Goodson, Lockhart and Allied Families


John Adam , Jr. SNAVELY Jr.


He was probably born in Crow Hollow, in present day Smyth County,Virginia.

He is probably buried in a family cemetery in Crow Hollow.  He wasburied in SCOTT CEMETERY, A TKINS, VA.

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The accepted name for the cemetery today (1998) is, the "ScottCemetery." Depending on who yo u talk with however, you may hear itcalled, "Calhoun Cemetery," or "Crow Cemetery."  The name , "ScottCemetery" is mis-leading because the name comes from Pepper Scott, whoowned the lan d around 1900, and afterwards, and is buried in thecemetery.

The history of the area has been lost in time, and only a very fewpeople living today know th e real story of the area.  The cemeterydates back to at least 1825, and should really be refe rred to as, "TheSnavely Cemetery."  We feel quite certain that the first person to beburied i n the cemetery was John Adam Snavely, in 1825, or Elizabeth(Musser) Snavely, John Adam's moth er, sometime before February 23,1826, or perhaps Thomas Crow, Sr., in 1811. We are continuin g toresearch the area's history, and hopefully someday have documentedevidence to substantiat e these facts.

The Scott Cemetery is located on route # 684, just a bit west of theAtkins Brick Plant, on U S Highway # 11. Going west on US #11 fromGroseclose, Virginia, you will cross over the railro ad tracks at thebrick plant.  Continue on west past the Waddell Trucking Company abouttwo ten ths of a mile, and turn right on route # 684.  Route # 684 isan unpaved, narrow road.  Afte r crossing the railroad and the MiddleFork of the Holston River, continue on until you come t o the fence atthe Interstate 81 right of way.

At the I-81 right of way fense, there is an old road that turns to theleft and runs paralle l with I-81.  This old road is now more or less apath through a field, but a high clearance v ehicle can be driven onthe old road. The old cemetery is on the left of the old road andabou t half way up on the ridge.

The cemetery is in terrible condition, having been over grown for over40 years at least, an d having gone through two terrible ice storms afew years back which fell trees in a twisted a nd tangled mess. Mybrother and I talked with the present land owner, and at that time thelan d owner agreed to help us using his farm equipment clean thecemetery. When we talked to the l and owner the second time, he hadchanged his mind saying that he really wanted to clean the c emetery,but some of the people living close by raised so much hell he decidednot to cause pro blems in the neighborhood.

How very sad!!!! In my opinion, the so-called neighbors who raised allthe hell are very ignor ant and care nothing for the history of thearea and their heritage - some of their ancestor s are resting in thecemetery.

Following are the stones that I found in the cemetery in the late1950's, and where noted, I h ave included names of people whom I knoware buried in the cemetery but have no marker. This k nowledge comesfrom the families of my first wife, the Crows and Calhouns, and alsofrom Merl e Crowe, of Rochester, MN, who has compiled his research onthe Crows and related families . I have also included two names fromthe "Smyth County, Virginia Cemeteries", by Mack and Ke n Sturgill.

*****NOTE:  There are NO STONES for any of the Snavely family thatfollows.  From our research , and an old letter written by KatieSteffey Snavely, we know the following Snavely data is mo stly correct.

Snavely, Catherine Eliz.  w.of John Adam-dau.  Jun    1787  Mar 271858
                         Adam & Elizabeth
                         Kimberling Groseclose

Snavely, Elizabeth        w.of John, Jr.           before  Feb 23,1826

*****NOTE:  Elizabeth was a daughter of Black Lick John and ElizabethBentley Musser.

Snavely, George           s.of John, Jr.       Mar  2 1791  May 151864

George died owning the cemetery land.  We are certain that George, hiswife, Sussanah, and per haps many of his family are buried in thecemetery.

Snavely, John, Jr.        s.of John and        Oct    1759  Feb 231826
                         John & Mary
                         Brandstetter Snavely

*****NOTE:  We know that by 1792, John owned and was living on thisland and we have reasons t o believe that John, and his father, OLDJohn, were living on the land prior to 1790.  If thi s is corect, thanOLD John, who died in 1789/1790 is also buried in the cemetery.

Snavely, John Adam        s.of John & Eliz.    cir.   1775  Sep1825
                         Musser Snavely

Snavely, Phillip          s.of John Adam &     cir.   1825  Jul 031886
                         Caty Eliz. Groseclose

*****NOTE:  Phillip had a twin that was either born dead, or died verysoon after birth, and i s most likely buried somewhere in the cemetery.In later years, Phillip's wife, Nancy, had Phi llip moved to thecemetery at Pleasant Hill Church, in Groseclose, Virginia, where Nancywas la ter buried.

Snavely, Susannah         w. of George         Apr 24 1792  Feb 19 187

Elizabeth WASSUM

Beverly Wilson Smith indicates that John Adam Snavely married Elizabeth MUSSER.



