Goodson, Lockhart and Allied Families


Joseph , Sr. LONG

Family 1 : Catherine FOSTER
MARRIAGE: 5 Dec 1793
+Catherine (Caty) LONG
+William F. LONG
 Henry LONG
 Joseph LONG , Jr.
+James LONG
+Mary LONG
 John LONG
+Anna LONG
 Margaret LONG

Family 2 : Agnes (Widow?) KIMSEY
MARRIAGE: 14 Dec 1813, Probably Bedford
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 19:43:13 -0600
From: Tory Crook

The Baker Long Bible, as I have called it, is a loose four pages of a family Bible record now in the possession of a descendant of the Baker branch of Joseph Long's family. Joseph and Catherine Foster Long's second son, Henry, had a son named Joseph Blackburn Long. One of his daughters, Amelia Minerva, married a Baker. A great grand daughter of Minerva's has the old record. I have a photocopy of it. I had transcribed that record on one of my web pages:

(see remainder of letter under Catherine Long)

Long Family Bible Entry:
Joseph Long Senr was Born July 23rd A D 1770

Agnes Long
January 25th A D 1767
(Since no other 'Longs' are listed in the Bible other than Joseph Long's wives and children it is apparent that this birth record is for his second wife, Agnes Kimsey.)
Joseph Long Senr Married to Catrin Foster first wife Decr 5th A D 1793
Second marriage To Agnes Kimsey Decr 14th A D 1813
Joseph Long senr
Departed this Life January 6 A D 1837 Aged 66 years 5 m 14 d

Hannah Long Decd April 29th Aged 27 yrs 2 mos 11 days (could Hannah also be Anna Long)

Henry Longs Family Rebeca Canfelt Died April 12th [?] 1846
[page torn]mual A Long Depart this life Sept 17th 1866

Rachel Long Departed This life July the 29th 1865

Hnry Long departed this life August the 16th A D 1867. buried in a Masonic form Aug 17th 1867
Long Family Bible Entry:
Wm F Long
August 31st A D 1794

Wm F Long married To Elizabeth Bla[page torn]
July 29th 1824

He was a merchant. His business partners included a brother and a brother-in-law. He suffered many professional setbacks. His wife died in childbirth at age 37 in 1839, leaving him with ten other children to care for. He married a second time, but not well. He died in 1841, leaving his children scattered among relatives.
Thomas Boyd Foster wrote a family history in 1893 "Family Sketches"
Foster wrote: "William F. Long was a very fine looking man, much stopped in the back, caused by rheumatism in early life; married a Miss Black; was quite prosperous; thought for a time to be worth fifty thousand dollars. He, in company with several other issued change certificates in the shinplaster race of 1837. When they had issued tickets for a large amount his partners put their property out of the reach of law. Long disdained such a course, and took up the tickets as they were presented for payment. In this way the most of the property was expended. He married a second wife, moved to Talladega, AL and died about the year 1840, or perhaps a little later."

A birth record in the Long Family Bible states the second marriage of Joseph Long, Sr. was to Agnes Kimsey-December 5th A D 1813. Other 'Kimsey' birth records are recorded in the Bible. These 'Kimsey' births range in year from 1797 to 1809. These Kimsey's are probably children of Agnes Kemsey Long from a previous marriage to an 'Unknown' Kimsey. These records are as follows:
Long Family Bible Records:
Humphrey P Kimsey- March 26th A D 1805
David Kimsey - Nov 12th A D 1782 [last digit "3" written over as "2"]
Wm Kimsey- Feb 23rd 1783
Benjamin Kimsey- Feb 24th A D 1784
Betsy Kimsey- Oct 31st A D 1786
Polly Kimsey- Decr 31st A D 1790
Nancy Kimsey- May 4th A D 1793
Hiram Kimsey- Jany 3rd A D 1797
Solomon Kimsey- Feb 28th A D 1799
Thos Kimsey- May 19th A D 1809
Humphrey P Kimsey
married to Margaret
ulis February 22 [page torn]

William Wynn SMITH

William Wynn Smith was born about 1809. The 1850 and 1860 censuses list his birthplace as NC. But all of his children said his birthplace was SC on the 1880 and 1900 censuses. He may have been born in Rutherford Co, NC, near the Broad River and the Spartanburg District, SC line. His wife, at least, was from this area, and he must have lived there at one time in order to have met her.

According to his granddaughter Lula B. Duncan, who recorded her memories in the 1930's, William grew up in Georgia but returned to South Carolina to marry. He married Mary J. Bostick about 1831.

Comparison of the 1850 census of Tallapoosa County AL with the 1840 census of Georgia shows that William was probably in Troop County GA in 1840. A William Smith bought a Lot 3 in La Grange, GA in January 1836, part of Lot 109 in the Sixth District. Levi Geer was the witness (Troup Co. Deed Bk. E p.309).

In March of that year, William W. Smith sold this lot to Moses Wilkes, with Henry Perkins as witness (Troup Co. Deed Bk E, p.311).

A William W. Smith bought 108.75 acres of Lot 27 in the 15th District of Troup County in 1835. The land was adjacent to James Mayfield. Joseph C. Anderson was witness (Troup Co. Deed Bk. F, p.218). This was near the now defunct town of Antioch, near the Alabama state line and the Heard County line.

In November 1843 a William W. Smith sold Jordan Traylor 108.75 acres in the 15th District of Troup, the west part of lot 27. Thomas Bassett, who had married Mary Traylor, was the witness (Troop Co Deed Bk L, p.380).

