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Alsey Note:
Levi and Mary were married at the home of Moses Bisaner
Like three his brothers, Levi served in the Civil War. He was conscripted at
Newton, NC on September 25, 1862 at the age of 20. He was assigned to Co.
E 32nd. Regiment. On May 10, 1864 he was captured at Wilderness, VA in the same battle that his first cousin, John J. Caldwell was captured. He too, was
transferred to Belle Plain, VA on May 18, 1864. He left Belle Plain on August
1, 1864 and arrived in Elmira, NY on October 14, 1864. He was exchanged on
October 29, 1864.

Laura Emily Indiana CALDWELL b: 20 JUN 1869
Ferebee Lenoir CALDWELL b: 18 JUL 1870
Florence Augusta CALDWELL b: 15 MAR 1872
Arthur Bunyan CALDWELL b: 29 NOV 1873
Ella Collonus CALDWELL b: 15 DEC 1875
Dorsey Eugene CALDWELL b: 12 AUG 1879
William Clayton CALDWELL b: 2 DEC 1879
Tate Hudson CALDWELL b: 16 MAY 1883


John David CALDWELL b: 15 FEB 1831
Henderson CALDWELL b: 22 MAR 1833
Franklin CALDWELL b: 5 NOV 1835
William C. CALDWELL b: 4 DEC 1838
Levi J. CALDWELL b: 29 MAY 1842
Mary Augusta CALDWELL b: 14 MAR 1845
Adeline CALDWELL b: 18 JUL 1848


Sarah Ann CALDWELL b: ABT 1874
Daniel CALDWELL b: ABT 1876
Minnie CALDWELL b: ABT 1878
James CALDWELL b: 16 MAY 1890

William M. , Jr. HARDIE

William M. Hardie Jr. and Elizabeth E. Kolb had the following children:
Mary Elizabeth Hardie was born in Stewart Co., Georgia circa 1854.
Emma Frances Hardie was born in Stewart Co., Georgia circa 1855. She married Willy Watkins.
William Jackson Hardie was born 20 January 1857.
Laura Jane Hardie(108) was born in Quitman, Brooks Co., Georgia circa 1860.
Harmon Duggan Hardie was born 24 February 1862.

William M. , Sr. HARDIE

Notes from Hardie Family of North Carolina & Georgia:

William M. Hardie was born in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina 22 August 1786.(17) William died January 1847 in Stewart Co., Georgia, at 60 years of age.(18) His body was interred January 1847 in Union Chr. Cem., Stewart Co., Georgia.

He married twice. He married Elizabeth Unknown) circa 1808. Elizabeth was born circa 1790 in Georgia. Elizabeth died June 1822 in Wilkinson Co., Georgia, at 31 years of age.

Elizabeth married William M. Hardie about 1808, probably in Washington County, Georgia. She died in 1822, during childbirth, probably in Wilkinson County, Georgia.

He married Lavisa Cornelia Perkins circa 1823 in Georgia. Lavisa was born 25 October 1801 in Talbot Co., Georgia. Lavisa was the daughter of John Perkins and Lavisa Unknown. Lavisa died after 1846 in Stewart Co., Georgia. William M. Hardie was very likely born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. His date of birth is based on the family history article compiled by Mrs. H. M. Dixson in "History of Stewart County, Georgia Section II" on pages 816-819. This compilation claims that William M. is the son of Allen and Martha Hardie of North Carolina and that William M. is the younger brother of Theophilus Hardie. The authors have found no proof that either William M. or Theophilus are in fact the sons of Allen and Martha. The only proof is that William and Theophilus do appear in the same location as Allen in the early 1800's and that the names given to William and Theophilus's children and grandchildren suggests they could be the sons of Allen and Martha. However, there being no solid proof leaves this relationship in question.

William arrived as a young man in Washington County, Georgia from North Carolina with his father Allen after 1797. He moved into Wilkinson County, Georgia before 1820 and likely remained there until 30 December 1828 when he bought land in Jefferson County Florida from his brother Theophilus. He and his family lived in Jefferson County, Florida until 12 Sept 1832 when they sold their land in Jefferson County, Florida and moved to Stewart County, Georgia. William's family is shown in the 1830 Census of Jefferson County, Florida.

William first bought land in Stewart County on 1 Dec 1835 where they bought lot 235 in Sect. 23 near Lumpkin, Georgia.

William died about Jan 1847 in Stewart County based on the date his Will was probated. His will dated 6 November 1846 listed all his children. He is believed to be buried in Old Union Church Cemetery in Stewart County, Georgia.

