy Rockett was the mother of John's last two children, Michel and Andrew Rudolph.
Scott Bumgarner,

Bumgarner, Wells, Digby, & Singleterry Entries: 1622    Updated: Mon Aug 26 07:16:01 2002    Contact: Edward Bumgarner - Shows another Elizabeth to this marriage (with no info) - need to verify - too many Liz's already

Susannah CONRAD


there are at least two other Aaron Bumgarners



Andrew Rudolph , Sr. BUMGARNER


POSTED NOTE:Scott Bumgarner
Subject: Re: William Melger "Mitcher" Bumgarner
Message: According to my research efforts, I have found that Nancy
Unknown was the mother of John's first 8 children, and that
Nancy Rockett was the mother of John's last two children,
Michel and Andrew Rudolph.
Scott Bumgarner

From the Bumgarner History:

Nancy Bandy, whose father's property bordered John Bumgarner's, married his youngest son Andrew in 1814.  They raised a large family, probably 10 or 11 children.  As early census give only age ranges (under 10, 10/15 etc.) and no names we don't have a complete list of their family.  In 1850 census the children still living at home are Alfred, Miles, Elizabeth, Eli and Rhoda.*  Andrew, or Andy as he was called, and several older children had left home.

*"I wonder too, why the name 'Peter' wasn't carried down through the generations. The early Bumgarners had Biblical names, but this could have been the wifes doings--Nancy Bandy came from French Huguenot people (or so I've been lead to believe by Bandy family researchers) and Nancy's father and grandfather tended not to have children name after Bible figures.  Lavina Triplett's mother was German [Link or Linck]--so that is perhaps why Lavina continued the tradition."  Arlene Cook in a letter to Betty Bumgarner



World Family Tree #780  Note: from French Huguenot People

Nancy Bandy's whose father's property bordered John Bumgarner's, married his youngest son Andrew in 1814. They raised a large family, probably with ten or eleven children. Nancy Bandy was from French Huguenot people.

Father: Pioneer BANDY
Mother: Christine SLINKARD

George BANDY

George Bandy (192, 16-373) (1750 - Jun 1830) son of Avy (75, 14-38), is the best known Bandy of North Carolina. George (·) and wife Christiana Slinkard (192, 16-374) (? - June 1830) had 12 children.[i]Their children (··), grandchildren (···), and great-grandchildren (····) are listed below. Great-great-grandchildren (·····) are included if the family name if Bandy.

George Bandy was born in Virginia and reported to have moved to North Carolina during the American Revolution. Much is written about him by his descendent Allen Bandy, Sr.[ii] Although Allen Bandy lists George as descended from 1795 Richard in The History of the Bandy Family, he reports, in correspondence with this writer, that he now concludes that George is Avy’s son. This is based on an analysis of records that show that there were two Georges, one who was born in Virginia and moved to Kentucky and a second who was born in Virginia and moved to North Carolina. Based on real estate transaction, tax records and other information, Burt and Jane Eubank in Bandy Gallimaufry do an excellent job of supporting a conclusion that the George who moved to North Carolina is Avy’s son. George is listed as indebted to the state in Burke County, North Carolina in 1889 suggesting that he first moved there.[iii] He is listed in Lincoln County in 1790, 1800, and 1810. Part of Lincoln County became Catawba County. George’s presence in Burke County does suggest a relationship between he and other Bandys who are found there including John, David, and Jesse.



Title: Lincoln County, North Carolina, Marriage Records 1783-1866

spelling may be Michele, Michelle
additional source suggests birth date c1795

Michel Bumgarner Boyd is buried in the Boyd Cemetery in Maiden,NC.

POSTED NOTE:Scott Bumgarner
Subject: Re: William Melger "Mitcher" Bumgarner
Message: According to my research efforts, I have found that Nancy
Unknown was the mother of John's first 8 children, and that
Nancy Rockett was the mother of John's last two children,
Michel and Andrew Rudolph.
Scott Bumgarner


Some death dates report Oct 2, 1898, other report Feb 10, 1898

Lincoln County has been changed to modern day Catawaba County,NC.

Burial: Post  Oak Cem, Hurst Springs,Coryell,TX


Bumgarner, Wells, Digby, & Singleterry Entries: 1622    Updated: Mon Aug 26 07:16:01 2002    Contact: Edward Bumgarner
This source shows this Moses as the son of Moses Bumgarner (b. Abt 1776) and Charity Icherd.

CONFLICTING info (parents, marriage date):
Name: Moses BUMGARNER, JR.
Given Name: Moses
Surname: BUMGARNER, Jr.
Sex: M
Father: Moses BUMGARNER b: ~1774 in NC
Mother: Charity ICHERD

Marriage 1 Elizabeth GLENN
Married: 10/25/1837 in Stewart Co., GA

Moses (husband to Rachel Matthews) - is currently listed as William Melger Bumgarner, Sr. and Mary Ann Troutman's son. Another citation shows Moses as belonging to Moses and Charity. However, the source siting Moses as belonging to Moses and Charity did not have birth date, place for Moses, listed no children and had little information of wife.  the source listing Moses as William and Mary's had a fairly good bio. (listings came from one large single tree br> Entries: 1622    Updated: Mon Aug 26 07:16:01 2002    Contact: Edward Bumgarner >

Matilda Elizabeth GLENN


source:Bumgarner, Wells, Digby, & Singleterry Tree , Entries: 1257
Updated: Wed Jul 17 20:16:11 2002    Contact: Edward Bumgarner

Parents: James and Sarah Glenn



Marriage 1 Sarah Ann BUMGARNER b: 1840 in GA
Name: Dave H SMITH
Given Name: Dave H
Surname: SMITH
Sex: M



Marriage 1 John Milton CUMMINS

Moses Boykin BUMGARNER


twin to Victoria Aglentine

Marriage 1 Moses Boykin BUMGARNER b: 1861 in GA
Mary Jane WHITE
Given Name: Mary Jane
Surname: WHITE
Sex: F

William Melger , Sr. BUMGARNER


aka "Mitcher"
also middle name recorded as "Melcher"
death year also listed as 1854

some confusion on Nancy Ann Troutman and Mary Ann Troutman, one being his wife.  Sets of Troutman parents are found for both women. Marriage dates to William, Jr are the same.  There are even a few references to Mary (and/or Nancy ) marrying William, Sr.

1830 fed census GA, Gwinnett Co. - A Melger Bumgarner resides as household head, household consists of 4 males: (1) over 5 under 10 years of age; (2) over 10 under 15 years of age; (1) over 30 under 40 years of age  - 10 females: (3) under 5 years of age; (3) under 10 over 5 years of age, (2) under 15 over 10 years of age, under 40 over 30 years of age. As age would indicate, however, this Melger was born after 1790 - thus far records show that William Melger Bumgarner, son of John and Nancy, was born 1780. It is certainly possible that census records are incorrect, as method used for this data was simply checking an age column. Other sources report birth date abt 1789, which may be more accurate.