Between 1844 and 1858 William W. Smith bought nine plots in Tallapoosa County from the Federal Land Office for as little as $2.50 an acre. His land was in the Fosheeton Community, between what is now Alexander City and New Site, in T23 and R22, Sections 14,15,22, and 23.

In January 1845, he also bought 146 acres from John and Sarah Nilson, part of Section 23 in T23 & R22. William L. Nolan and John White were witnesses (Tallapoosa Co. Deed Bk. D, p.176).

William died there in Dec 1863 or Jan 1864 and was probably buried either on his own land or in an unmarked grave at nearby Ephesus Primitive Baptist Cemetery. His wife Mary died in 1863. William died intestate but his estate mentions all of his children by name, and gives dates of death for two of his sons who were killed during the Civil War.
Name: Mary Ann E. SMITH
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Birth: ABT 1832 in GA
Death: ABT 1871 in Coosa Co., AL
Marriage 1 George VARNER b: ABT 1817 in SC
Married: 07 SEP 1851 in Tallapoosa Co., AL
William David VARNER b: ABT 1853 in AL
Mary Elizabeth Ann VARNER b: 02 SEP 1854 in Coosa Co., AL
Cleopatra Penelope VARNER b: 14 NOV 1857 in AL
Laura Eugenia VARNER b: ABT 1859 in AL

Name: Nancy Caroline SMITH
Change Date: 27 JAN 2002
Note: Nancy Caroline Smith was born in 1836 in Georgia. She was the daughter of William Wynn Smith and Mary Bostick. In 1844 her family moved to Tallapoosa County AL. She married James Pennington there in 1858. James was a doctor, the son of Thomas Pennington and Eleanor Phillips. James was killed during the Civil War, leaving Nancy a widow, with two children. In 1872 she married Leroy Jackson. Leroy was also a widower, he had with seven children. Together they had three additional children,
bringing the total to five for Nancy and ten for Leroy. Both Nancy and Leroy died in Tallapoosa County AL in 1904, within 39 days of each other.
Birth: 28 JUL 1836 in Troup Co., GA
Death: 09 FEB 1904 in Tallapoosa Co., AL
Burial: AFT 09 FEB 1904 Ephesus, Primitive, Baptist Cem
Marriage 1 Leroy R. JACKSON b: 26 OCT 1826 in Meriwether Co., GA, Married: 17 SEP 1872 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Brooks Rolin JACKSON b: 08 AUG 1873 in Tallapoosa Co., AL
Eula Braxton JACKSON b: 14 JUL 1875 in Tallapoosa Co., AL
Nannie Texonia JACKSON b: 03 FEB 1881 in Tallapoosa Co., AL

Marriage 2 James PENNINGTON b: 17 OCT 1830
Married: 11 JUL 1858 in Tallapoosa Co., AL
John Thomas PENNINGTON b: 26 NOV 1859 in Tallapoosa Co., AL
Mary Lugenia Elmira 'Molly' PENNINGTON b: 01 AUG 1861 in Tallapoosa Co., AL

Name: Martha Adeline SMITH
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Birth: 10 MAY 1838 in Troup Co., GA
Death: 17 MAY 1930 in Tallapoosa Co., AL
Burial: Old Concord Cem
Marriage 1 Thomas James LESTER b: 23 OCT 1834 in Gainesville, Alachua Co, FL, Married: 14 JAN 1858 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Charles Franklin LESTER b: 17 JUN 1859
John William LESTER b: 08 AUG 1861 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Mary Emma LESTER b: 26 AUG 1864 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Sarah Emma LESTER b: 23 AUG 1865
Thomas Chesley LESTER b: 29 OCT 1866
Martha Lanora LESTER b: 22 JAN 1869

Name: Charles Richard SMITH
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Note: Richard, as he was called, was 1st corporal in Company F, 47th Alabama Infantry, during the Civil War. He was injured in the battle of Seven Pines, VA, and died in a camp hospital at Wilderness Academy, shortly thereafter.
Birth: ABT 1840 in Troup Co., GA
Death: 06 MAY 1864
Marriage 1 Sophia Frances LASSETER b: 04 MAR 1840, Married: 30 DEC 1860 in Tallapoosa Co., AL
Ella Eudora SMITH b: 02 OCT 1862

Name: John W. SMITH
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Birth: ABT 1841 in Troup Co.,, GA
Death: 05 OCT 1864 in Civil War

Name: Susannah SMITH
Change Date: 12 MAR 2002
Birth: 25 MAY 1843 in Troup Co.,, GA
Death: 19 JUN 1908 in Bartlett, Williamson Co., TX
Marriage 1 Allen DUNCAN b: 06 AUG 1843 in GA, Married: 14 APR 1864 in Tallapoosa Co., AL
Mary J. DUNCAN b: 30 NOV 1866 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
John Semore DUNCAN b: 12 SEP 1868 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Adier Narcissa 'Ada' DUNCAN b: 02 JUN 1871 in New Site, Tallapoosa Co, AL
Little Bryant DUNCAN b: 01 SEP 1872 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
William Wynn DUNCAN b: 27 JUN 1874 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Charles Franklin DUNCAN b: 06 MAY 1877 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Allen DUNCAN Jr. b: 16 MAY 1879 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Icy Binda DUNCAN b: 12 JAN 1882 in Linden, Cass Co., TX
Lula B. DUNCAN b: 07 FEB 1885 in Mayo Farm, Williamson Co, TX