William M. Hardie and Elizabeth ( ) had the following children:
 - Temperance3 Hardie was born 10 May 1809.
 - Theophilus Hardie was born 21 May 1811. Theophilus died 1853 in Stewart Co., Georgia, at 42 years of age. His body was interred 1853 in Union Chr. Cem., Stewart Co., Georgia. He married Elizabeth Unknown.
 - Benjamin L. Hardie was born 18 November 1814.
 - Martha Hardie was born 20 July 1816.
 - Nancy Hardie was born 17 May 1819.
 - Jesse Hardie was born in Georgia June 1822. Jesse died August 1822 in Georgia, at less than one year of age.(24) Jesse's mother died in childbirth having him. He died 2 months later. [Hahn - Hardie Family Records]

William M. Hardie and Lavisa Cornelia Perkins had the following children:
 - John N. Hardie was born in Butler, Talbot Co., Georgia 4 December 1823. John died 27 November 1837 in Stewart Co., Georgia, at 13 years of age. "Minutes of Old Union Baptist Church" Lumpkins, Georgia tell of the death of John Hardie. John and a companion, an 8 year old boy of a neighbor family, went hunting in wooded area near Lumpkin, Georgia when a large black panther leaped from a tree on the his back and began clawing and biting him. He could not turn his gun on the cat and screamed for help. The younger boy was terribly afraid so he ran to get help instead of helping John himself. When he returned with help, John had been killed, (horribly chewed, scratched and mutilated by the panther). [Hahn - Hardie Family Records]
 - Elizabeth Hardie was born 21 December 1825.
 - Winnefred Hardie was born 16 April 1827.
 - Sarah Hardie was born 13 June 1829.
 - William M. Hardie Jr. was born 18 May 1832.
 - Mary Cornelia Hardie was born 16 October 1833.
 - James Eldridge Hardie was born 27 September 1835.
 - Charles R. Hardie was born in Stewart Co., Georgia 2 November 1837. Charles died 17 September 1862 in Sharpsburg, Washington Co., Maryland, at 24 years of age. His body was interred September 1862 in Antietam Battlfd, Sharpsburg, Maryland. He married Mary F. Price 28 May 1861 in Stewart Co., Georgia. Died at battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam) Maryland. Is supposed to have been married before entering service and had several children. [Hahn - Hardie Family Records]
 - Charlotte Ann Hardie was born 19 October 1839.
 - Lavisa Clarinda Hardie was born in Stewart Co., Georgia 22 March 1844. She married William A. Goree 10 February 1867 in Stewart Co., Georgia. William died in Texas.

NOTES FOR ALLEN HARDIE, possible father:
Allen1 Hardie was born in North Carolina circa 1746.(1)

He married Martha Duggan circa 1776 in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina. Martha was born circa 1750 in Bertie Co., North Carolina. Martha(2) was the daughter of William Duggan and Mary Smithwick. Martha died before 1797 in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina. Martha Duggan is clearly the daughter of William Duggan and Mary Smithwick. We believe that Martha Duggan is the Martha that married Allen Hardie about 1776. Our belief is based on the following: Allen and Martha Hardie sold 180 acres of land in Martin County, North Carolina on the south side of Gardner's Creek to Josiah Smith "except the lot on Gardner's Creek given by Edmund Smithwick Esq. to his Children as will appear by his will" on 12 November 1787. [Martin County, NC Deed Book 6:496] No record could be found on how Allen and Martha acquired this land. A reading of the Will of Edmund Smithwick, which was dated 11 May 1774, and proved July 1774, [Martin County, NC WB 1 387-395] shed no light on exactly which land Allen and Martha described in their deed of 12 November 1787. However, this reference to the Edmund Smithwick will clearly shows a strong relationship to the Smithwicks. In addition, William Bennett in his "Smithwick Genealogy" in the book "Hugh Smithwick Descendants" provides amble evidence that Edmund Smithwick was involved in many land transactions and owned properties in Bertie, Martin and Tyrell Counties. Edmund had also given or dispensed land on a number of occasions to close friend and relatives. It is thus possible that his grand neice, Martha Duggan was the recipient of that generosity after, Martha's father, William Duggand or her mother Mary Smithwick had died after 1754.

The other indication that Martha Hardie is a Duggan is found in the book"Thomas Hooks, 1730-1803" by Coy Johnson wherein is included in "A Memorial to Ivy W. Duggan, A.M., LL.D," published in 1917, apparently at Atlanta, Georgia by unknown author. It contains some early history of the Duggan's which indicates that "Martha (Pattie) Duggan married --?-- Hardee, according to the "Memorial" account. It is believed he was John Hardee who was baptized Aug. 14, 1802, at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Warthen. " Johnston, "Thomas Hooks" ] (In the book "Thomas Hinds Duggan" by Alice Duggan Gracy the author cites the author of the "Memorial" as Mell L. Duggan.

The name Duggan shows up as a middle name in two of the grandchildren of Allen and Martha Hardie. The grandchildren are: William Duggins Hardie (grandson) and Harmon Dugan Hardie (great grandson). Of course, Allen and Martha had a son named William, perhaps named after her father, William Duggan.

