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Shawn M. J. Mann - email

After The Dream
The Banished Poet
Death To The Moon
The Crying Song

Richard Huggins - email
The Love We Know
Crystal Promises
Blue Eyes
Place Of My Heart's Contentment
Heart's Domain
Sweet Song of Your Love
Eternal Eyes
The Dance
WhiteEagle - email
Y - email
Connie - email
I Communicate With You

Poems by Shawn M. J. Mann Back to Poem Index

©2000 Shawn M. J. Mann

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After The Dream Back to Poem Index

The Sun will always rise from the East~
And you will always be my Atlantic;
After the dream.

I will always remember the sunset
as it glowed in your eyes
as we saw it together...
you seeing it for the first time,
Falling in February Red,
over the mystic Pacific Sea.

I touch my pen to paper,
missing what I felt when we were in the place
where the stars whisper to each other,
and only we could hear...
Sitting here,
hearing now only the silence of regret;
After the dream.

©2000 Shawn M. J. Mann


The Banished Poet... so you ask why? Back to Poem Index

Secrets my eyes have seen,
From places I have been,
Painful history past,
My future has no chance to rest.
A thousand tears I have cast.
Nightmares live inside my head.
A sorrowful heart, beating in my chest.
Living would sometimes be better,
if I were dead.
Living would sometimes be better.

Once I felt what could have been,
Now I feel naked within.
Banished Am I.
Banished I Am.
I have no kind,
No kind will have me.
That is why,
Everywhere I have been,
I must flee.
This is why, I am banished.

©2000 Shawn M. J. Mann


Death to the Moon Back to Poem Index

The hurt inside bleeding out
I smoke another cigarette and contemplate
the burning cherry
reflecting in my eyes
I step outside...
and scream
into the night.
To howl at the moon...

I Howl...
And people wonder WHY;
I lean my head against the wall
and slam it against the wood.
She never even said good-bye
I blame it
on my bleeding

I am a stranger.
Smoke in my eyes...
Tears flow long before,
Moonlight crushing down
gobs of clouds...
blacker than hell
when the fire burns out.

©2000 Shawn M. J. Mann


The Crying Song Back to Poem Index

I woke up this morning
with tears in my eyes
and you on my mind

Heart heavy and sad,
Chalk covered hand.

Then I remembered
Playing pool till dawn,
Jukebox filled

with memories of you.
Every song so very long.

I know there are no easy goodbyes
So I can't let you go.
You will come back...

I fell asleep tonight,
With tears in my eyes
and you on my mind.

©2000 Shawn M. J. Mann

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Poems by Richard Huggins Back to Poem Index

The Love We Know

Can you hear me?

Does my heart's call reach past
Time and distance as it seeks your embrace?
Drifting in a feather light dream,
Transcending the boundaries that hold us,
Freedom to be found in a loving thought,
Love, an embodiment of all that we desire.

Can you see me?

When you close your eyes and look into your heart,
Is it my smile you find your companion?
Laughter's song carried on the winds of your vision.
Illuminated memories to be cherished for all days?
Every second containing that lifetime?

Can you feel me?

Is it my touch that caresses your face,
When autumn's cooling winds come to call.
Lightly soothing the beating of your heart,
A warming hug for a winters eve.
For I am there.

In the quiet solitude of your evenings,
When nightfall brings the day to its end,
It will be my music that plays upon your soul.
Dancing forever gladly there within your bosom,
Letting you know that love's joy is with you.
Not as a passing chance event,
As impermanent as the wave upon the shore.
Timeless and eternal,
This is the peace we share,
The love we know.

©2000 Richard Huggins


Deserved Back to Poem Index

The heart seeks,
Asking if such moments are deserved?
Standing at the window wondering
How it came to be
That such a light as this
Fell upon this weary soul.

In the shallow past of time,
Used by those who
Would call themselves lovers,
Seeking only the satisfaction
That comes from the short sighted
Vision of themselves.

Never looking beyond
The surface,
Never seeing the heart's soul,
As it cried I am here, see me, love me.

The place of things,
Of books whose covers are all,
An empty shelf with no words
To fill the soul.