Listed under Melger is Absolum Bumgarner a head of house, household
consists of 5 males: (1) over 5 under 10 years of age; (2) over 10
under 15 years of age; (1) over 15 under 20 years of age, (1) over 30
under 40 years of age  - 6 females: (2) under 5 years of age; (1)
under 10 over 5 years of age, (2) under 20 over 15 years of age, (1)
under 40 over 30 years of age.

POSTED NOTE:Scott Bumgarner Subject: Re: William Melger "Mitcher" Bumgarner
Message: According to my research efforts, I have found that Nancy Unknown was the mother of John's first 8 children, and that Nancy Rockett was the mother of John's last two children, Michel and Andrew Rudolph.
Scott Bumgarner -

William Melger BUMGARNER,JR. b: 1814 in Lincoln Co.NC
John A BUMGARNER b: 1813 in Lincoln Co.NC
Nancy BUMGARNER b: btw 1814/18 in Lincoln Co.NC
Moses BUMGARNER b: 01-01-1819 in Lincoln Co.NC
Elizabeth L BUMGARNER b: 01/21/1814 in Lincoln Co.NC
Cena BUMGARNER b: 1827 in GA
Sarah A BUMGARNER b: 1824 in GA
Cynthia BUMGARNER b: 1827 in GA
Louisa BUMGARNER b: 08-06-1823 in GA
Malinda BUMGARNER b: 1830 in Gwinnett Co. GA
Jacob T BUMGARNER b: 12-18-1832 in GA
Martha BUMGARNER b: 1837 in GA
Henrietta BUMGARNER b: 1839 in GA
Callentine BUMGARNER b: 1840/41 in GA
Mary Ann BUMGARNER b: 1842 in GA

Elizabeth L. is currently listed as daughter of Moses and Charity Bumbarger (m. 1798). This needs to be verified - source for Moses and Charity provides burial information.



birth place Burke Co., or Lincoln Co., NC

some confusion on Nancy Ann Troutman and Mary Ann Troutman.  Troutman parents are found for both women.  Marriage dates to William, Jr are the same.  There are even a few references to Mary (and/or Nancy ) marrying William, Sr.

one set of parents reported is Father: Adam TROUTMAN Mother: Eve KEENER
other sources read "Mary Ann"

names may be different - Posted Note: WILLIAM MELGER "MITCHER"
1780 - 1790 in Lincoln Co., NC, and died July 26, 1854. He married
MARY ANN TROUTMAN August 11, 1811 in Lincoln Co., NC, daughter of JOHN TROUTMAN and ANNA KENNERT. She was born Bet. 1780 - 1890 in Burke Co., NC.



brother W. Melger married a Calloway also.  Burial: Calloway Cemetery;
Calhoun, AR. Burial: Calloway Cemetery; Calhoun, AR



Callentine may be twin or may be same person as Catherine


Note: estate papers for Adam troutman are located in Iredell county ,north Carolina. some are also in the state archives in Raleigh,N.C.


She is commonly recognized by the name of Eve Keener. However, her full name is Anna Eva Keener or Anna Eva Troutman.

Soon after the early death of her husband, Adam Troutman, Eva moved her family to Lincoln County to be near her family as evidenced in the following deed:

Lincoln County, North Carolina Land Entries 1798-1808 #1751 - granted.
Eve Troutman claims 70 acres bordering John Keener [a brother] & John Finger
[a son-in-law married to daughter Mary Troutman].

Elizabeth TROUTMAN

Marriage 1 Martin INGLE
Married: 5 SEP 1798


Marriage 1 Jacob FINGER
Married: 26 NOV 1810

Notes for Troutman Barringer\ TROUTMAN

St. Michael's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Iredell County, NC

Submitted to the USGenWeb by Thomas P. Winslow

The Book of Records For The Evangelical Lutheran Church Iredell County, St. Michael's,                             Rev. B. Arey, Pastor, Book C, February, A.D. 1850


Henry Troutman

William Goodman

Andrew Barringer

Francis Ostwalt (Sr.)--Refused to accept

Hugh Plyler

January 27th 1861. As Francis Ostwalt has Refused to Act as Trustee
therefore an Election held this day By the Trustees and Jacob Thomas was
Elected in his place.

March the 20th 1864. Tobias Brown Elected trustee of St. Michaels Church on
place of J. Thomas, Deceased.

[No date] R. James Williamson elected trustee in the place of Tobias Brown,


Name of Elders When Elected

John Barringer June 1st 1849
Andrew Barringer June 1st 1849
Henry Troutman June 1st 1849
John Barringer [no date]
A. Barringer [no date]
Andrew Barringer August 2nd 1857
A. Troutman August 2nd 1857
Andrew Barringer June 9th 1861
Tobias Brown June 9th 1861

Name of Deacon When Elected

Tobias Brown June 1st 1849
William Goodman June 1st 1849
Robert Freeland June 1st 1849
Hugh Plyler June 1st 1849--July 28th
Reprieved office
Jacob Thomas [no date]
Jacob Troutman [no date]
Daniel Clodfelter [no date]
Richard Brantley August 2nd 1857
Jacob Troutman August 2nd 1857
John I. Goodman August 2nd 1857
Peter Ostwalt June 9th 1861
Jacob Thomas (Dead) June 9th 1861
Henry Cleavinger June 9th 1861
Robert H. Brown, Deacon March 20th 1861

                                  in the place of J. Thomas.

Members of St. Michael's Church, Iredell County, N.C. Removed and transferred to the new record in the year 1858

Jacob Richey M.L. Barringer
                             Mary Richey Lafayette Barringer
                             John Holshouser Samuel Upright
                             Mary Holshouser Catherine Upright
                             Lucy T. Cook Isabell A. Upright
                             Elisabeth Arthurs Sarah M. Upright
                             C.W. Arthurs Jacob Troutman
                             J.T. Arthurs wife--M.C. Troutman
                             J.C. Dearman Sarah L. Troutman
                             Mary C. Dearman Richard Sowers
                             Sarah A. Troutman Elisabeth T. Sowers
                             Sarah L. Irvin A. Freeland
                             Margaret M. Troutman Margaret J. Freeland
                             Ann Troutman Peter Ostwalt
                             Ann Williamson James Ostwalt
                             S.W. Swan Levina Thomas
                             Catherine Swan Susanna Goodman
                             A. Bass Sarah M. Ellis
                             Mason Bass Martha M. McNeely
                             Marvin Bass James Scroggs
                             W.H. Lippard John Scroggs
                             Marvin Hartline Barbary Rymer
                             Charles Barringer Ruth Williamson
                             Elisabeth Barringer Milas Holshouser
                             J.S. Troutman Mary Holshouser
                             J.D. Troutman Margaret S. Perry
                             Margaret Troutman M.M. Litiker
                             J.C. Plyler E.E. Litiker
                             Rachel Plyler T.M. Cook
                             Martin Lippard Rilum [?] Cook
                             Mrs. C.J. Cruse Martha R. Cook
                             Margaret S. Deaton Sarah C. Cook
                             David Hartline Margaret L. Cook
                             Henry Cloninger Mary A. Cook
                             Lusinda Cloninger Martin Lenard
                             E.L. Cloninger Margaret M. Lenard
                             Nancy C. Cloninger Rada Ann Lenard
                             Lottie J. Brown Thos. M. Goodman
                             Caty M. Brown Hugh Plyler
                             Phebe Brown Catherine Plyler
                             Regina Brown Mary E. Williamson
                             Mary M. Barringer Martha L.J. Troutman
                             Andy Barringer Amanda Plyler
                             Lusinda Barringer Ezekiel Perry
                             Charlotte C. Barringer J.R. Williamson
                             Mary C. Barringer

