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Lived in:  La Fave Township, Scott County, Arkansas, Series: T623     Microfilm:  75 Book:  2  Page:  208     
listed 1900 Scott co., AR census as widow with children, mother Judie (widowed) and brother Joe

John Calhoun GOODSON

Voter Registration List, Yell County, Arkansas, 1873
Upper Lafave Precinct, September 19/20, 1873:
R.T. Goodson
M.J. Goodson
J.C Goodson

Ward Precinct, September 27, 1873:
Matthew Goodson


Hollybrook Cemetery, Lincoln Co., NC : could be same:
Sherrill, James Claude    10 Oct 1905      3 Nov 1977
Sherrill, Maude Goodson     3 Dec 1898       17 Nov 1988

Rachael BANTA


parents: Peter Banda, Vrouchie VAN NUYS


Email from William T. Clarke, dated 2/27/03:
In regard to Jesse Goodson I have printed material indicating that Mandue was the Administrator of Jesse's Estate and that Ann Goodson petitioned for her Dower.  However looking at the Microfilm for December Court 1802 Ann Goodson vs the Heirs of Jesse Goodson dec'd  Petitioned  for her dower, The service was acknowledged and Judgement agnerabley? to the prayer of the petition and the court issued an order.  I did not see the Heirs mentioned but it is probably there.  Also John Goodson, Temperance Goodson and Anne Goodson received money from the Estate.   Appearance, State and Trial docket county Court 1802-1805 Call # C. R. 071 301.1.   Who was Temperance, neither Glenn or David mentioned her.  

GEDCOM by Glen Goodson
Sources: Records of Estate and Inventories, Northampton county, NC: by Gannon
Northampton Co., NC Genealogical Abstracts of Wills: by Hoffman

1798 Northampton county court sale: Mandue and John Goodson made purchases of estate of Jesse.

Dec 1802, Northampton county court, widow of Jesse Goodson petitions the heirs for her dower rights from the estate of husband Jesse.

28 Oct 1811, Rebecca appoints brother, William "of the state of GA" to receive any money due her from her father, Jesse Goodson's estate.

This bio concerns an African-American man in the process of becoming a free man.  He purchased items at Jesse's estate.  This information comes :

1.    James Keemer, born say 1740, was presented by the York County court on 15 November 1762 for failing to list himself as a tithable. The case was dismissed when he paid his tax. On 20 May 1765 the court presented him for not attending Charles Parish Church [Judgments & Orders 1759-63, 437, 453, 480; 1763-5, 374, 448]. He was taxable in Southampton County in 1782 [Fothergill, Virginia Tax Payers, 70] and taxable on one tithe, 2 horses, and 2 cattle in 1787 [Schreiner-Yantis, 1787 Census, 1142]. He was a buyer at the sale of the Northampton County, North Carolina estate of Jesse Goodson, presented in September Court 1798 [Gammon, Record of Estates Northampton County, I:96] and was head of a Northampton County household of 11 "other free" in 1800 [NC:466] and 6 in 1810 [NC:731].

Census record from
GOODSON JESSE NC Northampton 1786 11 Webbs District

conflicting research: In work produced by Harold Gleen Goodson, he lists a Jacob Goodson, b. abt 1770 in NC, m. Nancy Phillips as a son of Jesse's.  In a footnote about Jacob it reads: On October 14, 1814, Jacob of Jefferson C., OH appointed an attorney in Northampton County, NC to receive money due him from his father (William's) estate."  The document indicate that Jacob's father was William.  I have not yet been able to contact Mr. Glenn Goodson for further information (2/03).
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Charlotte LYTLE

also spelled 'Little'


died young