The heart seeks,
asking if such love is deserved?
Filled with memories of places and times,
Sad and lonely places,
It cries in solitude,
Not knowing if such as now is real,
If such as this can truly be.
Or shall time once again
Play the role of the bandit,
Stealing the light away.

So easy it is to slide back to the dark,
Turning from joy.
In the solitude and dark,
Hiding is so easy,
With no questions to haunt the mind,
wondering if moments
Such at these are deserved?

Still, the Heart seeks,
Perhaps this is the time of light
The time of joy,
A place where the world of old,
No longer can hold the future.

A place in time
When the heart
Lifted on the wings of love,
Will know
This is deserved,
When the heart
Basking in the light of joy,
Shall know
It is this time and place
That is deserved.

©2000 Richard Huggins


Crystal Promises Back to Poem Index

Sweet princess in her garden,
You sat and cried all night,
For all the broken promises,
Of things not set quite right.

Mournful sighs and misty tears,
Flow freely from your eyes,
So many lofty promises,
No more than empty lies.

So in your lonely garden,
May your heart at last find rest,
Here with all your petaled friends,
The ones who know you best.

For all the lonely hours spent,
Among these silent blooms,
A host of rainbow colors,
To drive away the gloom.

So sit sad lonely princess,
Tomorrow comes anew,
Flowers grow, the rain will fall,
Life goes on for you.

The tears you shed,
Shall find a way deep into mother earth,
The hyacinths and lilacs,
And you too, shall know rebirth.

For sorrows fade, like night does pass,
As stars fall to the sun,
And silent lonely gardens,
Find that life has just begun.

But now your heart is empty,
And breaking from despair,
A journey with no meaning,
No soul is there to care.

But love is like your garden,
With a life that seems its own,
Love bends and sways, but still clings on
Your heart shall be its home.

And with the morning sunshine,
When the petals shine with dew,
With larks and robins singing out,
My heart shall be with you.

©2000 Richard Huggins


Blue Eyes Back to Poem Index

Magical pools that steal the heart
Wells that capture the soul.
Calling forth with a clarity
So overwhelming as to blind the spirit.

Do I see forever here,
Or is it merely time becomes
Lost in their depths?
With a radiance unlike anything known,
These windows gleam with joy.

Stars of your heart,
Crystal visionaries,
It is no wonder the day passes
Without notice here,
Such is the power of their presence,
Holding my glance
My Heart
My smile

©2000 Richard Huggins


Place Of My Heart's Contentment Back to Poem Index

Softly, now I find this place,
This place of my heart's contentment.

Gentle world this,
place of misty shadows,
Of sweet whispers sailing in the clear autumn air.
Arms outstretched, I reach to catch them,
whispers so elusive,
seemingly floating beyond my grasp,
finger tips brush against the magic,
The magic that is all you are.

World of dreams and forever visions,
Of endless smiles and laughter,
Brightened by the nearness of your soul's smile.
That this, the dance of our hearts,
knows such merriment and joy,
seems almost surreal,
Unfathomable in its love!

Softly now I lay my heart here,
This place of my heart's contentment.
Knowing not what the next moment shall bring,
But safe in the knowledge of now,
Warmed by the words spoken,
But blessed by those unsaid.

©2000 Richard Huggins


Heart's DomainBack to Poem Index

We sit,
You are there,
Distant as the stars,
Yet as near as my heart.
The places far apart,
No mystery there,
The hearts reside as one,
Loving in eternal paradox.

Warmth in open arm's embrace,
Sweet lips that quench the soul's fires,
Gentleness so profound,
Still the day's battles effortlessly.
Serenity abundant in its glory,
Soothes the essence of my heart,
As effortlessly as drawing breath.
Distance becomes meaningless,
Here in the heart's domain

©2000 Richard Huggins


Sweet Song of Your Soul Back to Poem Index

Whisper thy sweet soul's song
Softly upon the night's clear skies,
That countless lover's will know it's beauty.
But, that I could share this joy,
This abundance of merriment,
Heaven sent melody,
With those who would know sweet love still.
Divine blessing you,
Compassion and care endless in nature.
What benevolence cast your heart this way,
Opening life to such grandeur!
Whispered there upon the night's clear air,
The sweet song of your soul.

