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Martha Abernathy HARWELL b: 1809 in Giles Co., Tennessee
Clayton Abernathy HARWELL b: 1815 in Giles Co., Tennessee
William C. HARWELL b: 1816 in Giles Co., Tennessee
Clara Ann HARWELL b: 24 DEC 1818 in Giles Co., Tennessee


Martha Abernathy HARWELL b: 1809 in Giles Co., Tennessee
Clayton Abernathy HARWELL b: 1815 in Giles Co., Tennessee
William C. HARWELL b: 1816 in Giles Co., Tennessee
Clara Ann HARWELL b: 24 DEC 1818 in Giles Co., Tennessee

Christopher , Jr TILGHMAN

From Stephen Tillman:
Chapter Two

1. Christopher Tilghman, son of Christopher (28 in first chapter) and Anna (Sanders) Tilghman, was born about 1585 in Selling, County Kent (Faversham Parish), England, and died in either Accomac County, Virginia, or Somerset County, Maryland, according to family traditions. He married Ruth Devonshire. Issue: Roger, born 1641, Gideon, and John (family Bible records).

The time of his arrival in Virginia is listed in Greer's "Early Emigrants to Virginia," as being 1638, but does not state the county. In "Cavaliers and Pioneers," by Nell Marion Nugent, it is stated that Christopher Tilghman came to Virginia in the party organized by George Mynifie, a merchant, on April 19, 1638, but fails also to mention the Virginia county in which he settled. It is noted, however, that in the same book George Mynifie had land "eastward upon Porrengers Creek up the river above the falls with all the islands and creeks upon the south side of the river (probably the Charles River?) as far as the two branches of the river." A careful digest of all of the information and circumstances connected with the records would indicate that the land was located in Charles City County, Virginia. The family Bible indicated that Christopher Tilghman died at the home of his son Gideon Tilghman, on the "Manokin" in Maryland.

In the "Visitation of Kent" it is shown that Christopher Tilghman came into the possession of Rhodes Court, formerly owned by Thomas Bealde, and describes Christopher as "of this parish, gent., who owned it in 1621 and he sold it to Thomas Carter." Rhodes Court is described as being a manor situated in the southeast extremity of the parish, in the borough of Rhodes. Selling Parish, adjoining to Boughton southward, on the south or opposite side of the London road to the last described one of Graveney. A small part of it, within the Borough of Rhodes, is within the Hundred of Faversham.

England at the time that Christopher Tilghman, Jr., came to Virginia, was full of men, sprung of lofty lineage and entitled to noble escutcheons, who were themselves engaged in trade, commerce or students. They were the consequences of that familiar phenomenon in English life, the younger sons. When family estates all were left to the oldest male heir, the younger brothers were left to shift for themselves. These younger brothers, however, clung fiercely to their pride of birth, bore the family arms to which they were entitled, and commonly upheld the opinions of that class from which they were descended.

To them the vast, beckoning expanse of the Colonies opened like the promised land. Here they could acquire estates that in size and fertility, put the ancestral acres to shame; here they could resume their birthright as country gentlemen; and here too, with an apparently inexhaustible demand for tobacco, they could gain wealth and power. If Christopher Tilghman had quarreled at home with his older brother over property and an love affair, as family traditions has it, what more natural than the desire to seek fresh fields to make a "new start?"

Christopher , 28 TILGHMAN

From Stephen Tillman:
28. CHRISTOPHER TILGHMAN, son of Nicholas (27) and Jane (Beeson) Tilghman, is described in the "Visitation of Kent," as being de Selling, which is to say that he was of Selling Parish. He married Anna Sanders, the daughter of Edward and Anna (Pandreth) Sanders. Another English record stated that Anna Sanders was descended of William, "The Conqueror." Christopher Tilghman died prior to 1619 for Berry in "County Genealogies," stated that Anna Tilghman was a widow in that year. Issue: Isaac, Christopher, born 1585, Armigill, born 1592, John, born 1592, a second John, and Mary, who married Thomas --. In the Memories of "Malling and Its Valley" (now in the possession of Mrs. Rosa Morris of Salisbury, Maryland) it is stated that Armigill and John, sons of Christopher, were baptized April 23, 1592 and that John died June 3, 1592.


probably related to Margaret Sanders

Elizabeth CLAYTON

Father: George CLAYTON
Mother: Nancy LNU

Marriage 1 William ABERNATHY b: 4 APR 1742 in Brunswick Co, VA
Married: ABT. 1764 in Brunswick Co, VA
Clayton ABERNATHY b: 21 SEP 1769 in Brunswick Co, VA
Alice ABERNATHY b: 17 DEC 1771
William Jr. ABERNATHY b: 1774
Jesse ABERNATHY b: 3 JUL 1778 in Brunswick Co, VA
Catherine ABERNATHY b: 1781 in Brunswick Co, VA
Susannah ABERNATHY b: 20 MAR 1783 in Brunswick Co, VA
John ABERNATHY b: 23 FEB 1785 in VA
Elizabeth ABERNATHY b: 1787
Charles Clayton ABERNATHY b: 27 JUL 1790 in Brunswick Co, VA


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Elizabeth CLAYTON b: 1748 in Brunswick Co., Virginia
Brittain CLAYTON b: 1749 in Virginia
Charles Collier CLAYTON b: 1755 in Brunswick Co., Virginia
Susannah CLAYTON b: 1812

(Note: Susannah's birth date as reported above is probably her marriage date to John Abernathy - Mother would have been in her 90s. Also - a Susannah Abernathy b. 1783, m. 1812 to Alan Abernathy is reported as William Abernathy and Elizabeth Clayton's (above) child.  Both Susannahs need verification.)


Marriage 1 Benjamin WERELL
Married: 1811

Marriage 2 Thomas Coleman STONE b: 17 AUG 1779 in VA
Married: 28 NOV 1820 in Giles Co, TN
John Clack STONE b: 10 OCT 1821 in Giles Co, TN

Lewis Nelson BROWN

Marriage 1 Annie LOVETT
Mary "Molly" BROWN b: 26 AUG 1753 in Sussex, Virginia
Elizabeth "Betsy" BROWN b: 12 JAN 1756 in Sussex, Virginia
Aaron BROWN b: 25 FEB 1757 in Sussex, Virginia

Marriage 2 Martha "Patsy" RICHARDSON b: 2 NOV 1741 in Sussex, Virginia
Married: 17 MAR 1758
Thomas BROWN b: 18 JAN 1760 in Sussex, Virginia
Richardson BROWN b: ABT 1762 in Virginia
Lewis Nelson BROWN Jr. b: 10 JAN 1762 in Sussex, Virginia
Nancy BROWN b: 19 JAN 1764
John BROWN b: 1765
Raleigh BROWN b: 2 FEB 1770 in Brunswick Co., Virginia
Davis BROWN b: 28 JAN 1772 in Brunswick Co., Virginia
Martha "Patsy" BROWN b: 18 AUG 1775 in Brunswick Co., Virginia
Levitia BROWN