Membership List, March 3rd 1850

                             Andrew Barringer Jane Rimmer--Dismissed
                             Lusinda Barringer Jane S. Deats--Dead
                             Henry Troutman Mary M. Barringer
                             Elizabeth Troutman Jane Rannels--Dead
                             William Goodman Sarah Scott
                             Ann B. Goodman Sophia Snider--Removed from
                             Martha Ann Goodman our bounds
                             John Barringer--Dead Paul Hartline
                             Mary Barringer--joined Mary Ann Richey
                             another Denomination Elisabeth A. Waggoner--Removed
                             Hugh Plyler from our bounds
                             Catherine Plyler Barbara Mucheson
                             Tobias Brown--Dead Barbara Thomas
                             Phebe Brown John Lippard, Sr.--Dead
                             Jacob Troutman Mary Lippard
                             Elisabeth Troutman--Dead John Holshouser
                             Jacob Thomas Mary Holshouser
                             E.S. Thomas John Menser
                             A.S. Thomas Daniel Clodfelter
                             J.T. Thomas Wm. D.Ostwalt--Dismissed
                             John J. Lippard--Removed out John Snider --Removed
                             of our bounds Catherine Snider } from our
                             Andrew Freeland Jane Kiles } bounds
                             Margaret F. Freeland Mary A. Randles }
                             Wm. H. Lippard Daniel L. Benfield
                             Milas A. Lippard Elisa A. Murdock--Dead
                             Peter F. Bustle }--joined Henry L. Clodfelter--Removed
                             Margaret E. Bustle }--another from our bounds
                             Denomination Elisabeth B. Kirkman--joined
                             John S.R. Troutman another Denomination
                             John A. Murdock--Dismissed Barbara Oswalt
                             by Certificate Christian Clodfelter }--Removed
                             Jacob D. Troutman Elisabeth Clodfelter }by
                             Feilding Kiles George R. Clodfelter }Certif.
                             Esther L. Kiles John L. Clodfelter--Removed
                             Wm. Kiles--joined another from our bounds
                             Denomination Wm. McNeely
                             Martin I. Lennard Mary McNeely
                             Margaret Lennard Ann Troutman
                             Henry M. Troutman Levi Bost
                             Catherine Troutman Catherine Bost
                             John J. Holshouser--removed Daniel Snider
                             out of bounds Catherine Snider
                             William Milles Mary M. Oswalt--joined another
                             Sarah Lippard--Dismissed Denomination
                             by Certificate Sarah B. Bustle--Dead
                             Mary T. Bass Mary Reamer
                             Mary Bass William Overcast }--By
                             John Thomas--Dead Tilly Overcast } Certificate
                             Barbara Thomas--Dead Elisabeth Sowers }
                             Sarah Bean John W. Arthurs
                             Harriet L. Onesby Dovie L. Arthurs
                             Margaret M. Troutman Robert L. Troutman
                             Abraham Richey--Died Elisa Houston--Dismissed by
                             Mary Richey--Died Certificate
                             Sophia L. Sanders Elisabeth King }--Dismissed
                             Alfred Sanders--Died Mary King } by
                             Caleb A. Blackwelder--By Synthia King } Certificate
                             Certificate George B. King }
                             Lusinda Rannels Sarah Cook--Dead
                             Robert Freeland }Dismissed Margaret Mills--Dead

                             Elisabeth Freeland }for not Tobias Goodman

                             Esther Scroggs }complying Ellen Goodman

                             with the Discipline of Mary M. Barringer, Sr.

                             the Church Rufus W. Kirkman--joined

                             Francis Ostwalt another Denomination

                             Peter Ostwalt Nelly L. Waggoner }--Removed

                             Jane Ostwalt Peter Waggoner }from

                             Jacob Lippard Sarah Waggoner }our

                             Michael Rimer--Dismissed Peter Waggoner }bounds

                             Barbara Rimer--Dismissed Nancy Fleming--Moved off

                    Membership List, November 14, 1853

Received by vote of Council--Margaret Waggoner

                             David Keistler } Dismissed Margaret S. Ramer--Dead

                             Mary M. Keistler } by Sarah Holder

                             Solomon Lentz } Certificate A.H.V. Kistler--Dismissed by

                             Richard Brantley } Certificate

                             Sarah Brantley } Martin M. Litaker} Removed

                             Jacob Wooliever E.C. Litaker } from our

                             Mary Wooliever Mary C. Lipe } bounds

                             Elisabeth J. Troutman Jane Arthurs

                             Fanny Setzer--joined another Nancy A. Miles

                             Denominaton J.J. Miles

                             John J. Troutman Laura M. Brown } Dismissed by

                             Jacob Menser--Dead Martha E. Brown } Certificate

                             Wm. C. Sowers } Dismissed by Charles R. Holder

                             Rufus A. Sowers } Certificate Emeline Christy

                             Amanda C. Arthurs} Virginia M. Keistler-Dismissed

                             Margaret T. Arthurs by Certificate

                             Thomas M. Cook Robert C. Slavin

                             Realina Cook Mary C. Slavin

                             Leah Arthurs--Dead J.L. Goodman--Rec'd by Certif.