©2000 Richard Huggins


Eternal Eyes Back to Poem Index

Eternal eyes,

Peer into this heart,

See all that I am.

Let my song ring lovingly

Within the walls that hold you now.

Knowing that to reach

Farther than fate deems,

Brings only pain.

But as far as hope allows,

Only joy.

Worlds as different as night and day,

Light and Dark,

Find a common moment,

Here among the untrodden paths.

The sweetness of this kiss,

Lightly lingering,

Brings brilliance unbridled to our lives.

Arms whose touch

Offer only compassion,

Reaffirm the joy of love

Over the gloom of fear.

Like a warm blanket,

They enfold my soul,

Softly teaching why we truly are here.

Whispering deeply into my soul,

The richness that love can bring

To the heart willing to hear.

©2000 Richard Huggins


The Dance Back to Poem Index

Swirling in whispers

and magical hues,

Warm sweet embracing

and mystical blues,

Crimsons, ambers,

Passion's colors abound,

Where once there were two,

Now just one can be found.

Mingling of hearts

Dancing of soul's

Fears wash away,

Life now retold.

Like the flowers in spring,

Each new day shall play out,

Tender soft petals,

Loves embrace sheds all doubt.

Your soul's symphony,

Brings my heart to this place,

As we dance in the stars,

Under heaven's soft grace.

So here in these arms,

Holding heaven so near,

Lost in your kiss,

The heart knows no fear.

©2000 Richard Huggins

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Poem by WhiteEagle Back to Poem Index

©2000 WhiteEagle



Dark eyes that sparkle in the full moon's glare
stars shining down on her black silky hair
the fragrance of blossoms from her skin
and I'm floating between earth and heaven again

the warmth of her body next to mine
is the greatest feeling on earth I can find
and just to hear her voice there at my side
swells me up with love and a special pride

her smile could fill an ocean with peaceful calm seas
and those dimples she has will knock you to your knees
so precious lady as each day is done
just remember I want you to be my only one

till the Father calls me home to his place up high
I will do my best to love you, and keep tears from your eyes
It will take time to release your heart
but baby, from you I do not wish to part

for you are the best that I have ever seen
and I continue to pray for us as a team.

©1999 WhiteEagle


UntitledBack to Poem Index

I once had a notion, that love was a potion
that would bring out the best in me
but the ending emotion, a pain filled ocean
in a boat of bitter memories
I once gave my heart, right from the start
I offered my very soul
but now we are apart, and love is not a part
of my dream now so empty and cold
I once said I'd try, before you passed me by
now I search for it's meaning again
hoping the feeling did not die, and that someday
the real sensation can begin.

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Poem by Y Back to Poem Index

©2000 Y

Biography: I am Y. I have immersed myself in all forms of expression for the better part of my short life on this earth. I have played rock star and psych ward tenant, introspective poet and over-the-top audio/visual performer. I often confuse art with life, and vice versa. I am submitting written work because I am compelled to do so, not because I feel it would be worthwhile for the general public to view it. I have a body of written work that I have some insane, innate need to have out in the open. In all honesty, I feel that my work is juvenile and redundant, but it's true, and real, and I have little choice in the matter, anyway. I am guided by forces I can not possibly hope to understand. I am grey around the edges, and worn beyond my years, but continue to march, in hopes of sustaining myself through only creative endeavors, sometime before I die. Hope that was sufficient.


I am molten.
Man ore alloy
Seeping forward
burn and singe all
that I touch
Can I touch you?
Be with me
Burning liquid steel
So smooth
more glass like
than iron
Can you touch me?
Exhilarating sensation
Immaculate pain
A river of knives
One kiss?
I promise to be gentle
I caress your cheek
The blood runs like honey
and one sweet tear
for our
molten love

©2001 Y

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Poem by Connie



I Communicate With You Back to Poem Index

i communicate with you
when i'm alone
when i'm in a crowd
when i'm in front of a wall

i communicate with you
when i dream
when i'm awake
when i daydream

i communicate with you
when i brush my hair
when i bite my nails
when i blink my eyes

i communicate with you
even when i'm blank
even when i don't communicate
even when in my silence

i communicate with you
when i
where i
after i
before i

i communicate with you
because i always have you
on my mind
and most of the reason is
because you are my soulmate