Goodson, Lockhart and Allied Families




Children with Avarilla: Elisha, Nancy, Hannah, William, Rachel, Elizabeth, Richard

Children with Sarah (second wife): Reuben.



The tax list of 1781 for Washington County, Morgan Township, PA shows Reuben Perkins as a single man owning one horse.
Reuben PERKINS, one of the pioneers of Captina, Washington Township, migrated to Belmont County, OH in the spring of 1798, and settled near the creek. At the time Reuben located in the county, he had a family of six children, the oldest only being eleven years of age.  He first settled on what was known afterward as the Brown farm situated below where Pott's Mill was standing in 1880. There were only three families living in that neighborhood at that time, Daniel Bean, who used to roam the forests clothed after the Indian fashion, his brother and Robert Latty. It is said that Reuben was quite skillful and could turn his hand to almost anything.  Me manufactured powder, dressed his own buckskins, made plows and followed weaving.  He killed many panthers, bears, wolves, deer, wildcat and other ferocious and dangerous animals.  The stories he related about these were thrilling and interesting.  The same fall he came to his new home in the wilderness a great calamity befell him---a loss he felt keenly---it was the death of his wife. After a few years, he was married again to Cathren, a Virginia lady, by who he had five children.  In 1805, he entered the quarter section of 28, in now Washington Township, and which in 1880, was still owned by some of his grandsons. On the eighth of April 1816, while engaged in work, he suddenly fell to the
ground and expired of heart disease.

Children with Catherine:  Lucretia, Zopher, Zenaphin, Calvin, and Ruth.

Children with Eizabeth Hupp: Everhart, Rueben, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Rachel, Elias, Elijah

Nathaniel Milton WOODRUFF

Most databases report Nathan's birth as Between 1770-1790.  However, if his father indeed died in 1771, well, the math is fairly simple.

not a proven connection

1.XWoodruff, Rhoda - Birth/Chris: 1806 @
2.Woodruff, Andrew - @
3.Woodruff, Mary - @
4.Woodruff, Nathaniel - Birth/Chris: ABT 1821 @
5.Woodruff, Melinda - @
6.Woodruff, Samuel - @
7.Woodruff, Jonathan Garard - @
8.Woodruff, Union - @
9.Woodruff, Amos Ogden - Birth/Chris: 20 Feb 1806 @


married: Horton, Samuel  
b. 1800 Hardin Co, KY
Father: Horton, Isaiah
Mother: Coy, Huldy

They had 2 children

Abigail STITES

Father: Stites, John
Mother: Hampton, Margaret


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Married in NY, returned to Elizabethtown, NJ, went west

John Deacon WOODRUFF
Per Audrey Lee Woodruff: "His will dated 22 June 1768 and proved 14 Sept. 1768 in Westfield, Union county, N. J. names his wife, Eleanor and children: John, Moses and Cornelius Woodruff."