Name: Emily Eliza SMITH
Change Date: 10 MAY 2001
Birth: 16 OCT 1846 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Death: JUN 1890 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Burial: Ephesus, Primitive, Baptist Cem
Marriage 1 George Washington JACKSON b: 08 JUN 1856 in Heard Co., GA, Married: 20 OCT 1874 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
William Cary JACKSON b: 27 OCT 1875 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
John Curtis JACKSON b: 27 OCT 1875 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Leroy Wynn JACKSON b: 02 AUG 1877 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Lois Pearl JACKSON b: 29 AUG 1879 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Alma Eugene JACKSON b: 01 OCT 1881 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
James Thomas JACKSON b: 01 JAN 1883 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Evie Lucinda JACKSON b: 29 JAN 1886 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Era Launa JACKSON b: 05 MAR 1887 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL

Name: James Chesley Bostick SMITH  
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Birth: 23 MAR 1849 in Tallapoosa Co.,, AL
Death: 06 NOV 1900 in Bartlett, Williamson Co., TX
Burial: City Cem


Mary J. Bostick was almost certainly the daughter of Chesley Bostick of
Spartanburg District, SC. No estate for Chesley has been found, but Mary
named a son, James Chesley Bostick Smith, and Chesley Bostick was the
only Bostick living near Cross Keys, SC, where Lula Duncan, a
granddaughter, said the family originated. The 1820 census shows that
Chesley had a daughter of the right age to be Mary. Also, Mary's two
presumed sisters, Lethe and Rebecca, both married sons of Ephraim Elder
and Sally Smith. This would suggest that Mary's husband, William W.
Smith, was a relative of Sally Smith as well, perhaps she was his aunt.

William SMITH

Census: 1850 Antioch, Troup Co., GA
Census: 1840 Antioch, Troup Co., GA
Census: 1830 Hall Co. GA

Charles SMITH b: ABT 1807 in GA
William Wynn SMITH b: ABT 1809 in NC
Joseph J. SMITH b: ABT 1811 in GA
Unknown Daughter SMITH b: ABT 1813 in GA
Barnett (Barrett | Barnabus) SMITH b: ABT 1815 in GA
Jeremiah R. SMITH b: ABT 1817 in GA
Sarah SMITH b: 20 JAN 1820 in Hall Co,, GA?


Mary's surname is unknown, and is suggested to be Barnett, based on her son who was named Barnett Smith.


Census: 1830 Spartanburg Dist., SC
Census: 1820 Spartanburg Dist., SC
Census: 1810 Rutherford Co., NC

Chesley Bostick was born around 1766, perhaps in Halifax County VA, or possibly in Orange County, NC. Chesley's father, Charles Bostick, moved to Caswell County NC by 1777, and Caswell County was formed from Orange County. Chesley probably married his first wife in Caswell County around 1786. Her name is unknown. He bought 86 acres on the South Hyco Creek from Sterling Quarls of Brunswick County, VA, for 100. The land was on Fish Trap Branch adjacent to James D. Handley and Joseph Gold. Andrew Buchanan and William Trotter were the witnesses. He was on the 1790 Caswell County census in St. Lawrence District. In 1791 Person County was formed from Caswell, and Chesley's land was in the new county. In Oct 1795, Chesley sold his 86 acres on the South Hyco Creek to Reuben Long for 100. John Johnston and William Sargeant were witnesses (Person County Deed Bk A, p.76) . Chesley was one of the buyers at the estate sale of John Dunwoody in 1796 (Person County Records Bk 1, p.297 and 2, p.5). Chesley moved to Rutherford County, NC in 1797.

He must have lived near the Spartanburg District, SC line, as in September 1798, he witnessed a deed in Spartanburg District, SC Deed Bk F, p.300: Sept. 12, 1798 Joseph Champain (Spartanburgh) to William Hollaway (Person Co, NC); for 100 SC money sold 290 ac on S side of main Broad R on Serat's Cr; border: grant South Carolina to Thomas Wilson; grant in 1787 South Carolina to Jesse Tate who sold to Joseph Champain. Witness David Tate and Chesley Bostick. Signed Joseph Champain's mark. Wit. oath Feb. 16, 1799 David Tate to H McCray. Rec. Apr. 24, 1799 He was on the 1800 census in Rutherford County NC, and appears on the 1810 census there as well. In 1806, he married Susannah Webber, daughter of Casper Webber. In 1814, Casper Webber sold 200 acres in Rutherford Co. to his daughter Susannah Bostick (DB 29-31, p.200):

"Know all men by these presents that I, Casper Weber, of the State and County aforesaid (Rutherford Co, NC) for and in consideration of the sum of $400 to me paid, hath bargained and sold unto my daughter, Susanna Bostick, during her lifetime, then to her heirs of her body, after her decision, a certain tract or parcel of land by the East side of the Broad River containing 200 acres more or less, bounded as follows: Beginning at the bank of the river then first almost above my Plantation then turning up said hollow the first branch thence to strike in the next branch where the lines between me and Phillip Ransour's crosses the branch with said line taking in all the lands that I do hold and possess along the river to the town lands.... in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 23rd day of March, 1814...."
The deed was witnessed by John Webber and Absolom Ellis, whose wife was Hannah Webber. At the same time Casper sold 200 acres to his son John, and the deed was witnessed by Chesley and Susannah Bostick (DB 9-31,p.203). In 1820, Chesley was recorded on the census in Spartanburg District SC, where Casper Webber had settled as well. But he was apparently still living on the above 200 acres on the east side of the Broad River, in Rutherford County. Records in the Court of Common Pleas in Spartanburg County show that Chesley owed a debt of $80 to Zachariah Sullins dated March 14, 1814, which he was unable to pay. This debt gradually accumulated interest, and court costs, over a period of 18 years. In 1825 he owed about $123. In 1826 Sheriff Thomas Poole attempted to sell Chesley's land and could not find a buyer. By 1832 he owed $252.