1. "He died before 1791, most likely in Pennsylvania.  John married a Christina Musser, (perhaps Mercer), and the had four children.  John and Christina separated, and Christina married Peter or Henry Collup in Pennsylvania, and their children were: Frederick, Adam, Henry, Eli zabeth and Katharine." source Joseph Rodney Cameron, Sr., Early Settler's of Old Mount Airy , Page 372.


Beverly Wilson Smith indicates that Johann M. Barnstetter/Brandsetter and Mary Snavely were Mary Barnstetter/Brandsetter's parents (Mary B. married John B. Snavely).  Further inquiry is needed, but at first glance it appears that since Johann Barnstetter died about 1817 and John B. Snavely died about 1790, it would seem more likely that Johann was the younger of the two and he married Mary Barnsetter's daughter, Mary Snavely.



1. "He died before 1791, most likely in Pennsylvania.  John married a Christina Musser, (perhaps Mercer), and the had four children.  John and Christina separated, and Christina married Peter or Henry Collup in Pennsylvania, and their children were: Frederick, Adam, Henry, Eli zabeth and Katharine." source Joseph Rodney Cameron, Sr., Early Settler's of Old Mount Airy , Page 372.



2  DATE 26 MAR 1838
2  PLAC Personal property sale netted $ 2.764.

Elizabeth SNAVELY


1  NAME Elizabeth Barbara /Snavely/

Peter Groseclose SNAVELY


1  _MILT
2  PLAC Captain in Confederate Army



Peter would settle near present day Staley's crossroads, in RuralRetreat, Virginia. Leaving t he crossroads on Route 660, turn left on617. After traveling a long left turn, you will be i n a straightportion of the road. As you approach the right-hand curve, you willsee a closed f arm gate on your left. Up this farm road, leading to thepresent home of Donald Musser, are th e remains of the Peter Snavelyhome.

The house was constructed from the native limestone rock. It was alarge, two-story house, wit h an upstairs front pouch. The house alsohad a full-size basement.

When Joseph Rodney Cameron was a boy, the home was still verybeautiful. Donald Musser had tho ughts of remodeling the old home. Someunknown intruder who built a fire, burned the old home . What was leftis slowly disintegrating, the effects of heat applied to limestone.

Peter Snavely's neighbors, in a clockwise direction from the eastwere: Casper and Peter Kinde r, Lawrence Kettering, Jacob Tobler,Michael Baugh, and Michael Steffey. Route 617 west in gen eral termstoday, was the line between Snavely and Jacob Tobler.

Peter also owned land north of Walker's Mountain, in the Ceres,Virginia area with his son-in- law, John George Kinder.

Peter died December 20, 1846, and is buried in Kimberling Churchcemetery, just west of his ol d home. Peter would marry three times.

2  DATE 26 OCT 1782
2  PLAC Virginia Land Patent for 400 acres, headwaters of Reed Creek, Montgomery Co., VA
2  DATE 21 NOV 1782
2  PLAC Surveyed at 380 acres
2  DATE 22 MAY 1849
2  PLAC Smyth deed book 5, p. 616, Son John bought Peter's land from the heirs.

Elizabeth COOK


1. She was most likely very closely related to Adam Cook, who lived westof Jacob Tobler, Sr. , and married to a daughter of Jacob Tobler.

2.  From Addendum to Early Settlers of Old Mount Airy, Wythe County, Virginia By Joseph R. Ca meron Sr. and Constance L. Cameron, page 214 states " Her tombstoneat Kimberling Church Cemet ery in Wythe County, Virginia, bears her birth and death dates, December 1, 1762, to March 2 , 1807. The bottom of the stone bears an inscription that is commonly interpreted as, "P. S . (as in Post Script) The Frau." Actually it reads, P. S. Ehe Frau, " which means "Peter Snav ely's Legal Wife." The phrase, "Ehe Frau" was commonly used in German church baptismal, marri age and death records to describe who a woman was (PIC #194), The stone is located just to th e east of the memorial stone to Martin Kimberling.  Joe Cameron deepened the engravings on he r stone in the fall of 1998. It was Katie Steffey who wrote that Elizabeth's maiden name wa s Cook.  Elizabeth's daughter, Mary Magdaline, used her parents' and grandparents' surnames w hen she named her children. Her oldest son's name was Levi Cook Groseclose.  I think she name d  him after her mother. Elizabeth was most likely somehow related to Adam Cook, who settle d west of Jacob Tobler, Sr. Perhaps she was a sister to Adam.  We do not know.  There are add itions and corrections in this book to the following children of Peter and Elizabeth (Cook) S navely: (1) Rachel E. Snavely (see #322.7 in this book); (2) Henry B. Snavely (see #325.1 i n this book); (3) John B. Snavely (see #326.1 in this book); (4) Elizabeth Snavely (see #550. 71 in this book)