Goodson, Lockhart and Allied Families


George Jefferson GARNER


Senora Lovonia COOPER


James , Jr. HUNTER

Father: James HUNTER b: SAY 1742
Mother: Catherine b: SAY 1744

Rachel HUNTER b: 13 OCT 1810 in Spartanburg Dist., SC


Rachel is listed as a child of Casper Webber in "400 Years with Haskells" by Ivan Y. Haskell, p.397. This writer has no proof that she was a daughter of Casper Webber. But Spartanburg Dist. deeds show that James Hunter was on Thickety Creek as early as 1800, and he was associated in deeds with the Webber family and with William Bostick. Ivan Haskell states that James Hunter was from Campbell Co, VA.

Joseph Augustus WEBBER

John G. WEBBER b: ABT 1815
    Marriage 1 Cynthia S. b: ABT 1815
     Mary S. WEBBER b: ABT 1842
     Doctor W. WEBBER b: ABT 1845
     Pinkney S. WEBBER b: ABT 1847
     Charles WEBBER b: ABT 1850 in SC
     Moses WEBBER b: ABT 1854 in SC
     Eliza WEBBER b: ABT 1859 in Spartanburg Dist., SC

Joseph Guyton WEBBER b: 09 MAY 1821 in SC

Adaline F. WEBBER b: ABT 1822

Charles G. WEBBER b: ABT 1825 in SC
    Marriage 1 Emily G. b: ABT 1822 in NC
     Elmira WEBBER b: ABT 1852 in SC
     Henry M. WEBBER b: ABT 1854 in SC
     Charles Quincy WEBBER b: ABT 1858 in SC
     Margaret WEBBER b: ABT 1864 in SC
     Sarah WEBBER b: ABT 1866 in SC
     John J. WEBBER b: ABT 1871 in York Co.,, SC

Sarah C. WEBBER b: ABT 1826

Eliza M. WEBBER b: ABT 1829

Joseph Guyton WEBBER

Cousin of Mahala, his wife.

Truman S. WEBBER b: ABT 1845 in SC
Mary Ann WEBBER b: SAY 1847
Hosea H. WEBBER b: AFT 1849
Julio Louvenio WEBBER b: 23 JUL 1853
Alice WEBBER b: 14 AUG 1854
Dock Guyton WEBBER b: 14 JAN 1857 in SC
Charicie M. WEBBER b: 26 MAY 1861

Title: Union co. Heritage Book
Abbrev: Union co. Heritage Book
Title: Karen Bullard files, Cemetery Records of Cherokee Co. page 121
Abbrev: Karen Bullard files, Cemetery
Title: Karen Bullard files
Abbrev: Karen Bullard files