Chesley's land was apparently sold by Sheriff James Hunt by a writ of Fieri Facias issued 2 July 1831. This, along with the prior sale of farm animals and personal belongings, fell short of the amount owed by about $10. The sale of the land was not recorded in Spartanburg Dist, but may have been recorded in Rutherford County NC. Chesley's date of death is unknown, but he was living in 1830 in Spartanburg District, perhaps with his daughter Rebecca, who married Smith Elder. Smith was living on Buck Creek by 1835, if not earlier. Buck Creek was in the northeastern part of the county, not a great distance from the Broad River. His wife Susannah was still living in 1860, and was listed in the 1860 Spartanburg County census, in the home of her daughter Rebecca, and Rebecca's husband, Smith Elder.
Marriage 2 Unknown BOSWELL b: ABT 1767
Married: ABT 1788

Susannah WEBBER

Susannah Webber was born about 1774, according to the 1850 and earlier censuses. The 1850 census does not list her place of birth. In 1806, she married Chesley Bostick in Rutherford Co. NC. She was his second wife. The will of Charles Bostick (Rutherford Co. NC, 1814) mentions Chesley
"and his children by his first wife." By 1820, Chesley and Susannah were in Spartanburg District, SC, where Chesley apparently died in the 1830's. Susannah was still there in 1860, and was living in the home of Smith and Rebecca Elder. Her date and place of death is not known. Susannah was
the daughter of Casper Webber. This is proven by a deed in Rutherford Co. NC (DB 29-31, p. 200). Susannah and Chesley had moved to Rutherford County in 1797.


Charles Bostick was probably born in the 1740's in Virginia. He was in Halifax County, VA at the time of his marriage to Ruth Scoggin, daughter of Richard and Mary Scoggin of Halifax County. Charles was in Caswell County NC by 1777, as he appears on a tax digest there that year. Since Caswell County was formed from Orange County in 1777, Charles may have been in Orange County, NC earlier. In March 1778, Charles sold 70 acres of land on Castle Creek in Caswell County to Fielding Lewis for 40u, with Isaac Vanhook among the witnesses (Caswell County Deed Bk A, p.54).

In July 1779, he received a grant of 200 acres on Castle Creek and another grant of 100 acres on Mayo Creek in April 1787. In 1783 he sold ten acres on Spring Branch to Andrew Buchanan for 10, with Joseph Johnson as one of the witnesses. (Deed Bk. B, p.110). He sold 200 acres for 100 to Buchanan in July 1784 (Deed Bk. B, p.422). In Nov 1786, he sold 308 acres on Castle Creek to John Neel for 250, with Benjamin Boswell and Reaves Neal among the witnesses. (Deed Bk E, p.114). This land probably bordered his old tract of land as the deed mentioned Andrew Buchanan's line.

In Dec 1787, he bought 210 acres on Handley's Mill Creek and the waters of the South Hyco Creek from Isaac Vanhook for 120, with Lewis Parrott, husband of Sarah Scoggin, among the witnesses. In Nov 1788, Charles bought 100 acres in Halifax County, VA, from William Harris and John Scoggin, with Lucy Scoggin among the witnesses (Halifax County VA Deed Bk. 14, p.454). John Scoggin, and Sarah Scoggin Parrott, were the illegitimate children of Charles' wife, Ruth, and may have been Charles's as well. Charles may have given this land to his son Richard, who seems to have been living in Halifax County during this period.

Charles was on the 1790 census in Caswell County, in St. Lawrence District. When Person County was created in 1791, his land fell in the new county. He appears on the 1794 and 1795 tax lists there. In January 1795, Charles sold his 210 acres on Hendley (sic) Mill Creek to Mathew Daniel for 166. This land was on the waters of the South Hyco Creek and Derby Hendley's line (Person County Deed Bk. B, p.75) In Nov 1795, Charles sold 100 acres on the water of the Mayo Creek to Thomas Hood of Dinwiddie Co, VA for 10 (deed Bk. B, p.298). In Jan 1796, Charles appointed his son Chesley as his lawful attorney to transact all matters in his absence, as he was going to Virginia to deal with suits from Delilah South, "on account of my son Richard Bostick getting a base begotten child with her" (Deed Bk. B, p.298). Charles moved to Rutherford County, NC, in 1796, in Sept 1796 he bought 200 acres on Wilkeys' Creek in Rutherford County for 100. In November 1796, he bought 150 acres from Benjamin Dayley. In Oct 1806, he sold the first tract of land to Richard Estridge for $370. He left a will there in 1813. His wife Ruth survived him, but is not listed in the 1820 census.

Title: Person Co. NC Compilations of Wills, Tax Lists 1792-1820
Abbrev: Person Co. Compilations
Author: Katherine Kerr Kendall
Comments: Last edited in ROOTS III on 03/22/1992.

