Goodson, Lockhart and Allied Families


James Michael SNAVELY


1. Birth on Tombstone not consistent with records.

2. James moved to Kansas in 1882.

William COWDEN


Descendants of William Cowden (obtained from Marna at

Generation No. 1

1.  WILLIAM1 COWDEN1 was born Bet. 1787 - 1794 in Smyth County, Virginia, and died in Smyth C ounty, Virginia.  He married ELIZABETH SNAVELY2,3, daughter of JACOB SNAVELY and ELIZABETH SN YDER.  She was born Abt. 1790, and died 1854.

From "Southern Cowdens" by John B. Cowden 1933 - page 15:
William Cowden married Elizabeth Snanely (1790-1854), who was of Dutch descent, and lived a t Chatham Hill, Va.  They had four boys, James (1810, Amos (1816),John (1818), and Eli (1832- 1863); and three girls, Polly (1814) who married Solomon Wolfe;  Catherine (1825-1852) who ma rried Reece Crabtree; and Rachel (1812) who married Nathan Harris.  (No report on children o f any of the above except Amos and Eli.)  Amos married and had four children, James O., Joh n H., Thomas and William R.  James O. Cowden married and had five children, Bah, William, He nry, Amos and Hyatt.  Bah Cowden married and had three children, Clay, William and Robert.  W illiam Cowden married and had four children Georgie, Pat, Billie and Ione.  Henry Cowden marr ied and had three children, Wade M., H.C  Jr. and Richard F.    Hyatt Cowden married and ha d five children, Amos C., John, Rhoda, Elno and Delva.  Thomas Cowden married and had six chi ldren, Belt, Franklin, Henry W., Walter, Lizzie and Robert.  Belt Cowden married and had tw o children, Wenis and Fay.  William R. Cowden married and had two children, Mary and Willia m R. Jr., who married and had five children, Clyde, Robert, Charles W., Georgie E., and Calvi n H.
Eli Cowden married Mary H. French and lived in Virginia near Marion.  He came to White Count y, Tenn., where he lived several years previous to the War Between the States, but returned t o Virginia about the time of the outbreak of the war, where he enlisted in the Confederate Ar my, Company K, 63rd Virginia Regiment, and was killed in action in the battle of Chicamauga , September 20, 1863.  After his death his family returned to White County, Tenn.  He left th ree children, namely:  W. F. Cowden (1861) who married Nancy Jane Blankenship and lives in Ok tha, Okla.; Rachel Elizabeth (1855-1916) who married W. H. Green (note:  incorrect initials s hould be W. G. Green); and John W. Cowden (1853-1928).  John W. Cowden married Eugenie Willia ms, daughter of Dr. E. D. Williams, studied medicine, and practiced in White County until hi s death.

i.ELI2 COWDEN4, b. 1832, Marion, Virginia; d. September 20, 1863, Battle of Chickamauga  (C ivil War)5; m. MARY H. FRENCH, Bef. 1853, Marion, Virginia; b. Abt. 1832, Virginia.

Notes for ELI COWDEN:
Eli received a $50 bounty when he enlisted in the 63rd Virginia Infantry on April 1, 1862 .   He was killed in action at the battle of Chickamauga at Chickamauga Creek.

ii.AMOS LINSDEY COWDEN, b. 1816, Smyth County, Virginia; d. December 08, 1879, Powel River , Wise,  Virginia; m. SARAH BOWLING, November 26, 1850, Tazewell Co. Virginia; b. 1829, Tazew ell County, Virginia; d. Unknown.
iii.JOHN COWDEN, b. 1818.
iv.POLLY COWDEN, b. 1814, Virginia; m. SOLOMON WOLFE; b. Abt. 1810; d. Unknown.
v.CATHERINE COWDEN, b. 1825, Virginia; d. 1852; m. REECE CRABTREE; b. Abt. 1820; d. Unknown .
vi.RACHEL COWDEN, b. 1812, Virginia; d. Unknown; m. NATHAN HARRIS; b. Abt. 1800; d. Unknown .


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