                             George Boger } Dismissed this 24th day April 1859

                             Sophia Boger } by Certif. Jane Williamson

                             R.C. Slavin } By Berril Plyler--Dead

                             Mary C. Slavin } Certificate Elizabeth Plyler

                             Sarah Menser Barbara E. Thomas

                             John Goodman, Sr.--Dead Susan A. Brown

                             Susanna Goodman Sarah J. Troutman

                             John J. Goodman Sarah A. Troutman

                             Peter Lippard Miles Holshouser-Dismissed by

                             John B. Troutman--Dead Certificate

                             Martin Lippard Abner Holshouser

                             Sara L. Clodfelter Martha R. Cook

                             Margaret L. Sowers--By Certif Wm. D. Reamer--Dead

                             Mary K. Holshouser Margaret L. Cook

                             Mary C. Lippard Mary A. Cook

                             Abraham Menser Charlotte L.J. Brown

                             Charlotte Clark--Dead Martha A. Mills

                             Catherine Sowers--Dismissed Margaret L.E. Brown

                             by Certifcate Mary J. Murdock

                             Mary Menser Lucinda Plyler

                             Polly Levina Ritchie Thomas M. Goodman

                             Nancy Martha Fleming} Removed Andrew L. Barringer

                             Catherine C. Fleming } from Charlott C. Barringer

                             our bounds Martin L. Arthurs

                             Alfonza McHenry Mary Ann Hartline

                             Harriet McHenry David Hartline

                             Sophia Goodman Moses G. Cook

                             John McNeely--Dead Robert H. Brown

                             Jane R. Clodfelter Joseph Clodfelter

                             Henry Cloaninger Edward L. Cloaninger

                             Lucinda A. Cloaninger Thirsa Cook

                             M.J. Thomas Elizabeth Jane Cook

                             Ann Holshouser--Married ---- Rhoda Ann Lenard

                             Died 1891 Harriet Elizabeth Arthurs

                             Margaret Holshouser Moses A. Bass

                             Alford Goodman Margaret Eliz. Murdock

                             Nancy Bost John Robert Richie--Dismissed

                             Harriet Barringer by Certificate

                             Daniel Troutman Mary Catherine Brown

                             Terissa Ervin Amanda Catherine Richie

                             M.E. Thomas--Dismissed by Amanda Jane Richie

                             Certificate Ruth A. Williamson

                             Wm. H. Kinnerly }--Rec'd by Melissa Catherine Troutman

                             Ellen Kinnerly } Certificate Julia Ann Cope

                             George B. King--Dismissed by Margaret Octavia Kyles

                             Certificate Sarah Levina Troutman

                             Eliza J. Slavin M.M. Litaker

                             Tilsey A. Salvin E.C. Litaker

                             Sydney W. Swann Archabale Bass

                             Catherine Swann Jacob Richie

                             Alexander Williamson--Dead Rachel Plyler

                             John C. Plyler Martha Regina Brown

                             Ezekiel Perry Jane Vonnah Ostwalt Niceler

                             James Scroggs Mary C.C. Barringer

                             Calvin W. Arthurs George Dearman

                             Martin L. Barringer Milas Holshouser

                             Wm. M. Barringer--Dead Mary E. Holshouser

                             Adolphus S. Goodman David S. Bustle--Dead

                             Louisa M. Christy Elias P. Bustle--Dead

                             Cynthia J. Christy Mary E. Plyler

                             Esther E. Ramer Nancy Brawley

                           Baptisms of Infants

Parents & Sponsors Childs Name When Born

Baptized by James Overcast & wife, Susanna Overcast Levi Cowan Overcast 30
May 1849

B. Arey Henry Troutman & wife, Elizabeth Troutman Theophelus Falls Troutman
13 Apr 1849

25 Nov 1849 Mary Ostwalt Dorias SillundaOstwalt 03 Sep 1849

30 Dec 1849 John Holshouser & wife, Mary Holshouser Adam Lewis Holshouser 23
May 1949

Jane Cook Dovie Lavina Cook 11 Aug 1849

Henry M. Troutman & wife, Catherine Troutman John Luther Troutman 09 Sep

-- Mar 1850 Jacob Troutman & wife, Elizabeth Troutman Sarah Lavina Troutman
23 May 1840

13 Apr John W. Arthurs & wife, Dovey Authors Amos Arthurs 16 Nov 1849

Margaret Troutman Augustus Davidson Troutman

Robert N. Freeland & Elizabeth Freeland Robert MelmouthFreeland 02 Mar 1850

A. Barringer & wife, Lusinda Barringer Sharlotte Cecelia Barringer 16 Feb

Samuel Upright & wife, Catherine Upright Nancy Carline Upright 19 Dec 1849

Jacob Menser & wife. Sarah Menser Mary Ann Delila Menser 11 Dec 1849

23 Jun 1850 John Troutman & wife, Elizabeth Troutman Henry Lawson Troutman
31 Mar 1850

Richard Brantley, Guardian Robert Brantley -- Dec 1842

17 Aug W.M. Troutman & wife, Catherine Troutman Easter Emmeline Troutman 30
May 1850

27 Aug 1850 Charles Barringer & Elizabeth Barringer Sharlotte Arey
Barringer 29 Nov 1849

27 Aug 1850 David Keistler & wife, Margaret Keistler David Pinkney Keistler
12 Apr 1850

-- Oct ---- Feilding Kyles & wife, Easter Kyles Margaret Victoria Kyles 23
Sep 1850

John Murdock & wife, Eliza Murdock Margaret Terrisa Elisabeth Murdock 19
Aug 1850

-- Apr 1851 George Boger & wife, Sophia Boger Sarah Sophia Jane Boger 14
Apr 1850

Robert C. Slavin & wife, Mary C. Slavin Mary Carline Elisabeth Slavin 18
Jul 1849

Peter F. Bustle & wife, Elisabeth Bustle Charlotte Terrissa Ann Bustle 10
Feb 1851

Wm. Goodman & wife, Ann B. Goodman Benjamin Franklin Goodman 04 Oct 1850

18 Oct ---- Tobias Brown & wife, Phebe Brown Martha Regina Brown 15 Mar

Peter Ostwalt & wife, Jane Ostwalt Albert Tippet Ostwalt 27 Dec 1850

John Menser & wife, Elisabeth Menser Mary Jane Catherine Menser 19 Dec 1850

John W. Arthurs & wife, Dovey L. Arthurs Jacob Sidney Arthurs 21 Jun 1851

Wm. Mills & wife, Sarah A. Mills Mary Eleanor Mills 16 Sep 1851

18 Oct ---- Hugh Plyler & wife, Catherine Plyler Martha Lucinda Jane Plyler
08 Sep 1851

John Holshouser & wife, Mary Holshouser Louisa Victoria Holshouser 23 Aug

Jacob Troutman & wife, Elizabeth Troutman Henry Melmouth Troutman 16 Oct

Richard Sowers & wife, Elizabeth Sowers Samuel Henderson Sowers 16 Feb 1851

Levi Bost & wife, Elis. Bost James Michael Bost 28 Dec 1850

17 Apr 1853 Henry Ostwalt & wife, Mary Ostwalt Adam Alexander Layfayette
Ostwalt 18 Nov 1852

John A. Murdock & wife, Eliza A. Murdock Albert Alexander Murdock 07 Jan

H.M. Troutman & wife, Catherine Troutman Amanda Elisabeth Troutman 25 Sep

John Troutman & Elizabeth Isabella Troutman John Davidson Troutman 12 Jan

Alexander Williamson & wife, Jane Williamson Mary Ann Williamson

Baptized by J. Barringer & wife, Lousinda Barringer Mary Charity Catherine
Barringer 10 Oct 1852

Rev. S Shirer John J. Goodman & Margaret Teresa Barringer Michael Alexander
Barringer 13 Oct 1852