Relationship 1, Partner Unknown
Sarah SCOGGIN b: ABT 1761
John SCOGGIN b: ABT 1763

Susannah BOSTICK b: ABT 1766 in Halifax Co,, VA
    Marriage 1 Reuben PARROTT b: 14 FEB 1762, Married: 1784 in Caswell Co., NC

Female BOSTICK b: AFT 1766 in Halifax Co,, VA
Charles Bostick's will mentions Ricy Walker, wife of John Walker, Jr.,
and Walker family records indicate that John Walker, Jr., married Ricy
Johnson. This would suggest two possibilities. Either Charles had a
deceased daughter who married a Mr. Johnson, and had a child named Ricy, or else Charles had a daughter who was married first to a Mr. Johnson, and second to John Walker, Jr. Further research is needed. This writer assumes for the moment that Ricy was the granddaughter of Charles Bostick, since she was not specifically mentioned as a daughter in Charles' will. If Charles had a deceased daughter, perhaps her name was Ruth or Mary, since these were family names. Marriage 1 JOHNSON b: AFT 1763

Chesley BOSTICK b: ABT 1768 in Halifax Co,, VA
Lucy BOSTICK b: ABT 1770 in Halifax Co,, VA
    Marriage 1 George REYNOLDS b: SAY 1768, Married: 14 JAN 1793 in Person Co,, NC

Reuben BOSTICK b: ABT 1772 in Halifax Co,, VA
    Marriage 1 Margaret DAVIDSON b: SAY 1774, Married: 12 SEP 1797 in Rutherford Co., NC

Richard BOSTICK b: ABT 1774 in Halifax Co,, VA
    In 1788, Richard's father bought land in Halifax County, VA from John Scoggin, and may have given it to Richard a few years later, as Richard seems to have been living in Halifax County in the late 1790's. In 1796, he was involved in a paternity suit with Delilah South, apparently in Halifax County (Person County NC Deed Bk B, p.172). He was probably the Richard Bostick who married Ann Link in Halifax Co, VA in 1798. Richard and Ann evidently lived in Halifax Co, VA for a few years as there is a bill of sale dated 31 Oct 1800 between Buckley Walker and Richard Bostick of Halifax County, VA, recorded in Person County, NC (Deed Bk 6, p.208). On 5 Mar 1807 Richard bought two tracts of land on Millstone Ford of Sandy Run in Rutherford County, NC, from James Gage, one tract of 100 acres and another of 200 acres (Rutherford Deed Bk. 25, p.17). That same day Richard's brother, Reuben, also bought land from Gage. In April 1808, Richard was named as security in the estate settlement of Henry Die (Rutherford County Misc Records, Griffith Rutherford Chapter, DAR, 1972). After the death of his father, Richard received 100 acres of land on which Charles was living when he wrote his will in 1813. Richard is shown on the War of 1812 muster roll of the 1st Regiment of the Detached Militia of Rutherford County, in Aug 1814 (History of Old Tryon and Rutherford County, Clarence W. Griffin, 1977). Richard witnessed the will of George Moore on 4 Mar 1817, and the will of John Jones on 15 Sept 1819 (Rutherford County Misc Records). On 4 April 1825, William Carson, Rutherford Co. sheriff, sold three tracts of land to settle a judgement against Richard Bostick, Joseph Scoggins, and John Haney. The sheriff advertised the land, which was sold 19 Oct 1824, and which was bought by the highest bidder, Thomas Stroud (Deed Bk 35, p.167). Sometime after April 1825, and before the 1830 census, Richard and his family moved to Gwinnett County, GA. He appears on the 1830 census there, along with his son John. By 1840, the only Bostick listed in Gwinnett County is Richard Jr., a son of Richard and Ann's. John Bostick, another son, moved back to Rutherford County. Richard joined the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Gwinnett County, and is shown on the church rolls. This church was organized in 1827, so Richard was an early member (record found in the DAR Library in Washington, DC). Richard and Ann had nine children according to the 1820 Rutherford County census, but
definitive proof of each is lacking.
Marriage 1 Ann LINK b: SAY 1776, Married: SAY 1797

Nancy BOSTICK b: ABT 1776 in Halifax Co,, VA
    Marriage 1 John HARRELL b: SAY 1774, Married: 31 JUL 1797 in Rutherford Co., NC



According to his tombstone, Casper was aged 76 when he died in South Carolina in 1818, and so was born about 1742. Casper was already 36 years old when, in Nov 1778, a John Webber mortgaged his land and belongings in Bedford Co, VA in order to secure a debt he owed to Casper Webber. (Bedford Co. Deed Book 6, p. 161). This John and Casper were probably brothers. John appears in Bedford County, VA records as early as 1769 (Bedford Co. Deed Bk. 3-337). Perhaps Casper was there in Bedford County in the 1760's as well, and if so may have married his wife, Rosanna, in Bedford County, as he must have married between 1763 and 1769. Bedford County was formed from Lunenburg County in Dec 1753.

Casper Weber was a smith of some sort, and may have been a merchant as well. If Casper was primarily a smith or a merchant rather than a farmer, that would explain why there are so few records on him in Virginia. At age 36 in 1778, he was a bit too old to have served in the Revolutionary War. And his children were too young to have served. It is possible that Casper contributed supplies to the Revolutionary cause, but that is yet to be determined. Casper Weber was definitely in Campbell County, VA, by May, 1791, when he witnessed a deed of Mary Rust and George Rust, as executrix and executor of the will of Jeremiah Rust of Campbell County, to George Rust (sic) of the same place. Patrick Gibson and Donald Warrand were the other witnesses (Campbell County, VA Deed Book 3, p. 85). Casper also witnessed another deed from George Rust to Mary Rust, on the same day (Campbell Deed Bk 3-124). Casper's young son William Weber witnessed another Rust family deed a few days later that same May, 1791 (Campbell Co. Deed Bk. 3-129). William Weber had witnessed an earlier Rust deed in May, 1790 (Deed Bk 3- 199). Perhaps William's wife was a Rust.