The above is the basis for showing that Martha is the daughter of William Duggan and Mary Smithwick.

Martha probably died in Edgecombe County, North Carolina before Feb 1797 based on her name and signature not being on a deed wherein Allen sold 200 acres of land. Her signature was on all previous deeds, so it is assumed she died prior to 1797. Also no record of her in Georgia with Allen has been found. Allen Hardie was probably born in the vicinity of Bertie County, North Carolina about 1747. The name of his parents are unknown at this time. The earliest record found is on 14 Mar 1768 when Allen Harday (sp) witnessed a deed wherein Francis Hobson of Pitt County, North Carolina sold 140 Acres on the Pocosin in Edgecombe County to Robert Hardy of Bertie Co. North Carolina. [Edgecombe Co. NC Deed Book D:131] It is believed that the Allen who witnessed this deed is the Allen of this writing. Allen's witnessing of this deed suggests that he was born about 1747 or earlier as he likely would have to have been 21 years of age to witness a deed. The deed further suggests that his father may have been the Robert Hardy grantee of the deed. Allen and/or his wife, Martha appear as buyer, seller, witness or mentioned in 11 more deeds in Edgecombe County, North Carolina and on one deed in nearby Martin County. This convincingly locating Allen and his family in that area between 1768 and 1797, the date of the last deed executed by Allen Hardie in North Carolina. All deeds were signed by Allen and Martha indicating they may have been able to read and write.

All of the Edgecombe County Deeds mentioned above indicate Allen and his family lived on the Conetoe Pocosin on the north side of the Tar River. This is an area about 5 miles to the east of present day Tarboro, North Carolina. His lands were not extensive, his last sale amounting to 200 acres. An attempt to find the exact location of his North Carolina lands was unsuccessful and will require extensive work with old deeds and maps to locate this property. Also a land balance indicates that all the land acquired by Allen was later sold by Allen except for 200 acres he sold in 1797 in Edgecombe County and 180 acres he sold in Martin County in 1787. No record was found on how he acquired those pieces of land. He or Martha could have inherited that land. In fact, some of it could have been the land sold to Robert Hardie in 1768, which he witnessed.

The names of John, Joseph and Robert Hardie appear on many of these Allen Hardie North Carolina deeds suggesting a relationship with Allen.

The 1790 Census of Halifax District of Edgecombe County, North Carolina shows Allen Hardie as Head of a Family consisting of 2 free white males 16 or over (Allen being one), 2 free white males under 16, and 3 free white females. No slaves or other free persons are indicated. The three males are assumed to be Allen Jr, William M. and Theophilus Hardie. One of the females is Martha and the other two are not known.

Allen and his children probably left Edgecombe County, North Carolina after February 1797 based on the date of the last deed found in North Carolina wherein he sold 200 acres. Interestingly, Martha's name was not on that deed, suggesting she had died. Her name was on all their earlier deeds with the last deed she executed being 25 February 1792. It is assumed she died between 1792 and 1797. Allen is not found in the 1800 census of North Carolina thus indicating he left the state by then.

Allen Hardie next appears in Washington County, Georgia in 1805 wherein he drew two blanks in the 1805 Land Lottery. An Allen Hardie Jr. drew one blank [Delwyn - Records of Washington County, Georgia p.11.] In 1807 Allen drew land in Wilkinson County, Georgia [E.P. Newsom Notes]. It is not known what he did with that land although he did move to Wilkinson County about 1818 and may have moved onto that land.

On 17 Jun 1809 as written in the Minutes of the Bethlehem Baptist Church of Washington County, Georgia, "Allen Hardy confessed to be a backslider, having formerly been a member of the Church in N.C. and had taken a letter from that Church and lost it - asked membership, Received." This shows that the Allen Hardie of Edgecombe County, North Carolina and the one in Washington County, Georgia are likely one and the same.

Additional records in Georgia indicate that Allen moved to Wilkinson County, Georgia about 1818. He is said to have died there on 17 Sep 1827 and is buried in Richland Creek Church Cemetery. (Ed. note: The writers have not been able to confirm this information regarding the death of Allen. We were not able to find a Richland Creek or Richland Creek Church in Wilkinson Co. Georgia. We did find a Richland Church and Cemetery in nearby Twiggs Co. Georgia, but did not find any Hardie graves there) There are few records in these Georgia Counties as they had several courthouse fires through the years which destroyed most records of that period.

Allen Hardie and Martha Duggan had the following children:
2 i. (Dau.)2 Hardie(3) was born in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina circa 1782.
3 ii. (Dau.) Hardie(4) was born in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina circa 1784.
+ 4 iii. Allen Hardie was born circa 1785.
+ 5 iv. William M. Hardie was born 22 August 1786.
+ 6 v. Theophilus Hardie was born 18 June 1795.

The site providing this information has a considerable amount of information for extended family members. Location: Last accessed January 2003.