10 Jul 1853 Peter Ostwalt & wife, Jane Ostwalt Jane Vonnah Ostwalt 01 Nov

Jacob Menser & wife, Sarah Ann Menser Barbara Elizabeth Menser 19 Feb 1853

Tobias Goodman & wife, Ellen Goodman Tobias Melanchtor Goodman 21 Mar 1853

Fielden Kyles & wife, Ester Kyles Austin Alexander Kyles 09 Apr 1853

Hugh Plyler & wife, Catherine Plyler Simon Austin Plyler 28 May 1853

David Keistler & wife, Mary M. Keistler John Torrence Keistler 21 Oct 1852

Baptized by John W. Arthurs & wife, Dovey A. Arthurs Margaret Ann Arthurs
06 Apr 1853

Rev. B. Arey Levi Bost & wife, Catherine Bost Chalmers Bost 17 Sep 1853

14 May 1854 William Mills & wife, Jane Mills Sarah Elizabeth Mills 16 Nov

01 Oct 1854 John Troutman & wife, Isabella Troutman James Adam Troutman 27
Aug 1854

Jacob Troutman & wife, Elizabeth Troutman Martha Jane Troutman 25 Aug 1854

01 Oct 1854 Henry M. Troutman & wife, Catherine Troutman Martha Louisa
Troutman 11 Jun 1854

David Keistler & wife, Mary M. Keistler Mary Jane Keistler 14 Dec 1854

Margaret Upright Sarah Jane Upright 06 Sep 1853

Henry Ostwalt & wife, Mary Ostwalt Tabitha Christina Ostwalt 19 Mar 1855

by Rev. A. Barringer & wife, Lucinda Barringer Moria Ann Barringer 26 Sep

Swearingen John W. Arthurs & wife, Dovey Arthurs Adaline Dovey Arthurs 22
Feb 1855

by Rev Heilig John A. Murdock & Elisa Avaline Murdock Sarah Jane Murdock 12
Jul 1855

27 Apr 1856 Jacob Menser & wife, Sarah Ann Menser John Alexander Menser 19
Oct 1854

Rev P. Kistler Peter Ostwalt & wife, Jane Ostwalt Thomas Kelly Ostwalt 14
Sep 1855

Peter Ostwalt & wife, Jane Ostwalt John Pressly Ostwalt 14 Sep 1855

Wm. Mills & wife, Sarah Ann Mills Margaret Lavina Mills

John Troutman & wife, Isabella Troutman Samuel Marcus Troutman 01 May 1856

Daniel Clodfelter & Jane Rebecca Clodfeleter Catharine Rebecca Clodfelter
05 Sep 1856

Henry M. Troutman & Catherine Troutman Henry Allison Troutman 17 Jul 1856

Milus A. Lippard & wife, Caroline R. Lippard Lavina Eleanor Lippard 21 Feb

John W. Arthurs & wife, Dovie L. Arthurs Isabella Irena Arthurs 30 Nov 1856

John J. Lippard & wife, Nancy Lippard Ezekiel Monroe Lippard 08 Oct 1857

-- Oct 1856 John L.A. McNeely & wife, Martha A. McNeely James William
Malanchton McNeely 27 Jul 1856

Rev P Keistler Allexander Williamson & Jane Williamson James Smith
Williamson 26 Oct 1855

21 Mar 1858

27 Jun 1858 Peter Ostwalt & wife, Jane Ostwalt William J. Coteman Ostwalt
08 Oct 1857

Martin Litaker & Esther Catherine Litaker Ellen Elizabeth Litaker 11 Jun

08 Aug 1858 Daniel Clodfelter & wife, Jane R. Clodfelter Amanda Elizabeth
Clodfelter 09 Jul 1858

20 Aug 1858 John A. Murdock & wife, Eliza A. Murdock Amanda Tabitha Murdock
24 Feb 1858

John A. McNeely & wife, Martha A. McNeely John Willson McNeely 12 May 1858

25 Apr 1859 Henry Cloninger & wife, Lucinda A. Cloninger Mary Allis
Cloninger 10 Oct 1858

by Rev. Simon Allexander Williamson, & Jane Williamson John McFarland
Williamson 07 Mar 1857

Shirer James Scroggs & wife, Margaret J. Scroggs Mary Liuetha Scroggs 18
Nov 1858

19 Jun 1859 John Lippard & wife, Nancy Lippard Mary Jane Lippard 25 Apr

Milas A. Lippard & wife, ,Carline R. Lippard Sharlotte Malissa Lippard 10
Mar 1859

Henry M. Troutman & Catherine Troutman Daniel Isaiah Troutman 24 Mar 1859

J.J. Troutman & wife, E. Isabella Troutman Julius Alexander Troutman 26 Feb

09 Jul 1859 Mrs. Charlotte Clarke, John Worth Clarke

by Rev S. widow of Charles Clarke, Dead Charlotte Louzetta Clarke

Rothrock Tobias Brown & wife, Phebe Brown Lillian Onetta Brown 07 Jul 1859

09 Jun 1860 J.J. Troutman & wife, Isabella Troutman Daniel Absolam Stockton
Troutman 16 Nov 1859

by Rev. G.D. Jacob Troutman & Elizabeth Troutman Francis Marion Augustus
Troutman 18 Sep 1859

Benheim Robert L. Troutman & Margaret Ann Troutman Anne Catherine Troutman
09 Jul 1859

Tobias Goodman & wife, Ellen Goodman Mary Florence Goodman 28 Oct 1859

10 Jun 1860 Sidney Swan & wife, Catherine Swan Julia Catherine Swan 01 Nov

13 Oct 1861 Daniel Clodfelter & wife, Jane R. Clodfelter John Lenard
Clodfelter 13 Jul 1860

Rv Jacob Crim Peter Ostwalt & wife, Jane Ostwalt Edgar Buritt Ostwalt 02
Oct 1860

13 Apr 1861 Burrell Plyler & wife, Elizabeth Plyler Martha Ann Elizabeth
Plyler 20 May 1859

JD Stingley A. Barringer & wife, Lusinda Barringer Pleasant Anthony
Barringer 08 Nov 1860

C.W. Arthurs & wife, Jane T. L. Arthurs Jacob Alvertice Arthurs 17 Jun 1860

Milas A. Lippard & wife, Carlina Lippard Walton Augustus Lippard 21 Jan

David Hartline & wife, Mary Ann Hartline Sarah Catherine Hartline

James Scroggs & wife, Jane Scroggs Elizabeth Lula Scroggs 15 Jun 1861

13 Apr 1861 Henry Cloaninger & Lucinda Avaline Cloaninger John Luther Elias
Cloaninger 25 May 1861

JD Stingley John A. Murdock & Eliza Avalin Murdock James William Davidson
Murdock 21 Sep 1861