In 1790, William would have been about 20 years old, and just married. In Jan 1792, John Weber of Campbell County sold 200 acres to Casper Weber for 50. The land was on the head branches of Seneca Creek, part of a tract John Weber bought from Mary Read of Charlotte Co, VA. Mary had acquired the original 1162 acres by patent (Campbell Co. Deed Bk. 3-144). In Dec 1792, Henry Weber appears in a deed associated with John Webber (Deed Bk 3-341). Henry was probably John's son. In Jul 1794, Casper Weber acknowledged that he has received payment of a debt from John Webber, and relinquishes a mortgage he had on John's land to secure the debt (Campbell Co. Deed Bk 3-437). The original mortgage (mentioned above) was recorded in Bedford Co, VA, in 1778. In Nov 1794, Casper Weber witnessed a deed from John Jones to Thomas Gregg (Campbell Deed Bk 3-536). John and William Weber continue to be mentioned in deeds throughout this period. John was apparently Casper's brother, and William was Casper's eldest son.

In Feb 1796, Peter Weber is mentioned as a bounding land owner in a deed from Christopher and Mary Irvine "of Clendenning" to William Watts of Campbell (Deed Bk 3-621). Peter was probably John's son. Also in 1796, the estate of Andrew Moorman owed Casper Webber money for "smith's work" (Campbell Co, VA Wills 1782-1800, p. 351). This is the evidence that Casper Weber was a smith of some sort. Casper Weber moved from Campbell Co, VA to Rutherford Co. NC sometime between 1796 and 1799. Casper first appears in the deed records of Rutherford Co. NC in 1799. That year he bought 167 acres on the Broad River, near the SC state line, for 1,000 silver dollars, a substantial sum of money (DB 12-14,p.38). Casper was buying prime river bottom land at a premium price. In 1800, he acquired 90 more acres on the Broad River (DB 20-21, p.149). Joseph and Casper Webber were chain bearers for the survey of this land, and are believed to be his sons. In 1804 Casper sold 200 acres to the town of Burr (DB 22-23, p.399). In 1807 a Casper Webber bought 264 acres on the Pacolet River, in Spartanburg District, SC. Whether this was Casper Sr. or Jr. is not clear (DB L-105). William Weber, Casper's son, was in Spartanburg District by 1800 and was there continuously until his death in 1847. In 1809 Casper bought a lot in the town of Ervinsville (Rutherford Co. DB 25,p.33).

There were three entries on the 1810 census of Rutherford Co. for Casper Weber, and one entry in Spartanburg District, SC. This seems to be an error on the part of the census takers, for only two Caspers are known, Casper Sr. living in Rutherford Co. with his wife and four sons, and Casper Jr. in Spartanburg District. In 1811, Rosannah Weber died, and is buried in Spartanburg District, SC (in what is now Cherokee Co.) in the Allen-Glenn Cemetery. In 1814, Casper sold 200 acres in Rutherford Co. to his daughter Susannah Bostick (DB 29-31, p.200). The deed was witnessed by John Weber and Absolom Ellis, whose wife was Hannah Weber. At the same time Casper sold 200 acres to his son John, and the deed was witnessed by Chesley and Susannah Bostick (DB 29-31,p.203). Casper died in 1818, and is buried in Allen-Glenn Cemetery with his wife. Both are in marked graves, although part of the cemetery has been destroyed.

Casper Webber left a deed of gift in Rutherford County, NC, in 1816, which apparently mentioned all of his children who were then living:

Rutherford County NC Deeds, Vol. 29, pp. 33, 34, 35

July the 30th 1816 No. 25

Be it known to all to whom it may Concern that I Casper Webber of North Carolina and County of Rutherford now in perfect health of both body and mind but finding myself far advanced in years and being desirous in some measure to dispose of some of my personal Estate for my own Convenience as well as for the future benefit of my Children I do therefore by and with the Consent of my loving Wife Anna and for the love good will & affection that I bear to all my dutifull children Viz, Wm Webber, Susanna Bostick, Rachel Hunter, Margaret Amos, Casper Webber, Reuben Hopper, Joseph Webber, Hanna Ellis, Solomon Webber & John Webber, Give and bequeath and by these presents will warrant and defend unto all my before named Children the following Negro Slaves Viz - Jack, Winny, Tom, Bob, & Adam her Children Phillis, Jim, Drusilla & Isaac her Children under the following Reservation that is to say I Reserve the full power to myself at all times to hold in my possession all or any number of the afore named Negro slaves or to take out of the possession of any one of my Children & thisn [sic] or any of them to place into the possession of any other of my Children as my own Desiration [sic] shall at any time dictate and at all times for my own ease & convenience & for my own pleasure together with that of my wife Anna I receive the whole Right & Authority exclusively, of disposing of their labour [sic] and Services so as not to have it in my power to sell or dispose of them to any other person without the Consent of all my before Mentioned Children during my natural life and after my death the true intent and meaning of this deed of Gift is together with my Sincere Wishes that the aforesaid Negro Slaves together with their Increases shall be equally and fairly divided between my before mentioned Children, share alike subject to the two following Reasons that is to say that part of dividend of the aforesaid Negroes that would fall to my daughter Susannah Bostick it is my pleasure together with that of my Wife Anna that the full Rights and Inheritance of the same shall be fully vested in the lawfull [sic] heirs of her body after death but not to be subject to her disposal of her legal representatives Viz. her husband. Fondly [Finally?] that if it should please God to bless me and my Wife Anna with one or more Children that are Yet Unborn it is my Will pleasure together with that of my Wife Anna that the Child or Children so to be born if ever, shall have and draw a full and equal share of the aforesaid Negroes with my other Children above named and it is my pleasure together with that of my Wife Anna that my oldest Son William Webber shall take the care of this Deed of Gift and have proven and Registered and that he shall stand forward as the proper person to see that true and ample justice is done to all his brothers and Sisters agreeable to the true intent and meaning of this Deed of Gift In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 31st day of May in the Year of our Lord 1816. [Signed] Casper Webber [witnesses] Arthur Clarke, Narcissa Clark.

