Welcome to the Fall 2005 Season!!


Extracurricular activities help children discover and share talents, develop strong characters, and enhance relationships. Every experience, whether it be a goal met or missed, a new friendship formed or a resolution in an old one, holds an opportunity for education.

The Rogers Youth Bowlers is one of the largest YABA (Young American Bowling Alliance) sanctioned youth leagues in Arkansas. Our home base is the Rogers Bowling Center in Rogers, AR.  Our league consists of three mixed divisions: Pee Wees, ages 5-7; Bantam/Prep, ages 8-11; and Junior/ Major/ Seniors, ages 12-21.

The Rogers Youth Bowlers (AKA Rogers Junior Bowlers), has come a long way since its inception over 35 years ago. In the last six years it's more than doubled its teams from 14 to a whooping 36. In 2003 RJB was the largest youth league in the state. In 2002 and 2004, it won the Carl McConnell Award, which is an honored YABA award presented to the league with the highest percent of bowlers at annual YABA state tournaments.






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