Baptized Sarah M. Eller Tobia Misenhimer Eller 14 Oct 1854

since Synod wife of &

of May 1862 Allexander Eller Nicholas McNeely Eller 18 Feb 1862

J.J. Lippard & wife, Nancy Lippard Margaret Elizabeth Lippard 14 May 1862

H.M. Troutman & Catherine Troutman Sarah Euphemia Jane Troutman 18 Aug 1861

John B. Troutman & wife } Rios Elophos Troutman 24 Aug 1859

Sarah Ann Troutman } Adam Andrew Troutman 05 Nov 1861

Rev. Benheim Jacob Troutman & wife, Elizabeth Troutman Daniel Levi Troutman
05 Dec 1862

Robert Troutman & Margaret Ann Troutman John Thomas Hamilton Troutman 07
Mar 1863

R.H. Brown & wife, Susan Amelia Brown Minne Doneller Brown 03 Apr 1861

C.W. Brown & wife, Jane Brown Bruce Martin Brown 26 Jan 1864

JB Anthony Tobias Brown & wife, Phebe Brown Lewis Tobias Brown 08 Feb 1865

Milas Holshouser & wife, Mary E. Holshouser Milas Jay Holshouser 13 Jan

Tobias Goodman & wife, Ellen Goodman Laura Jane Goodman 11 Nov 1864

John J. Goodman & wife, M.G. Goodman Walton P. Goodman 31 Dec 1860

Rev Smithdeal J.J. Lippard & wife, Nancy Lippard Sarah Lavina Lippard 27
Jan 1865

Daniel Clodfelter & wife, Jane R. Clodfelter Mary Augusty Clodfelter 15 Dec

Tobias Goodman & wife, Ellen Goodman James Leroy Goodman 24 Mar 1865

David Hartline & wife, Mary Ann Hartline John Kelly Hartline

JB Anthony Sarah Eller Sarah Ann Eller 24 May 1866

Jacob Troutman Wm. Gustavus Troutman 21 Aug 1866

Wm. Mills } Wm. Tobias Mills 25 Dec 1861

& wife } Jacob H. Mills 03 May 1863

M.M. Litaker Mary Magdalene Litaker 18 Aug 1866

Mary A.L. Christie John Anderson Christie 29 Apr 1866

---twins--- Nancy Catherine Christie 29 Apr 1866

Rev S Rothrock Robert Brown & wife, Susan A. Brown Robert Tobias Brown

24 Aug 1867 James Scroggs & Margaret Jane Scroggs Margaret Didtlha Lodemia
Scroggs 10 Jun 1867

Jacob Troutman & Margaret L.E. Troutman Dovey Jane Troutman

George Dearman & wife, Amanda Dearman Tabitha Crissie Anna Dearman

David Hartline & wife, Mary Ann Hartline Mary Jane Hartline

Rev H Aldrick John E. Plyler & wife, Rachel Plyler Wellington Fletcher

29 Mar 1865 Jane Brown, wife of Augustus Brown Charles Henry Brown

Rev Casshill Daniel Clodfelter & wife Daniel Ulyssus Clodfelter 07 Nov 1867

J.R. Clodfelter Alfie Clodfelter

J. Troutman & wife, Sarah Troutman Eliza. Jane Troutman 16 May 1868

Francis Ostwalt

John H. Ostwalt--since joined another Church
                              July 10, 1859

Burril Plyler

Jacob Richie

                             August 25, 1849

                             John F. Goodman confirmed 20 Oct 1851

                             by B. Arey

                             Peter Lippard confirmed 04 Apr 1852

                             Martin Lippard by B. Arey

                             John B. Troutman

                             Sarah L. Clodfelter Mary C. Lippard

                             Mary K. Holshouser Margaret L. Sowers

                             Margaret L. Cook confirmed 22 Oct 1861

                             Mary A. Cook by Rev. J.D. Stingley

                             Charlotte L.J. Brown

                             Martha A. Mills Moses S. Cook

                             Margaret L.E. Brown Robert H. Brown

                             Lucinda Plyler Charlotte C. Barringer

                             A.L. Barringer Martin L. Arthurs

                             Thomas M. Goodman Mary Ann Hartline

                             Joseph Clodfelter confirmed -- Nov 1862

                             by G

Abraham (Kuhner) KEENER

Note: Abraham sailed on a ship called "Lydia" on September 29, 1741. He was naturalized in Rowan County District Court, Salisburg, NC, on march 26, 1767.

Father: Casper KUHNER b: bef 1700 in Germany
Mother: Annah Barbara UNKNOWN b: est 1700

Marriage 1 Juilanna ULA (ULE OR ULI-ALL 3 NAMES GIVEN) b: in Germany
Married: in Germany
John E KEENER b: abt 1745
Jacob KEENER b: abt 1748 in Lincoln County, NC
William KEENER b: abt 1750 in Lincoln County, NC
Abraham Jr. KEENER b: abt 1752 in Lincoln County, NC
Eva (Eve) KEENER b: abt 1754 in Lincoln County, NC
Martin KEENER b: abt 1756 in Lincoln County, NC
Marie KEENER b: in Lincoln County, NC

Casper Keener
Entries: 1797    Updated: Sun Sep 1 04:51:00 2002    Contact: Dorothy Keener Sprinkle     Home Page: Ellis Keener Connections
ID: I0011
Name: Abraham KEENER
Sex: M
Birth: 1717 in Germany
Death: 1795 in Lincoln Co., NC
Marriage fact: 29 SEP 1741 Came to USA on the Lydia (age 24)
Fact 2: Battle of Ramsour's Mill
Abraham Keener, son of Casper Keener and Anna Barbara, was born in Germany in 1717. He arrived in America on September 29, 1741 on the "Lydia" where he gave his age as 24. New arrivals were reminded that this country belonged to the King of England and were required to take an oath of allegiance to that king as well as his successors. A promise was made to conduct themselves as "good and faithful subjects", who would not revolt against His Majesty, who would not settle on lands which were not their own and finally, who would renounce allegiance to the Pope. After taking the oath, names were signed to two different papers - one for the King and the other for the government of Pennsylvania.

According to tradition, Abraham married Julianna in Germany although no record to substantiate this event has been found. Her name has been listed as Julianna Uli, Ula, and Uly, but I believe these are nicknames or shorter versions of her first name. Others give her name as Julianna Martin, yet no one appears to have any proof.

Most of their children were born in Pennsylvania.
The fact that they settled in York County, Pennsylvania is documented in
"York County Pennsylvania Deeds 1749-1758" Vol. I
"142-144 1 Aug 1755 - John Adlum Esq. high Sheriff of York Co. - John Ross lately in the Court of Common Pleas - Term of Apr - by Judgement of s. court recovered against John Swails, Yeoman - a Debt of 120 Pds as 5 Shillings 6 Pence Damages - Seized of John Swails a Tract of Land in Newberry Twp. - adjoining Robert Hodgen on the Great Conewagon - Sold at Public Vendue to Abraham Keener - highest bidder - 53 Pds-10 Shillings - 50 a [acres].
Wts: Hugh Bay Thomas Armor John Adlum Sher."