Be it known that I Anna Webber Uxor of Capshaw [sic] Webber do freely and Willingly Certify that the Within Deed of Gift as it Contains the Donation of all the Negroes as mentioned within by Capshaw [sic] Webber my Husband to his Children as described within is done & Executed with my perfect good will and Consent and that I have freely signed this present Inderument [Instrument?] without either fear or threats from my husband or any of his Children but I do it with my free consent and pleasure as Witness my hand and Seal this 31st day of May in the Year of our Lord 1816 [signed] Anna ['x' her mark] Webber [witnesses] Arthur Clarke, Narcissa Clarke


Name: John Calvin ELDER
Sex: M
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Birth: ABT 1826
Marriage 1 Mary MORGAN b: ABT 1838
Married: 14 OCT 1847

Name: Chesley Bostick ELDER
Sex: M
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Birth: ABT 1829
Marriage 1 Narcissa GEORGE b: ABT 1840
Married: 07 OCT 1851

Name: Charles Pickney ELDER
Sex: M
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Birth: ABT 1831
Marriage 1 Elizabeth CUMMINGS b: ABT 1842
Married: 15 AUG 1850

Name: Casper Webber ELDER
Sex: M
Change Date: 22 AUG 2002
Birth: ABT 1833 in NC
Marriage 1 Margaret J. b: ABT 1834 in TN
Married: ABT 1856 in TN

Name: Elizabeth ELDER
Sex: F
Change Date: 15 JUL 2001
Birth: ABT 1835

Name: Meriett ELDER
Sex: F
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Birth: ABT 1837

William Ransom ELDER
Sex: M
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Birth: ABT 1838
Marriage 1 Sarah Jane ELLISON b: ABT 1844

Name: Peter ELDER
Sex: M
Change Date: 06 OCT 2000
Birth: ABT 1841
Marriage 1 Catherine Miner REEVES b: ABT 1842
Married: 16 JUN 1861


Census: 1850 Greene Co,, TN

Lethe was almost certainly a daughter of Chesley Bostick and his second wife, Susannah Weber. Family tradition and circumstantial evidence strongly point to this conclusion. Lethe named a son Chesley Bostick Elder, and another son Casper Weber Elder. Chesley Bostick was surely her father, and Casper Weber was her mother Susannah Weber's father. An Elder family researcher, James Elder, of Silver Spring, MD, suggests that Lethe's husband Peter Elder was a son of Ephraim Elder and Sally Smith. According to James Elder, Ephraim and Sally (Smith) Elder had another son, Smith Elder, who married Rebecca Bostick, a known daughter of Chesley Bostick and his second wife Susannah Weber. So it seems likely that two children of Ephraim and Sally (Smith) Elder married two children of Chesley and Susannah (Weber) Bostick.

Sons Of Letha Bostick By Mary Garrison

Letha Bostick was born 1808 in South Carolina, the daughter of Chesley Bostick and Susanna Weber. Letha married Peter Elder in 1824 in Spartanburg County, SC.

On 28 Dec 1822 Letha Bostick's grandfather, Casper Weber of Knox County, TN, deeded 160 acres of land on Buck Creek, Spartanburg County, SC, to Letha & her sister Rebecca Bostick. This is the same land that Letha & her husband Peter Elder years later sold to James Cantrell, their share being 80 acres. Letha's sister Rebecca Bostick and her husband Smith
Elder (nephew of Peter Elder) stayed on the land as long as they both lived. In 1856, Smith Elder deeded over 5 acres of the land for a house of worship to Buck Creek Baptist Church, which is still in existence today, and some of Rebecca Bostick & Smith Elder's descendants are still living on some of the same land today.

Letha Bostick and Peter Elder had 9 children, all born in South Carolina:
1. Richard S. Elder born 1825 2. John Calvin Elder born 1826 3. Chesley Bostick Elder born 1828 4. Charles Pickney Elder born 1829 5. Elizabeth Ann Elder born 1832 6. Casper Weber Elder born 1833 7. Merritt Elder 8. William Ranson Elder 9. Peter Elder.

Peter Elder and Letha Bostick sold their land on Buck Creek and the land they owned in Rutherford County, NC in 1842, Peter evidently died before 1850. I don't know if he moved to Greene County, TN or died before the family moved there. The family to TN as early as 1847 as the two oldest sons are on marriage records in Greene county in Sept & Oct 1847. Letha
Bostick Elder and the other children are on census records of Greene County, TN in 1850 with Letha listed as a widow. She remarried in 1859 to Michael Crum of Greene County, TN.

