Goodson, Lockhart and Allied Families




Eli Cowden married Mary H. French and lived in Virginia near Marion.  He came to White County , Tenn., where he lived several years previous to the War Between the States, but returned t o Virginia about the time of the outbreak of the war, where he enlisted in the Confederate Ar my, Company K, 63rd Virginia Regiment.  Eli received a $50 bounty when he enlisted in the 63r d Virginia Infantry on April 1, 1862. He was killed in action in the battle of Chicamauga Cre ek, September 20, 1863.  After his death his family returned to White County, Tenn.  He lef t three children, namely:  W. F. Cowden (1861) who married Nancy Jane Blankenship and lives i n Oktha, Okla.; Rachel Elizabeth (1855-1916) who married W. H. Green (note:  incorrect initia ls should be W. G. Green); and John W. Cowden (1853-1928).  John W. Cowden married Eugenie Wi lliams, daughter of Dr. E. D. Williams, studied medicine, and practiced in White County unti l his death.



).  John W. Cowden married Eugenie Williams, daughter of Dr. E. D. Williams, studied medicine , and practiced in White County until his death.