Rece'd 1 Aug 1755 of Abraham Keener 53 Pds 10 Shillings in full.

Acknowledged in open Court of Common Pleas at York July Term 2 Aug 1755
with the original at York. 1 Sept 1755 Geo. Stevenson, Recorder

On March 26, 1767, Abraham Keener became naturalized in Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina. He was a farmer and land owner in North Carolina for the rest of his life.

The following deeds are listed in "Lincoln County, North Carolina Deeds - New Book 4 & Old Book 15", "Lincoln Co. NC Deeds Book 15", and "Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln and Rutherford Counties, NC 1769-1786"

Abraham Keener owned land prior to 1769. "4 Oct 1769 Henry Jacobs of Tryon Co., farmer, & wf Susanna to Michael Rudisell, of same, for L27 proc. adj. [adjacent] Abraham Keener."

October Court 1772. Andrew Neel, Register
"23 Oct 1772, Abraham Keener and wf Ula of Tryon co., to James Abernathy of same, for on both sides Leeper Creek, adj Abm. Keeners line, 280 A {acres}, part of 450 A granted unto Gasper Keener on 20 May 1754...Abraham Keener (seal), Ula Keener (x) (seal). Wit: William Moore, Robt. Abernathy, Miles Abernathy. Rec. Oct term 1772."

"Colony of North Carolina 1765-1775" Vol. 2 #8984 page 189
"Abraham Keener - 28 Feb 1775 From the Crown to Abraham Keener: 100 A in Tryon County on both sides of Leepers Creek on the Catawba River, joining John Keener."

23 May 1778 " Abraham Keener and wife Julianna Keener of Tryon County to Peter Finger of same, for L320 ... part of a tract sold to Jas Abernathy, 170 A granted to Gasper Keener, father of sd. Abraham 25 May 1754, and 100 A granted
to sd. Abraham 28 Feb 1775 ..... ________Keener [German signature] (seal), Julianna Keener (x) (seal), Wit: Richard Johnstone, Robt Blackburn.
Rec. October Term 1784."

10 Jul 1786 Granted: Abraham Keener claims 300 A in Lincoln Co. on waters of Sniders Creek and Long Branch. Includes his own improvement he now lives on. L30.

16 Jul 1786 Granted: Abraham Keener claims 78 A on Long Branch of Snider's Creek bordering Nathias Killen, Michael Cloninger and own land. L7.16

28 Dec 1789 " Abraham Keenor Sr (Lincoln Co) to Jacob & John Keenor (same); for L100 NC money sold 290 ac on waters of Sniders Cr; border: Matthias Keelion, Link, & his own old line; granted Aug. 7, 1787 to Abraham Keener. Signed Abraham Kuhner (german). Witness Lemeul Saunders & Larkin Johnson. Rec. Jan. 1790. book 4 p. 45; Book 15 p. 301."

28 Dec 1789 " Abraham Keenor Sr (Lincoln Co) to John & Jacob Keener (same): for
(Omitted) sold 2 mares--a black branded on off shoulder "S7", a dark brown branded on near shoulder " ", a black horse colt branded with "O" on off shoulder, a bright bay horse branded on off shoulder with "Ks", another bay branded on off shoulder "S7", all the cows & calves, a bull, a lume (?), and all slayes and all "belonging", all the plow irons & hoes, a pair stillyards, a lock chain, all sheep & all hogs I own, all beds & bed cloaths, a frying pan, all metal pots, all pewter, all meat, corn & other grain, all money owing, saddles, bridles, axes, mattocks, "to contain" all servsables (?) and all found of my estate. Signed Abraham Kuhner (german)."

28 Dec Lincoln Co., North Carolina Deed Book 16, p. 226 - Jacob & John Keenor to Abraham Keener a bond of L500 NC money.

2 Jan 1790 " Abraham Keener sr (Lincoln Co) to Abraham jr (same) for L10 NC money sold 78 ac on long branch of Sniders Cr; border: his other survey of 300 ac and Matthias Keelion; granted Aug 7, 1787 to Abraham Keenor. Signed Abraham Kuhner. Witness Lemuel Saunders & Mary Saunders. Rec. Jan. 1790 Book 4 p. 41; Book 15 p. 297."

Lincoln County January Sessions 1792 "...........Aforesaid [Abraham Keenor]
state on demand and give him a lawfull maintainance of Cloathing and Eatables Douring his natural Life and find him a Horse and Saddle to ride on Then shall the above obligation be void and of none effet Else to remain in full force of the Law. Signed Jacob(X) Kenor (seal) and John (x) Kenor (seal)
Signed, sealed & delivered in the presence of Lemuel Saunders & Larkin Johnson"

"Tryon County, North Carolina Index to Land Surveys" by Miles S. Philbeck, 1987, Chapel Hill, NC:
"File #1045 and #218 - Keener, Abraham, Grant Date 1775
First Chainbearer - John Keener; Second Chainbearer - James Abernathy;
Watershed - Leepers Creek"

"File #1067 & #1240 - Abernathy, James, Grant Date 1775
First Chainbearer - Robert Johnston; Second Chainbearer - Abraham Keener;
Watershed - Leepers Creek"

October Court 1786 - Lincoln County, NC, Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions -
"Ordered by Court that the following persons be summoned by the Sheriff to meet and lay off a road from Beaties Ford to Lincolnton, the nearest and best way, having special regard to the Act of Assembly in that case made and provided, and return these proceedings to our next court; Lemuel Sanders, Michael Butts, Robert Johnson, Michael Engle, Henry Slinkerd, John Finger, Devalt Crouse, Abraham Keener, Elias Moyer, Peter Crites, Matthew Goodson, Phillip Cansler."

When Abraham Keener took the loyalty oath, he endeavored to keep his promise by being a loyal Tory. No doubt many in North Carolina were influenced by the actions of some of South Carolina's leaders who voiced their loyalty to the King - Charles Pinckney, president of the S. C. Senate, Rawlins Lowndes, president of the state of S. C., and Henry Middleton, president of the first American Congress.
"They were told that the loyal would be rewarded and protected but that the rebellious would be severely punished".

Selecting older men to serve as leaders was a common practice in both armies. Although Abraham was in his sixties, there is evidence that he participated in the bloody battle at Ramsour's Mill on June 20, 1780.

Cornwallis had given instructions to remain at home until after the wheat crop could be harvested and there was ample food for the soldiers, but they could not refrain from "jumping the gun", so to speak. The following account of the Battle at Ramsour's Mill can be found on pages 125-127 in the book, "The Loyalists in North Carolina During the Revolution" by Robert O. DeMond published in 1979:

"Colonel Moore called a meeting of the Tories, June 10, 1780, at his father's residence on Indian Creek, near Ramsaur's Mill. Here he was met by forty men, to whom he revealed Cornallis's plan of campaign. Before the meeting adjourned, it was revealed that Major McDowell with a company of Patriot militia of Burke County was only eight miles distant and in search of some of their number. They determined to make a surprise attack upon McDowell, who learned of their action and escaped. Moore directed the men to meet him on the thirteenth at Ramsaur's Mill, and the readiness with which the Tories responded may be judged from the fact that over two hundred appeared at that time and on the next day many others, among whom was Major Nicholas Walsh of Colonel Hamilton's regiment. By the twentieth the number had grown to thirteen hundred, about one fourth of whom were without arms. They were encamped on a hill about three hundred yards from Ramsaur's Mill and a half mile north of the present village of Lincolnton.