When the Civil War hit, Greene County, TN was caught in the middle, some in the county fought for the South and some for the North. This was one of those families that was divided and this was a family that was ravaged by this war; a story of a mother that had to see her sons on different sides, fighting each other. This was a war that pitted neighbor against neighbor, and brother against brother. We do not know if the two oldest sons of Letha Bostick fled the South or not, but we have no record of them in this war or even in Tennessee at this time. The third oldest son, Chesley Bostick Elder, who was a farmer in Greene County, District 22, before the Civil War, married Narcissa George. On 5 Aug 1863 he enlisted
in the Confederate Army and served in Company G of the 14th TN Inf. On 27 Dec 271864 at City Point, VA, he signed an oath to the United States, and he was granted amnesty and furnished transportation back to Greene County,TN, In his service records he is described as 5'7" tall, brown
hair, brown eyes, and dark complexion.

Letha Bostick's son, Charles Pickney Elder, owned a farm near Limestone Springs in Greene county before the war. On 9 Sep 1862, he enlisted in the Confederate Army and on 18 May 18 1863, he was captured at Wartsburg, TN. There is no further record of his service. However, many Confederate
records were destroyed when Richmond was burned near the end of the war. Charles Pickney was married to Elizabeth Cummings. When Charles enlisted in war he already had eight children, including a set of twin boys born in 1864. Charles and his family left TN but there is no record that I
have been able to find that shows that he sold his farm. I would think that his farm was confiscated by the Union army. Charles and his family went to DuQuoin, Illinois, where his son Michael was born in 1865 (Michael was my grandfather). Then they moved on to MO, where he had another son born and a set of twin girls. Charles and his family never returned to Tennessee. He is buried in Malden, MO.

After the War between the States ended, there was much hatred for some that fought for the Confederates in Greene county. This was the story that has been passed down in the family. Charles had his farm and everything taken from him by the Union army and some of his friends and neighbors and family that were on the side of the north turned against him and that he left the state and went to Illinois where he had a
brother living John Calvin Elder, I think.

Casper Weber Elder was a farmer in Greene County before the war. In 1861 he joined the Union Army and served in Company F 4th, TN Inf. He was mustered out at Nashville, TN in Aug 1865. Casper was married to Margaret Cummings. After the war he moved his family to Hamilton County, TN.

Merrett Elder joined the Union Army in 1861 and served in Company F, 2nd TN Inf. He was captured at Rogersville, TN, Nov 1863 and was first confined at Richmond, VA. In Feb 1864 he was transferred to the military prison at Andersonville, GA. Later he was transferred to Charleston, SC, where he died 20 Oct 1864 while a prisoner of war. He was unmarried.

William Ranson Elder owned a farm near Limestone Springs in Greene County before the war. In Nov 1861 he joined the Union Army and served in Company C, 4th TN inf. He died of illness in a military hospital in Nashville, TN and is buried in grave #1213 section E. in Nashville National Cemetery. In service records he is described as being 5' 6 1/2 " tall, blue eyes, light hair, and fair complexion. He was married to Sarah
Jane Ellison.

Letha Bostick's youngest was Peter Elder. Peter joined the Union Army 18 Sep 1861 and served in Company F of the 2nd. TN inf. along with his brother Merritt and was captured at Rogersville along with his brother. They were first confined at Richmond, VA then sent to the military prison at  Andersonville, GA where Peter died of scurvy on 8 Aug 1864. He is buried there in grave #7402. Peter was married to Catherine Minerva Reeves.

According to the best estimate from available records, a total of 893 solders from the 2nd.TN participated in the battle at Rogersville,TN 608 soldiers are believed to have been captured by the enemy at the battle site, five died on the battle field that day, total number from the 2nd. TN who died in captivity 418. Letha Bostick lost 3 of her sons in this war to death and the others were separated by difference of opinions. This was a lady who saw and lived with the pains that war can do to a family and a nation. She lived to be in her 70's and died in Greene County, TN. Her Husband Michael Crum in his will refereed to her, as a loving wife, a good moral Christian woman.

Letha Bostick was my G.G.Grandmother, I think of her often, not that I knew her in person, but as a mother myself, I often think of the pain that this conflict of our nation caused her, and wonder if in her later years if she didn't think often of the days before the war when all her children lived close by her and had happy, fun times together, and then the war and very thing changed; her children was either dead or far from her. It was a great price our ancestors paid for our county, we must never forget or take our freedom lightly.


Father:John SMITH, Birth: ABT 1734, Death: ABT 1801 in Spartanburg Dist., SC

Mother: Mary Unknown, Birth: ABT 1736, Death: AFT 1801 in Spartanburg Dist., SC


Father: Peter ELDER, Birth: 21 MAY 1715, Death: in Richmond Co., VA
Mother: Amadine HAMMOND, Birth: ABT 1717


Census: 1870 Spartanburg Co., SC
Census: 1850 Spartanburg Dist., SC

Jane Ann ELDER b: ABT 1833 in Spartanburg Dist., SC
John ELDER b: ABT 1835 in Spartanburg Dist., SC
Elizabeth ELDER b: ABT 1837 in Spartanburg Dist., SC
Martin ELDER b: ABT 1839 in Spartanburg Dist., SC
Susan ELDER b: ABT 1841 in Spartanburg Dist., SC
    Marriage 1 Jesse Lafayette HUMPHRIES b: ABT 1854 in SC