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From, 13 Mar 2001:

Thank you for contacting me. I did hear from Sherrie, who told me to contact Karen Bullard (with whom I have exchanged emails in the past), but both the email addresses I have for her are evidently invalid.

Anyway, the message was not on GenForum, but rather in the Campbell Co., VA, mail list The post was by I've copied it below. It's very exciting. I have contacted AJ, who knows the people who own the bible - they still live in the same house that Catherine Weber Trent did almost 200 years ago
(Catherine was the daughter of John who married William Trent). AJ says that the couple who owns the bible and house (and other family items) are very elderly and in poor health, and their son is taking care of them. The son realizes the value of the items, and will eventually donate them to a North Carolina library. Until then, it's unlikely that a photocopy can be made of the note in the bible, but AJ says he has one already. In any case, what he posted is a verbatim copy. I think it's legit and trustworthy.

I look forward to pursuing this with you and the other Weber researchers. btw, I am descended from John Weber's daughter Margaret, who married John Phillips.

Enough gabbing, here's the post - the best part is the 2nd to last paragraph:

Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 09:36:24 -0500
Subject: William Trent & Catharine Weber

OK, I've gotten a few responses, thank you all, so this is what I have on the Trent/Weber connection.

In Rockingham Co., NC there is State Highway 87, take that north into Henry Co., VA, go one mile and take the first road to the left, SR 637, go about 3/4 mile take the first road to the left, SR Morgan Ford Rd or 622, this road will fork, stay to the right, at the end of the road is a two story white frame home, with a iron fence in front, to the right of
the house is a one story barn or wood shed, between the home and the woodshed is a abandoned road, you can't drive on it, but if you walk down this road , guessing, a mile, at he end is a small family cemetery. The Trent Family Cemetery. it is about 30' x 30' surrounded by a stone wall about 2' tall and 3' wide. I was there last in the spring on '99, about 2 weeks after the area had had a tornado, a double trunk yellow poplar had fallen across the cemetery, but the stone wall had kept the tree from doing more damage than it did, the tree crushed one double stone, that of
Benjamin Trent and his loving wife Susannah Copeland, the dates are now gone!! The graves that remain are; William Trent, who died 18 Sept 1851. Catharine Elizabeth Weber, d/o John Weber & Margaret, w/o William Trent, b. 17 May 1777 in Campbell Co., VA, d. 23 Nov 1871, then there is a one liner in German. Williiam Bailey Trent, b. 5 Nov 1811 - no death date. Rachel Weber Trent, w/o Duke Price, b. 20 Aug 1806, d. 13 Aug 1836, she leaves 6
lonely children. Sarah Garrett, w/o W. B. Trent, b. 16 Apr 1816, d. 27 Apr 1886. (there are other stones, but the tree in the cemetery really hampered me from gathering info - I plan to go back this summer with a couple of my brothers and a chain saw).

The William Trent Family Bible, in possession of James Garrett, Rockingham Co., NC. copyright 1810, has a note written on the inside back cover; For my children - My father was John Weber (or Veber it looks like a 'V') born in Germany along with my Mother Margaret, and 2 brothers, and my grandfather Peter Henry Veber, came to Virginia in 1770, and settled in Campbell Co., VA. C. E. Weber Trent, 1845

William WEBBER

Jackson, Malone, Smith, Davis & Allied Lines Sources:
Title: Amos, Dennis R., Recipient: Lewis W. Griffin, Author's Addr: 604 Ferndale
Drive Rock Hill, SC 29730
Abbrev: Amos, Dennis R.
Author: Dennis R. Amos
Publication: 6 Aug 1984

William Walker WEBBER

Spartanburg District SC, Deed Bk V, p. 271-272: 20 Feb 1830, William
Webber Senr., for the love and affection which I bear to my son William W. Webber, have given a certain tract of land in Spartanburgh Dist. on Thickety Creek, including the plantation whereon I now live, by computation 276 acres more or less. Witness Peter Quinn Camp, Saul A. Camp. Signed William Webber. Witness oath by Peter Quinn Camp 20 Feb 1830 to J. Camp, J. P. Rrec. 30 Nov 1833



William Dobbins WEBBER b: 12 NOV 1817 in Thickety, Cherokee Co. South Carolina
    Note: In 1860, shown in census as age 43 with wife Julia, age 25 and Mary A. age 3 and Albert B age 9 months. Occ. Farmer 1860 SC census Spartanburg co. Northern District Roll # 1226. Marriage 1 Julia Ann MOORE b: 01 DEC 1835, Married: 15 APR 1854    

James Madison WEBBER b: 09 SEP 1819

Mahala C. WEBBER b: 05 OCT 1823 in SC
    Marriage 1 Joseph Guyton WEBBER b: 09 MAY 1821 in SC, Married: 03 JAN 1844 in SC 3
Truman S. WEBBER b: ABT 1845 in SC
Mary Ann WEBBER b: SAY 1847
Hosea H. WEBBER b: AFT 1849
Julio Louvenio WEBBER b: 23 JUL 1853
Alice WEBBER b: 14 AUG 1854
Dock Guyton WEBBER b: 14 JAN 1857 in SC
Charicie M. WEBBER b: 26 MAY 1861

Joseph Pickney WEBBER b: 06 DEC 1825
Drury D. WEBBER b: 28 JAN 1829
    Note: Served in company A, Holcombe's Legion in the War between the States. Birth: 28 JAN 1829
Marriage 1 Mary C. SMITH b: SAY 1830, Married: DEC 1851

Mary WEBBER b: 11 JUL 1831
John W. WEBBER b: 22 AUG 1831
    Note: Served as a Spartanburg county Rep. to the state legislature 1862-64. Birth: 22 AUG 1831
Death: 04 AUG 1869
Marriage 1 Mary ADAMS b: SAY 1831
Married: 03 NOV 1852 2

Hosea Holcomb WEBBER b: 24 MAY 1832 in South Carolina
Never fought on a battlefield but was sent to the machine shops to make wagons to haul cannons and other things used in the war. Birth: 24 MAY 1832 in South Carolina, Death: 05 APR 1900 in South Carolina
Marriage 1 Catherine ARMSTRONG b: 18 JAN 1831
Married: DEC 1852

Elizabeth Sarah WEBBER b: 12 NOV 1834
Marriage 1 James Madison THOMAS b: ABT 1826
Married: ABT 1850
Marriage 2 Aaron Wilkins TOLLESON b: 02 OCT 1836
Married: 14 DEC 1854


Jackson, Malone, Smith, Davis & Allied Families Sources:
Title: Amos, Dennis R., Recipient: Lewis W. Griffin, Author's Addr: 604 Ferndale
Drive Rock Hill, SC 29730
Abbrev: Amos, Dennis R.
Author: Dennis R. Amos
Publication: 6 Aug 1984

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