Here they were attacked by McDowell and Locke with about four hundred men.
The Tories were defeated, but the loss in dead and wounded on each side was about equal. Neighbor fought against neighbor, kindred against kindred. Old personal and political enemies sometimes met, and then the fighting was doubly ferocious. In order to identify themselves, the Whigs at first wore white paper in their hats and the Tories a sprig of green but since these identification marks attracted the fire of the enemy, they were soon abandond. The Whigs despaired of victory as Captain Warlick rallied his men to the bloody charge again and again. William Shays, noting this, set about to kill him in real Indian fashion. Stealthily he made his approach from tree to tree and was at last close enough to pick off the brave and gallant Warlick. With his loss the whole Loyalist line slowly gave way.

Captain Kimik, a Whig, was captured by a Tory captain, Abram Keiner, his personal friend. He would probably have been killed had Kiener not made him a prisoner and graciously spared his life.

When Cornwallis arrived, the people having been defeated once, were loath to rise to his aid, and he lost more by desertion than he gained by recruits. Of the Tories captured, all were paroled except a few who had committed serious depredations, and these were placed in the Salisbury jail. Those who were paroled were as honest now in keeping their new pact as they had been before in keeping their former one to the King." Many of us believe that Abraham Keener was one of this group who changed his allegiance and became a loyal Patriot.

Lincoln County Court of Pleas and Quarters 1789-1796
January Court 1796 - Ordered by the court that letters of Administration on the estate of Abraham Keener deceased issue to Juliana Keener, widow and relict of said Abraham dec'd who qualified and gave bond security.

In Jan 1799 (p. 77) - Ordered by court that Thomas Wheeler and Joseph Graham be a committee to settle the estate of Abraham Keener deceased and make return thereof to the present court.

Father: Casper KEENER b: ABT. 1680 in Germany
Mother: Annah Barbara b: ABT. 1700 in Germany

Marriage 1 Julianna \\ b: ABT. 1720 in Germany
William KEENER b: ABT. 1740
John E Sr KEENER b: ABT. 1745 in PA
Jacob KEENER b: 1748
Abraham "Jr" KEENER b: ABT. 1752 in Lincoln Co., NC
Mariah KEENER b: 1753
Eve KEENER b: 1754
Martin KEENER b: 1756

Juilanna Ula MARTIN


Marriage 1 Abraham KEENER (KUHNER) b: bef 1720 in Hamburg, Germany
Married: in Germany

William KEENER b: abt 1750 in Lincoln County, NC
Rebecca KEENER
John KEENER b: Abt 1745 in Pennsylvania
Jacob KEENER b: 1748
Sr. Keener WILLIAM b: Abt 1750
Maria (Mariah) KEENER b: 1753
Eve KEENER b: 1754
Martin KEENER b: 1756
Abraham KEENER b: Abt 1760 in Lincoln County, North



My great great grandfather

Aaron middle name Mallender or Monroe

sources indicates two marriage for this couple

(NOTE from MyTree) He also raised Alex and Eudora Bumgarner, relationship not given. also mentioned was Mary Etta, and her daughter Mabel Montgomery Weathermon, a niece HIST Bosque Co: Land and People; F156, DATE 20 MAY 1997

1920 census Brown County Texas, household includes Aaron Bumgarner, age 68, b. GA, Mattie S., age 51, b TX  and John W. Jimerson (Mattie's father) age 90, b AL.

records also in Hunt County Tx

Aaron M. Bumgarner and Mattie S. Jimison (Jimerson) filed marriage 1/22/1885 in Bosque County, the same time that Andy Burns Bumgarner and Mattie Jane King filed.  Aaron and Andy Bumgarner and  were second cousins.



Prayton R. COCHRAN


Names sited are Prayler, Proctor and Praytor R. Cochran

His first and second wives were sisters

ENTRY from "Third Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA Company "Tulip Rifles" Cochran, Prayler R
Private Conscripted into Co. I, 3rd Arkansas Infantry, at Camden, Arkansas, March 26, 1863; captured at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 2, 1863; confined at Fort Delaware, Delaware; no further record; born c1821; married Louisa Bumgarner in Calhoun County, Arkansas, November 24, 1854; listed in Calhoun County 1860 census; occupation farmer.
access 8/9/2002

Submitter: Bennie Cochran
Subject: Re: William Melger "Mitcher" Bumgarner
Message: Hello Mike
Louisa Bumgarner is my gg grandmother b. Aug.23 1823, d. Aug 9 1905. Married Praytor R. Cochran. Praytor first Married Martha Bumgarner In 1851 they had one child Sarah. Martha died and Praytor married Louisa in 1854. There children were S. William b. Feb 10 1857, Ann J. b. Nov. 09 1858, Norman C., b. 1861, and Henry R. b. 1862.  I have not been able to find any more info. on Praytor R. Cochran, when did the Bumgarner's go to Calhoun, Co. AR. and did Praytor go with the Bumgarners to Calhoun Co.
Bennie Cochran
Crossett AR.

Submitter: Shirley Hewett
Subject: Re: Gardner family Calhoun Co. Ark.
Message: My Grandmother was Hattie Elizabeth (Bet) Cochran. Her father was Norman Cochran, his father Praytor R. Cochran was married to Martha Bumgarner April 17, 1851 in Calhoun Co. AR. Martha Bumgarner was born 1830 died 1853. Praytor R. Cochran was born 1825 died 1863 in the Civil at Battle of Chickmanga, GA. Praytor Cochran second wife was Martha's sister Melger Bumgarner. I was told that between 1893 and 1967 the Bumgarners dropped the Bum and became Garner's. Don't know if this is the same family that you are looking for. Gardner or Garner? Hattie Elizabeth Cochran (my grandmother) fathers name was Norman Cochran born 1861in Polk township Calhoun Co., AR died 1939 buried in Bearden,AR in Salem Cemetery, Ouuchita Co. I have additional info. if you think this in the same Martha.

NOTE: Third Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA Company (above) indicates Praylor was captured in PA.  Possibly a relative or error.



Her husband's first wife was her sister, Martha

Reports show birthplace as GA and as NC

Other spellings Louise

birth date 8/6/1823 or 6/8/1823
death date 8/9/1905 or 9/8/1905

S. William COCHRAN

birth October 02, 1857 or Feb 10 1857


birth date Nov. 09 1858 or Sep. 11 1858