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Marion Jane SNAVELY


The son of John and Addie (Harrison) McGhee, Charles was probably born in Vonore, Monroe Coun ty, Tennessee, on the farm that belonged to his father and grandfather before him.  At variou s times Charles was a traveling salesman, A WPA worker aadn a saallesman in Bristol, VA/TN mu sic store.  When the well-known country musicians, the Carter Family, came through Bristol o n their way to New York for their first recording session, Charles gave the family shoes to w ear for the trip.

Charles's grandparents were Barclay and Mary K. (Henley) McGhee. After Barclay died in 1851 , Mary married again to William Parker.  Mary was the daughter of Arthur H. Henley. Charles' s mother, Addie was the daughter oof Dr. James Harrison, an early Monroe County, Tennessee se ttler. (Sources: Ann (Hinkle) McGhee;s family history notes; Aaron Snavely's Bible; Godspeed' s Monroe County [TN] Biographies as seen on the Monroe Co. TNGENWEb on the Internet 06/27/199 9)

On June 1, 1910, Charles McClung McGhee married Marion Jane Snavely.

Marion, the daughter of Robert and Catherine Elizabeth (Steffey) Snavely, was born November 2 3, 1888. Her daughter-in-law, Ann Hinkle McGhee, regarded Marion with much affection, and sai d that Marion looked much like her mother Katie Steffey. Marion died in Athens, Georgia on Ja nuary 18, 1969.

Marion and Charles had the following children:
Mary Henley McGhee
Sarah Catherine Harrison "Katie" McGhee
Robert Barclay McGhee