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There are also unverified records of marriages to  Cynthia E. Douglas and Sarah Jane Brown.  Some sources indicate Cynthia is Margaret's mother.

See historical article under son, J. A. Hughes

Margaret A. SAMPLES


ID: I43450327
Name: Margaret A. SAMPLES
Given Name: Margaret A.
Surname: Samples
Sex: F
AUTH: Forsyth County, Georgia
AUTH: Athens, Tennessee
Father: Thomas Calvin SAMPLES
Mother: Sarah A. DAVIS


Article appeared in Howard County Newspaper, November 11, 1893
Submitted by: Gary Hawley

CENTER POINT, The County Seat of Howard County was incorporated in 1859 and now has the following merchants and businessmen: J.A. Hughes has three store buildings, a cotton gin, flour,grist, saw and planing mills and a woolen factory. The manager of the mills is a first class machinist, William Ison, a Kentuckian, who has been with Mr Hughes for fifteen years. Mr Hughes came to this vicinity 51 years ago with his father John H. Hughes.

The manager of the woolen factory is W.H. Rowe who came from Pennsylvania in 1868. Ansely & Bro. have had a good stock of merchandise here for twenty years J.C. and E.A. Ansely were born in Georgia and came to Arkansas in 1869, first to Columbia County and then to Centre Point. R.M. Bean was born in Mississippi and brought here by his father in 1860. His father died five years later. Mr. Bean has been a successful farmer and now in the mercantile business with J.A. Hughes.

William Dodson has been a noted teacher here for over twenty years and is also a merchant. He was born in North Carolina.

J.M. Callahan started in business here in 1869. He came from North Carolina.

Centre Point now has four physicians. Dr. J.L. Cannon has been here for 30 years. He came from South Carolina and is also in business with R.N. Owens. Mr. Owens was born three miles from Centre Point. Dr. Peter Knox is a native of west Tennessee and has practiced 20 years in Arkansas. Dr. Thomas Whitemore was born here and graduated from Vanderbuilt University. He now owns a complete pharmacy. Dr. R.S. Morgan was raised here and is now completing his course at Memphis.

Centre Point has three attorneys-Col. R.G. Shaver, the famous Confederate officer and his son, J.D. Shaver, who is prosecuting attorney and W.D. Lee. Col. John M. Sovervell is Circuit and County Clerk, agriculturist and stock raiser and an indispensable citizen. C.L. Haller, the Sheriff, is a first-class officer. J.O. Forgey, is County Treasurer and the funds are safe. Judge S.J. Beauchamp, the County Judge, possesses ability and becoming dignity.

The Post Office is under careful manipulation of Miss Eliza Falls. Judge Sam W. Henry has been in and near Centre Point since 1841. His brother A.G. Henry, is now the mail carrier.

The Centre Point school has a handsome building and lovely ground and 140 pupils. The faculty is S.E.L. Brown, Principal, assisted by Capt. D.C. Cowling and Miss Patti Henry. Centre Point has three churches - the Methodist Espiscopal, Missionary and Christian.  A F. & A.M. Lodge is also located here.

Entrance and exit to Centre Point is gained through Louis Woodruff's mail sack and to and from Nashville and to and from Lockesburg.

Birth date date is calculated on references in article.

James Alexander DOBBINS

spouse reported also as Eliabeth Stephenson

Elizabeth HOLEMAN

could be Eliabeth Stephenson